monday poems

You did not get this far into your race just to give up here.
Go ahead and adjust the pace
until you’re comfortable.
Feel free to take a break or two,
there’s no time limit
for accomplishing your dreams.
Just make sure that when you’re able to,
you get back to running.
Sooner or later,
you’ll cross the finish line.
—  NaPoWriMo Day 10 - Race. // Maxwell Diawuoh

Monday 22nd May 2017
Today the world is united
We come together and
We weep
We mourn
We grieve
For the 24 injured in Bangkok
The 4 dead, 16 injured in Syria
The civilians terrorised in Marawi
The 22 dead, 60 injured in Manchester.

They call it a terrorist attack
But this is not an attack
This is a goddamn massacre
A nightmare that you don’t get to wake up from
We are a humanity consumed by dread
Our oxygen replace with fear
Because what do you do when no place is safe?
Not clubs
Not schools
Not churches
Not cinemas
Not concerts

The world is burning
And there is nowhere to escape the flames
The 21st Century is a bloodbath
It is an ocean of tragedy
And none of us know how to swim
We are drowning in the blood of the innocent
Deafened by the cries of a population
Who are, too often, forced to count their dead
And tally their wounded

They say that good will always win
But if this is winning
Then I think I’d rather lose.

- @a-dark-eyed-dreamer (J.H)

its raining so hard out 
that the 40 minute drive into town
was littered with Electric Company Cars,
the stoplights not blinking
just dark

and the sound is so heavy
it almost overwhelms the silence 
in my head

its a right Monday morning 
and “what you don’t know
won’t hurt you” still hurts
because I am never not knowing,
I know you from the inside out.

I am known,
and the burden of it all is
I would be duped again 
for the wellbeing of those I love 

-crawls out of sewer and slaps this onto table- H e y

Sorry to put you through the hoop
I was having soup
And you brought quiche
I shouldn’t have let you off the leash
And there is too much salad
That Spirallised veg is just a fad
And there’s Too much decision making going on over there
I wanted breakfast tea with hot water to spare
Why are we rushing
This important Discussion.
Yes the Weather is disappointing
And I’ll need to find where the toilet signs are pointing.
With Too much choice we don’t know what to do
We’ll settle for a pie of the day for two


I am so grateful for all the Tumblr love in follows, 💛’s, re-blogs and kind comments! Thank you! Especially the amazing poetry support sites who without your re-blogs I would be invisible. @writerscreed
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Wishing you all a happy and peaceful day



4/100 Days of productivity challenge

Hey guys! Another day of being productive and studying! Today I am struggling to be disciplined enough to actually focus on my tasks for long enough since I am in the middle of my test week. Any tips on motivation?

Here you can see some of my Dutch literature notes I am revising since the test is on monday! 

Writing some little poems has really helped me to relax, but I think for me it is also an excuse to procrastinate so maybe I should not spend too much time on it haha. Would you guys maybe want to see my (very bad and cliche) small poems?

I wish you all a lovely and productive day!

I am Asherah, the Tree of Life
Let me embrace you in the shade of My outreached arms
I will protect you from the harsh damning heat of the midsummer sun
Come take refuge from the arid desert air in my cooling oasis
I make way for life in places deemed inviable
I am the strength that make your perilous journey a possibility
Let Me sooth your brow with My sweet waters
I am the peace found in the midst of the struggle for survival
I am Peace
I am Life.
—  Asherah, Tree of Life by The Rose Laden Magdalene

My palm is facing upwards,
I will take anything that you are willing to give
I take your smiles and those warm eyes
I take the seconds sighting of you
I take your words and encouragements
I take the minutes you spend to talk me
I take your laugh and your essence
I take the hours you were next to me

I would gladly take anything you would give
Because I have taken months of wondering,
And years of wishing
What is another day of waiting?

I will take you,
any piece of you,
that you are giving to me.

And I will be grateful for it


have you ever set off fireworks indoors?
fireworks inside—that’s what loving you is like.

it’s bright. searing. incandescent. it’s energy exploding out and spilling over, raw reaction too much for the chassis that tries to hold it in.

it’s going to send somebody to the hospital.

—  e.k.t., from in case of emergency, break down