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Yikes (Dan Howell x Reader)

A/N: So I have a deep and long-lasting love for Dan & Phil, because of that I am writing this little diddy about Dan making a fool of himself when meeting the reader for the first time. Enjoy! xx

Warnings: none

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“Oi, I’m walking here!” you shout at the cab that just sped past you as you were crossing the street. In your rage at the cab, you hadn’t noticed that it had driven right through a puddle until your jeans began to cling to your legs. You were soaking wet from the chest down. This was just great. This whole week has been just great. Let’s recap. 

Monday, your boss tore you a new one for having a PowerPoint presentation the wrong shade of blue. Tuesday, your significant other was OH so kind to let you know that they had been cheating on you. Wednesday, all of your friends got together at the bars without considering to invite you. Thursday, your fish, King Bubbles III, died. And today, Friday, your burrito was cold in the middle at lunch, your favorite jacket snagged on a fence outside your apartment, and now you were soaked to the bone and the English temps were dropping. 

On the upside, however, your new friend actually texted you today during work asking if you wanted to come over. You had met him in Starbucks a few weeks ago and you two instantly connected. Not in a cliche “budding romance” way but a “this guy is gonna be my best friend” way. 

You finally reached your friends apartment and pulled out your phone to text him that you were outside. Seemingly within seconds, your friend was yanking open the front door. You were met with Phil Lester’s bright, smiling blue eyes. A wide grin spread across your face as you laid eyes on your new friend. He looked you up and down, his smile fading. “What on Earth happened to you?!” he exclaimed. 

“A cab ran through a puddle,” you replied, teeth chattering. Phil practically dragged you into his flat. 

“Well, let’s get you some dry clothes and we can throw your’s in the dryer. You’re poor shirt!” Phil fussed over you like a grandmother and you couldn’t help but smile. 

He took you up several flights of stairs and led you back to what you found out was his bedroom. “You sure know how to get a girl to your room quick, Phil,” you jested, giving him a playful wink. An instant blush spread across his cheek as he dug through his dresser looking for a shirt for you to wear. He tossed a Gengar t-shirt your way and then proceeded to stare at your waist. You clutched the shirt in your cold hands and gazed nervously at Phil.

“Dan’s pants will fit better,” he said with a nod before darting out of the room. You stood stunned for a moment before stripping off your soaking coat. 

“Why the hell is the floor soaking wet and who smells like a wet… dog?” a rather posh voice resounded from behind you. You turned around to see a tall man dressed in all black standing in Phil’s doorway. His cheeks were a blazing red as he stared at you. You glanced down at yourself and noticed that your light pink shirt was clinging to your curves and showed off the dark colored bra you wore underneath. “I.. uh… I didn’t mean it,” the man quickly stammered.

“Yikes, Dan, great first impression,” Phil said, pushing past him into the room. “Here you go, (Y/N),” Phil said as he handed you a pair of dark pajama pants. 

“Thank you, Phil. Dan, nice to meet you too,” you say with a wink at him. 

“I really didn’t mean it. I bet you normally smell like a flower!” he exclaimed as Phil pulled him out of the room. You chuckled softly and stripped off the rest of your clothes, replacing them with the ones Phil gave you. You had to roll up the hems of Dan’s pants several times. The man was all legs, you swear.

You walked out of Phil’s room with your wet clothes in your arms. Phil laughed at the pajama pants cuffed up about a hundred times. “Oh, shut up,” you said, throwing your wet shirt at Phil.

“Watch it, now! I don’t want to smell like a wet dog!” Phil laughed, emphasizing the last part. You could almost feel the embarrassed groan that came from the living room. You helped Phil load your clothes into the dryer before following him into the living room. Dan was slumped into the couch, scrolling through Tumblr lazily. 

He sat up quickly when you and Phil came into view. “Hey, I’m sorry for…” he started but you cut him off before he could finish. 

“Please, it’s fine, Dan. I’m (Y/N),” you said, stretching your hand out to him. 

He smiled broadly, shaking your hand. The dimple in his cheek awoke the butterflies in your stomach. “It’s nice to meet you, (Y/N).” 

Phil sat down on the couch, leaving a space between him and Dan for you to sit in. You sat down between the two and beamed up at both of them. Dan’s chocolate gaze sent a warmth spreading through your body and Phil’s ocean blue stare gave you a giddy, bubbly feeling in your chest. Yikes, you already loved these boys. 

A/N: It was short but cute! I hope you liked it and let me know if you want more Dan and Phil! 


vacation post-Boston


Visiting my son in New York, walking around on The High Line and the rest of the city, protein loading at the local burger joints, recovering from the Marathon, still high from Monday…the race recap is in the works…


Hello everybody, it’s Thursday afternoon, just before Friday, Monday recaps :> I’m going to try and do this thing, where every Thursday I’ll do something just like the monday recaps but with animal anatomy. I’m trying to learn more new things with anatomy and drawing, and i think this can be of some help. I hope you like it, stay strong :>

andromxeda  asked:

B i love ur hot recap posts please do more!!!! ❣️❣️❣️

I will! Every week, you can expect me to post a new recap on Monday mornings. I haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet because I was out seeing a play, but I will write my recap tomorrow morning. I’m pacific standard time, so that’ll be the afternoon or later for a lot of you - but I promise it will be up!

Casefile Monday

Happy Monday, or as we are calling it this week, Casefile Monday Recap!  We know how you guys love these posts, recapping every recommended subgenre fic we’ve rec’d thus far.  It makes for some great reading, and is especially great if you’re like us and prefer to stay home and read rather than have an active social life. 

The list is long, as some of these rec’s are all the way from last March.  March! Almost a year ago!  We aren’t sure what to say about the fact that we’ve been posting fic recommendations that we’ve actually read and loved almost daily for almost a year…  Let’s put a positive spin on it and call us dedicated. 

There are some seriously amazing stories listed below, and we know you haven’t read all of them.  So, get comfy (we suggest sweatpants and a vintage feel t-shirt with fuzzy socks and a glass of wine/champagne), scroll through to find one you haven’t had the chance to enjoy yet, and READ. 

Please note: each link takes you back to the original post which provides you with the length, rating, trigger warnings, and our occasionally witty intro. 

Brought to You by the Letter X by Stablergirl

Finding Rokovoko by Prufrock’s Love

Locusts by Synnerx

A Thin Veneer by Analise

Secret Santa by Jennifer Marie Brady

Speechless and Perfect by Anjou

Chips of When by Alanna

Things Intangible by Mimic117

Acadia by @rivkat​

“Malus Genius, vel Hoc Lemma Nequiquam Latine Scribitur" (The Evil Spirit, or This Title Is Written In Latin for No Reason) by MaybeAmanda and Plausible Deniability

Antidote by Rachel Howard and Karen Rasch

Yo Creo by Elanor G

1000 Rainy Days by R. L. Montoya

Above Rubies by Rachel Howard

Renovatio by MaybeAmanda and Lisby

Waiting in Motion by Mountainphile

Heart’s Desire by @malibu-x-blog

The Ghost of You by Julie Fortune

Gypsy by Rachel Howard

Miraculous Manifestation by Mountainphile

Silver Cornet by Bonetree

The Professional by @dashakay and Plausible Deniability

Sticks and Stones by Aka Jake

Tabula Rasa by dtg

What Happens to the Dreamers by Buckingham

Spooked by Suzanne Bickerstaffe and Melody

Theory and Practice by Nascent

 A Case of Compromise by Joann Humby

The Second-to-Last 7-11 by Sab and Punk Maneuverability 

Empathy by Swikstr

All the Way Home by @syntax6

Head Over Heels by @syntax6

Every Evil by @syntax6

Backlash by Joann Humby

Lacuna by @aloysiavirgata

Desideratum by Rachel Anton and Laura Blaurosen

Mind Games by Spider

Kinesthesia by Amy (Spookey247)

Basketball Therapy by Kel

Seeds of Synchronicity by Mountainphile


We are throwing in an extra because the casefile is THAT amazing, and it’s honestly our absolute favorite casefile.  Like ever. 

Homicidal Tendencies by Swikstr

Update: I got 6 sweaty miles in. It wasn’t the worst and I didn’t die! Took it reeeeally slow and steady (11:50 miles), I had water, I stopped for a picture of the horses in the sun. I turned my music off for some bits and just enjoyed my surroundings :)

Weekly recap:

Monday rest

Tuesday 2 mile easy

Wednesday 4 miles easy

Thursday home strength workout - squats, lunges, planks etc

Friday rest

Saturday park run 5K

Sunday 3 hour hike - 6 miles

Monday 6 mile long run


Saturday 5:00 AM- Opening Celebration!
Saturday 6:00 AM- Mindcrack Server
Saturday 7:00 AM- The Building Game
Saturday 8:00 AM- Dance Dance Revolution
Saturday 9:00 AM- GOB Live
Saturday 10:00 AM- NBA 2K16
Saturday 11:00 AM- JackBox Party Pack 2
Saturday 12:00 PM- Guitar Hero Live
Saturday 1:00 PM- Mindcrack Server
Saturday 3:00 PM- Destiny
Saturday 5:00 PM- Breakfast w/ Mindcrackers!      
Saturday 5:30 PM- Team Nancy Drew GTA V
Saturday 7:30 PM- Super Fight! 
Saturday 8:30 PM- 5 Guys eat 5 Guys                          
Saturday 9:00 PM- Minecraft Story Mode
Saturday 11:00 PM- Charity UHC
Sunday 2:00 AM- Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Sunday 3:00 AM- The Sims
Sunday 5:00 AM- Lego Building
Sunday 6:00 AM- Five Nights at Freddies
Sunday 7:00 AM- JackBox Party Pack 2
Sunday 8:00 AM- Charades
Sunday 8:30 AM- GMOD
Sunday 10:00 AM- FIFA
Sunday 11:00 AM- Ultimate Chicken Horse
Sunday 12:00 PM- Settlers of Catan
Sunday 2:00 PM- Rare Replay
Sunday 3:00 PM- Super Fight!
Sunday 5:00 PM- Breakfast w/ Mindcrackers!
Sunday 5:30 PM- Ark: Survival
Sunday 7:30 PM- Guitar Hero Live!
Sunday 8:30 PM- Charades            
Sunday 9:00 PM- Mindcrack Server
Sunday 11:00 PM- Bonus Charity UHC 2!
Monday 2:00 AM- UHC Recap                        
Monday 3:00 AM- Halo
Monday 4:30 AM- Closing Ceremonies

I hope this is helpful to someone!


Poldark, a Masterpiece Classic series is premiering in the US on Sunday night. Even though this is an Outlander blog, we will be recapping it as part of our Droughtlander: Get Through It Initiative. So if you are interested, stay tuned. I will be live tweeting @GracieMac91 on Twitter and posting recaps on Mondays. It will be airing on your local PBS station. Can’t wait to see you there.
"Charlie Gard and The Glass Ceiling of Bureaucracy" 7/24/17
It was a nice weekend, full of hard work and hard play. We settle back into the weekly groove for a Monday night show recapping the Iron Maiden and a couple ...

            ^^ We are Live at 7pm ET for the Monday Night Show ^^

It was a nice weekend, full of hard work and hard play. We settle back into the weekly groove for a Monday night show recapping the Iron Maiden and a couple other music headlines.  Then we drop in on this situation with 11-month-old Charlie Gard, whose worsening health has been the subject of much debate between everyone who isn’t an advocate for socialized medicine…those people just kind of want this to go away quietly, since it is the embodiment of the frequently scoffed at “death panel” argument.  

So, all of that, Game of Thrones, and much more!


My apartment is sad because once again it’s Mo-less. Poor little guy needs to keep staying at my mom’s since I’m on the 6am flight to Chicago tomorrow. I am a terrible dog mom :(

I feel like it’s a sign you’re getting older when you take vitamins & meds daily. My collection keeps growing. #aging

I treated myself to a Luca Brasi grilled chicken & fresh mozzarella sandwich (delish!!)

today was for having a productive day at work + cooking dinner for one, and actually packing myself a lunch for tomorrow (it’s healthy too!) + slobbery kisses from both noah and mozzie + catching up on sister wives + paper writing + a walk in the park + starbucks (I can’t quit it) + being in bed before the sun was even down

Monday Recap
  • Food: Greek yogurt with granola, seaweed salad, Rainbow Roll, Birthday Cake frozen yogurt with mini chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles, popcorn, banana with peanut butter and honey
  • Fitness: (most of) P90X Cardio X DVD. Unfortunately it decided to be poopy with 15 minutes left, so I walked for 15 minutes on the treadmill at the steepest incline. Ab Ripper X.
  • Everything Else: It was the half-year mark for me and Grant, so we celebrated with lots of food and some Fast Times at Ridgemont High. And I decided I’m getting a cat when I go back up to school so I have something fluffy to cuddle with and keep me company when I sleep (Grant and I are a five and a half hour drive apart from each other when school’s in sesh). Not too shabby for a Monday.

THE DRESS: A Cautionary Tale

Hello friends. It is with great pleasure to present to you perhaps our greatest gift yet on our What Would Yeezus Wear Journey. The ICONIC Met Gala look 2013.

The dress that launched 1000 memes.

But triumph doesn’t come without trials. “Why are you posting such fire on a random Sunday night WWYW?”

So begins our story, full of keys to success, and lots of people not wanting us to win. *shouts DJ Khaled*

It all started a month before Halloween 2015. The ladies of WWYW had long discussed the possibility of pulling off this look, and felt Halloween, the one year anniversary of our viral explosion, and a perfect opportunity to flex on the gram, was the time to make the impossible possible. It started with Katie finding a dress at the thrift store (shouts Lil’ Dicky #savedatmoney) with a strikingly similar pattern. This opening the door to the think this could actually work. Only problem, it didn’t have a neck, sleeves, or matching gloves, and not nearly enough fabric to hack it together. Kathleen did not enjoy Katie’s suggestion of cutting all the pieces we needed from the backside of the dress for her booty to be hanging out for the world to see (it is not nearly impressive enough to #breaktheinternet, it would merely #breakKathleenspride). So the search began.

Could it be possible that some yardage of bootleg Givenchy was laying in some bargain fabric basement? There was only one woman up for the task and her name is Lori Lee (@lololeelee). Mother of Kathleen Lee, seamstress extraordinaire, inspirer of Kathleen’s costuming and fashion legacy. We knew after years of toiling over the Lee children’s costumes and the entire wardrobe for the Truckee High School production of Guys and Dolls that she was ready for the weight of this responsibility.

She set out to the mecca of bargain basement fabric discounters. MILL END FABRICS. Is it in Milan? Paris? No. It is in the center of sartorial innovation: RENO, NEVADA. Like a sign from Yeezus himself, there it was in all it’s glory. The final few yards of a bolt of rose patterned greatness priced at the Lil’ Dickey approved price of $3.99.

Glorious. It felt too good to be true, and little did we know it was about to prove us right.

Lori began her masterpiece. She became enraptured by the beautiful handwork of Ricardo Tisci.

(someone’s been to the Selfish school of selfie taking)

After a few hours of hard unpaid labor, Lori put her masterpiece in an envelope and addressed it to San Francisco. And this is when our story meets it’s villain: The United States Postal Service.

That’s right USPS. I’ve got the receipts. And as will be revealed shortly, this dysfunctional excuse for a government agency has rose-patterned blood on it’s hands.

All seemed well and right as I received my tracking updates, with glee. Out for delivery! Could this really be happening!? Our shining moment was so close we could taste it.

PLOT TWIST. Adding fuel to the fire that is the rage that burns inside the hearts of WWYW for the USPS, after missing the insured delivery date of Wednesday, pushing our shoot dangerously close to the Halloween date, on THURSDAY of that week none other than the Kween Kardashian herself, and the matriarch to lead all Matriarchs Kris MOMAGER Jenner (it should be noted here that it is no coincidence that Lori and Kris have the same birthday) followed the What Would Yeezus Wear account.

Panic ensued. The brightest spotlight of our burgoening viral internet career was melting our faces off. There was a chance that KIM HERSELF was going to see Lori’s handiwork.

That day it appeared that a miracle HAIL MARY PASS was within reach, and that we were going to pull off the most epic viral fire post to end all posts when Kathleen received her tracking updated. “Out for Delivery”.

But like the Eye of Sauron, the USPS did not want us to have our precious. The business day closed. No delivery. And our story went from WTF to full on BISH WHAT IN THE ACTUAL:

Our precious was en route TO LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA. We’re they trying to deliver it to Kim herself??

Compounding matters were the following factors: 1) Kim teased her followers that she may in fact plan on wearing THE DRESS for Halloween after posting a pic from her game in said dress. 2) The post office assigned to our zip code happens to be the only one in San Francisco without a public facing customer service desk. And like all fully functional government agencies, all the other post-offices said there was simply nothing they could do.

The rage burned brighter than ever. Like emperor Palpatine the USPS looked on with glee. The journey, young padawan, had only begun.

We pivoted to a backup lewk (which was still fire btw) and accepted defeated. At best we thought, we could post on Monday when everyone’s Halloween recaps were going out. It stung, but you most persevere.

Halloween passed. Kim wore the dress. The internet commented on the cleverness of her being able to make a joke at her own expense. The WWYW creators sat in a corner somewhere crying over back to back plays of 808 and Heartbreaks. Oh, what could have been.

But the devil wasn’t done with us. Did the package arrive on Monday? The answer is no. It did not.


There were angry phone calls to inept government employees who probably aren’t compensated properly to care, countless tracking number refreshes the dress still didn’t come. To be honest we don’t know how many times it went out for delivery in Santa f*cking Monica, checking became too painful. At this point the biggest fear was that Lori’s hardwork would never arrive anywhere would be trapped in the purgatory of Santa Monica’s delivery routes for eternity.

We moved on. We forged a new future that was empty and grey.

And then it came. Over a month later.

(Not Santa Monica, thanks for the geography lesson Satan).

At this point we were numb. How could we post it now? Look like hack jobs that saw Kim’s Halloween post and took a month to randomly post it’s copy. The holidays were coming, people were distracted and the WWYW team was defeated.

And so it sat.

But here is the thing. We set out to do this, we believed. And going home and having every single random you went to high school with ask when your next fire post is gonna drop knowing you were sitting on napalm and the USPS wanted nothing of it got harder and harder to bear.

So here we are in the new year renewed. New Year, New What Would Yeezus Wear, because God Damn the USPS, you deserve it. Our loyal followers that gave us the most lit hobby, strange conversation starter, and ego stroke we could have never imagine in our wildest fever dreams. We owe you fire content and what would we be if we let poorly-run, taxed-funded evil keep it from you.

So forgive us friends for the delay. Accept our renewed promise to you, to do everything in our power come hell, high water, government agencies, and any other forces that try to bring us down, to bring you the most inspiring and LOL inducing recreations of the Kardashian/West/Jenner empire because YOU deserve it.

They don’t want us to win.