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There aren’t many people who love Mondays, and that is why we decided to share a list of couple of things we try to do every Sunday to prepare for new week and enter it in our best shape. Hope you find something here useful ^^ 


 1. Write down everything you need to do and everything you need to remember about this week. 

Planning is the obvious key to being organised, so we don’t need to explain why you need to do it. What you, however, need to remember about is to write down everything- literally everything, from birthdays and tests, to watering plants and taking out the trash. That way, it’ll be easier for you to create specific to-do-lists for each day of the week and not forget about the, seemingly, little, but not less important, things.

 2. Check the weather forecast and check if you have appropriate clothes in your wardrobe 

Although this might sound a little uptight for some, we prefer to believe it’s actually easier to do your laundry on Sunday when you have some free time (and even deal with ironing and folding) and have clothes ready, than to run around like a drunk gremlin on a Wednesday morning, looking for clean clothes, because it’s suprisingly cold and you don’t have any clean sweaters. 

 3. Pack your bag just before going to bed 

Chances are, at that point, you won’t take anything out of it, and you will have your bag ready in the morning, therefore avoiding the drunk gremlin situation mentioned before 

 4. Clean your room

 If you are only to clean your room once a week, do it on Sunday. Open windows, clean your desk, vacuum and throw out the trash. That way you’ll begin new week in a fresh and clean environment and there is nothing that’ll make you feel more productive.

 5. Try to finish your work

 Obviously. But remember that all-nighters should always be a last resort and that not so many things actually deserve them.

 6. Call your friends and family

 No matter how busy are, you should have sometime in your week designated only for contacting your friends and family, updating them on you life and hearing about theirs. It’s better to talk with someone once a week, than not talk to them at all (obviously), even if at that point you may only be able to have a 30 minutes conversation over the phone. And Sundays are great for that, mostly because most people are more able (and willing) to talk on weekends than in the middle of a busy week.

 7. Do something for yourself (don’t overdo it though) 

Pamper yourself a little. Watch an episode of your favourite show, or have a very nice dinner. You worked hard this weekend and you deserve it. But be real with what you can, and what you can’t do- if you’re really busy, going to a cinema and a dinner later may not be the greatest of ideas, and maybe this week, getting a coffee in a nice cafe will have to do. 

 8. Workout

 Workouts are important and super great and you should do them not only on a Sunday. But what makes Sunday workouts really great, is that usually you have time for a longer and nicer one and they give you a motivation boosts which last till Monday 

 9. Plan your meals for the week 

You don’t need to get them ready right away, but you should have a general idea what you’ll be eating this week. So you can plan you shopping and cooking and cleaning (and yes, we know, we get boring with this constant planning thing, but it really is crucial) 

 10. Avoid all screens 

30 minutes before bedtime It’s a general rule and you should do it every day, not only on Sunday. It’ll be easier for you to fall asleep if you give your brain (and eyes) some time to relax 

 11. Go to bed slightly earlier and wake up slightly earlier

 Try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier and to wake up 30 minutes earlier. It (for reasons unknown to us ^^) makes wonders for your productivity and motivation

 12. Take a nice, long bath 

You should never underestimate good baths abilities to wash away the whole week, and there is nothing nicer than going to bed on a Sunday with super smooth and moisturised skin, and waking up on Monday already clean and smelling nice ^^

 13. Do something that’ll help you improve yourself 

 Do one lesson on Duolingo. Write another page of your book. Stretch. Improve everyday, specially on Sunday

 14. If you have time, prepare yourself food for Monday 

 Mondays aren’t great, but having food makes them slightly better

 15. Try to relax

 There is a reason why we created weekend.You can’t (and shouldn’t try to) cram the whole weekend- try to relax and enter new week with rested mind

Meals for the week

Chicken Alfredo stuffed shells. Not healthy but rotisserie chicken was on sale and country boy loves this. He won’t see me (awake a least) until Thursday so I felt like I should make something he loves. I also make chicken broth from the rest.

Turkey chili with sweet potatoes (this is a first so wish us luck)

Deconstructed stuffed pepper. Because we both decided that they taste just as good and are easier to eat this way.

Ginger chicken. Rough translation of an Indian dish that’s wonderful in the cold weather.

Something with my homemade chicken stock. Maybe chicken noodle soup. Maybe chicken tortilla soup. Maybe homemade ramen.

Weekday Week: “Monday”, “Meal” and “Meter”

Monday has almost as transparent an etymology as Sunday, from Old English  mōnandæġ “Moon’s Day”, mōnan being the genitive form of mōna “moon”.  This originated as a translation of the Latin diēs lunae “Day of the Moon”.  The short vowel in the modern form is the result of a Middle English sound change known as trisyllabic laxing, wherein long vowels in the antepenultimate (third from the last) or earlier position became short, this shortening occurring before the contraction (haplology) of “Monanday” to “Monday”.  Mōna derives from Proto-Germanic *mēnô meaning “moon”, from the Proto-Indo-European *mḗh₁n̥s meaning both “moon” and “month”, which probably derives from *meh₁-, “to measure”, from the use of the moon to measure time.

Another derivative of that PIE root was *meh₁-lo-, meaning “measurement”, “time”.  This became Proto-Germanic *mēlą meaning “measurement”, “time”, “occasion”, “period of time”, “time for eating”, and by extension “meal”, which became Modern English meal.

Another derivative, *méh₁-trom, became Greek métron, meaning “measurement”, “length”, etc., which was adopted into French by the inventors of the Metric system as mètre, borrowed into English as metre/meter.

The Zodiac signs within their squad.

Aries: Is the blitz (always seems to miss out epic moments). A diligent student who does sport too. Has a fear of pawpaws. They never seem to know what’s going on. Went through a One Direction phase. Knows lots of people and can dance weirdly. They are people people and go out a lot. 

Taurus: The quiet one who listens to everyone’s problems but makes no comments. They’re health conscience and do lots of sport. Musically talented but hates bragging. Barely has a sense of humour and hates when others burp. They’re quite cliché and eats the same meal every Monday, Tuesday etc. Very good gossip buddy but a horrible texter.

Gemini: The one who eats way too much but is still a beautiful weight. Can be a b*tch but also not. They know almost everyone and isn’t awkward around new people. They spend to much time watching K-POP concerts online. They’re horrible at keeping secrets and needs to chill someday. They own violent dogs and have a creepy backyard.

Cancer: They have a very dirty sense of humour but is still immature as hell. They have a weird laugh that is sometimes high pitched, or seal like. They live the fangirl/ fanboy lifestyle which entails no sleep. Stresses too much and tries to be a rebel (but fails because they’re too scared of breaking the rules). They’re overly emotional optimists without any lady-like qualities/ manners. They have weird obsessions and can’t take selfies to save their life. Their hugs are better than sex.

Leo: Turns out to be the bisexual one. They see the beauty in everything and is obsessed with Disney. Has no boundaries at all and a secret talent. Their whole body convulses when they laugh. They live in the world of books. Looks innocent but is actually kinky and sadistic as fudge. They’re someone who you can trust and feel comfortable around. There’s no need to impress them. They also try to get you to do your best even if they’re not doing so well.

Virgo: These hoes are loyal. I swear they make you feel like you don’t have a single care in the world. Their ability to make you laugh and feel good about yourself when you’re down in the dumps is on freaking point. It’s quite easy to melt into their arms and just kinda cuddle up and sleep forever. Writing fan-fiction and poetry is their main source in life. They make every guy/ girl cry because they’re too good for them.

Libra: The definition of creepy as fudge. Takes the most beautiful selfies, featuring ones with 524823896 chins. They are amazing to talk to and rant with. They actually care about others, and show their affection. They will fight for what they believe is true. Their determination and willingness to do different things is amazing. Definitely someone who you could trust your life with.

Scorpio: Follows and is dependent on others. Sporty as fudge and is quite violent.

Sagittarius: Brutally honest. They are always looking for an adventure and rules to break. They always try their best to get something (and call it their own) and aim as high as possible. Happiest when exploring new items and areas. Has a big heart and has no problem with sharing. They are very independent and enjoy being on their own or with others. They prefer asserting dominance on others than to be dominated.

Capricorn: Most probably the leader. They put up a defense and show no emotion whatsoever. They can be really funny, but also serious when needed, Is filled with great ideas and makes amazing food. They’re as strong as an ox. Looks like the type to kill if you hurt them. One of the most loyal friends you could ever have. First things first, they’re a realist. 

Aquarius: They enjoy setting a few original trends. They are very outgoing and confident around anyone. They are afraid of hurting others. They are always happy and thinking of their future. Have strong opinions on almost everything. They try their best to stand out as much as possible. Suffers from insomnia. 

Pisces: The momma/ poppa bear of the group. The wisest when it comes to making relationship decisions and rational choices. They’ve been through a hell load of shit but hides it well, and doesn’t show their pain. They introduce others to amazing music and has a dirty sense of humour. Can be very awkward but also easy and comfortable to be around. They’re also a human pillow and heater. They have lots of cats too. Overall an amazing, beautiful human bean.

*139/365 | 10.24.17*
Originally, this was supposed to be a spatula because I finessed a Monday night meal prep. At the last turn though I decided to make it an arrow. After posting this, a friend of mine later pointed out that this image was similar to another mutual friend’s tattoo and so I’ll give credit where is credit is due. 

Instagram: @creative.365 

alright everyone!! so fair warning but i think i need, essentially, a journal to keep me on track with my fitness journey. with that said, i’m going to start posting my progress + workouts + meals on my blog. imma tag all that fit stuff as FITPOST. if y’all would like to join me on my journey and maybe share recipes + workout techniques or just convo about encouraging one another, please hit me up or come into my inbox!! 

i really wanna lose ~30 pounds with maybe a muscle gain of like 10, which was my weight at my fittest while playing soccer in college. i’m not going to post my actual weight, and you don’t have to either if you wanna join!! but i’ll put my beginning weight as 30, for y’alls info. 

i’m going to start MONDAY if anyone wanna get involved. i’ll do my first post on sunday with my monday meal PREP, then on monday i’ll post at the end of the night my workout + my next day meal. 

anyways this was kind of a long post, but just giving y’all a warning that if u wanna blacklist these posts or something i’ll be tagging it FITPOST. thanks y’all!! 

Happy Monday!!!

Meal prep this week: Veggie Soup (again lol) and baked spaghetti squash.

Last week I started the week at 157 and ended at 163. My weight literally went up everyday of the week. Not freaking out about it though, I ate good last week and worked out three times. My goal is to workout five this week. My average weight for last week was 160.2

Here’s to another week of moving forward and not looking back!