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∞ Scenes of Sherlock

How did you know?! How? On Monday, I decided to get a new therapist. Tuesday afternoon, I chose her. Wednesday morning, I booked today’s session. Now, today is Friday. So two weeks ago, two weeks before you were abducted at gunpoint and brought here against your will, over a week before I even thought of coming here, you knew exactly where you’d need to be picked up for lunch?!

a week's glance into the yoi fandom
  • Sunday: 3:00am EST marks the halfway point in the wait!!!! also a rush of fic updates before it gets jossed to hell on wednesday
  • Tuesday: gentle sobbing, excitedly telling everyone tomorrow is wednesday, crying over preview pics, last minute fic updates
  • Friday: this week's emo fan theories emerge. the LIT blogs have picked apart the entire episode, and turns out it's gayer than we originally thought.
  • Saturday: probably the most chill day of the week. perpetual crying has mainly ceased, chill CAH games happening. more soft headcanons and fluffy art.
The best time for:

Cursing - Tuesday/Saturday, Waning/Dark Moon
Protection - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, Waxing/Full Moon
Cleansing - Monday/Saturday, Waning Moon/Blue Moon
Banishing - Saturday, Waning Moon/Dark Moon
Binding - Tuesday/Saturday, Waning Moon/Full Moon
Healing - Monday/Thursday/Sunday, Full Moon/Blue Moon
Enhanced psychic power - Monday, Full Moon/Blue Moon
Love/Friendship - Friday, New Moon/Waxing Moon
Manifestation/Power - Monday/Tuesday, Full Moon/Black Moon
Success - Thursday/Sunday, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
Luck - Wednesday, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
Wealth - Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday, Waxing Moon
Peace - Monday, Waning/New Moon
Courage/Strength - Tuesday, Waxing/Full Moon
Intelligence/Wisdom - Monday/Wednesday, Waxing/Full Moon

compiled from my personal collection of correspondences

I am going to call this post Truthful Day Before Tuesday - as I am not waiting until tomorrow to put this out there.  And I am also bucking the systems and doing a Weigh In Monday (not Wednesday)…two strikes in one post.  Watch out!

As you all know I have been a bit off track really since coming back from the marathon which was all the way back in January.  I never really seemed to get myself back in the routine I had going for 2 years leading up to that point. 

Sure I did the first dietbet and was absolutely laser focused for those 4 weeks.  And I have also dropped the pop and expanded my fruit horizons.  But when it comes to working out and really paying attention to my eating I have only do so-so.  The proof is displayed on the scale this morning. 

When I began all of this in April 2011 I weighed in at 369.8 and felt it.  What is odd is that even with my weight coming back up towards that number recently - I dont feel like the same out of shape guy as I did back then so it has been really deceiving.  My clothes I have been wearing are still fitting and I only really feel the different in my face/neck although I know its got to be impacting my gut as well.  But that makes it a slippery slope because the reminders I am going in the wrong direction again are so subtle.

It has been well documented here that there is so much more going on outside of working out now a days - and that stresses me, consumes me etc.  But I can not keep letting it get the best of me mentally or physically.  I need to keep myself on the right track which will benefit all aspects of my life not just the scale.

Tomorrow I have my yearly checkup with my doctor - so outside of my weight we will see how my blood test levels are doing and see how my true health results come in.

But aside from all of that I did not wait for today to restart.  I spent time this weekend getting all of the proper foods, prepped them and set myself up for a good week on the food front.  And because the foot is still not playing very nice I opted not to go shoeless on the martial arts mat for Cage class today and instead headed over to the gym to crank out some time on the elliptical - for non-impact).  I also like that while on an elliptical I can get lost in some music - pace myself to the fast beats and push myself instead of having to have someone else (like a trainer) pushing me.

So instead of beating myself up for the slide back - I am just focusing on the fact that I now know where I am at again.  I know what needs to be done and there will be no more “skipping” of workouts because my body takes far to much advantage of such breaks. 


Hello loves! I’m super excited to announce the new activities that will take place on this blog each week (I’ll still be writing of course)!


  • Man Crush Monday - Lets talk about the guys of HP
    • Send in your thoughts, your questions, your head-cannons, etc.


  • Tri-Wizard Tuesday - Each Tuesday I’ll post a contest and announce a winner (likely the next Tuesday but we will see)
    • It will vary from best aesthetic, to best blurb/short writing (on prompt given), to the best spell you can create on your own complete with instructions on casting and purpose. 
    • To participate simply post your entry on your page and tag me in it


  • Weird Sister Wednesday - Magic + Music
    • Send in your favorite song or recommendation and I’ll write a short (few paragraph) story based in the world of HP off of it
    • This is an awesome way for us all to find new music


  • Thank Merlin it’s Thursday! - Lets talk about the week thus far and thank Merlin that Friday is almost upon us
    • Send in your stories from the week, they can be funny or frustrating
    • This is an opportunity to laugh and blow off some steam heading into Friday and the weekend


  • Fantastic Friday - We survived, and so did the characters of the HP universe. Fantastic!
    • I plan to start RPing on Fridays. Feel free to send me character suggestions through the week.
    • On Friday I’ll announce the chosen character and log on. Send in any questions, comments, or anything else you can think of for the character chosen

Saturday - Sunday

  • Serpents, Badgers, Eagles, and Lions Sleepover - it’s an all weekend slumber party
    • Each Saturday I’ll reblog a sleepover post as a reminder, but send in asks about your crushes, confessions, ask me advice, tell me stories; send in games like fmk, would you rathers, and have you evers. Literally anything.

I’m looking forward to this new adventure with you guys.  If you have any suggestions let me know, and I have some back up plans for the days if we ever get bored of the theme.

With much excitement and love,

Aria ♥



Middlemarch: The Series is a modernized, gender-bent, vlog-style adaptation of George Eliot’s Middlemarch. 

New episodes will air Mondays & Wednesdays @ 5:30 PM EST starting MARCH 15th


A Modern Feysand AU

All rights go to Sarah J. Maas, we are in no way taking credit for her characters. This fanfic was written by me and my amazing writing partner and friend– @therealightningtheif

Summary: When Feyre finds herself in desperate need of a friend, she ends up needing to shed her toxic relationships. Suddenly, she’s hired for a child’s birthday party and meets a beautiful stranger, and she realizes that maybe a friend isn’t the only thing she needed. But first, she needs to find a way to escape from the one person that’s suffocating her.

Chapter 1–The Birthday     Chapter 2–The Tattoo     Chapter 3–The Boyfriend

Chapter 4–The Savior     Chapter 5–The Morning After     Chapter 6–The Report

Chapter 7–The Kiss     Chapter 8–The Date(s)     Chapter 9–The Sister

Chapter 10–The Trial

Make sure to come back, because we will be posting a new chapter every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Also read this on!

Check out our recently finished fanfic, Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses: Two Worlds Collide, here and on! Leave a review if you like it or want to critique us–feedback is extremely appreciated!!

Where are all the stories??? (New Schedule)

This is an update. 

Stories are still here. Besides one request a long time ago and the MPD:CTY voltage m!mc fanfic and a few mysme stuff NOTHING has been cancelled. 

Male MC stuff is still going strong! 

Unknown Route is still there! 

Here is a new Schedule list: 

Monday and Tuesday: Male MC
Wednesday: Off (only small things like asks) 
Thursday and Friday: Unknown route 
Saturday: Requests or one-off story’s 
Sunday: Off 

Wednesday and Sunday are usually my deadline days for school so if I haven’t met one yet I take that Wednesday. 

I am getting myself into a schedule. No more putting things off. And yes I’ll admit; I’ve been putting things off and being lazy and just not managing my time well. And for that: 

I am sorry. I really am. You guys are so kind and sweet to me and I need to show my appreciation better. 

Now does that mean on Monday AND Tuesday or on Thursday AND Friday I put out two stories? I will try, but if not know that in the time span of two days I’ll post a story.  

Well what about all the Male MC stories you have? Which one will you post first? 

That is up to me. Sometimes I just want to put out a Mysme story and other times I wanna do a voltage story. The ONLY time I will break schedule l, starting next week, do what the people are demanding is if a lot of you ask for it. I’m not trying to sound braggy or anything, I’m just saying, if you all say “Please give us XYZ story.” Then I will do it. HOWEVER that doesn’t mean I want to half ass the story. So if I see the demand and I write something and then it takes me forever to post it that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you all I just want it to be good. 

Okay, I think I’ve written everything I wanted to say. Thank you all. Thank you for following me and liking my stuff. I will be better at this scheduling thing c: 

But truly, 

Thank you! 

I only got to the gym once this week. I went last night and then I tried to go again this morning, but I got lightheaded riding my bike so I turned around. I think riding that far two days in a row is too much for me right now. So my new schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I even changed my Japanese lesson so that it’s an hour earlier just so I can go. 

My plan

I have a new plan:
Monday: Leg day
Tuesday: Butt day
Wednesday: Abs day
Tuesday: Butt day
Friday: Abs day
Saturday: Everything
Sunday: Abs day
And everyday a 100 squats and 100 crunches


Turing’s New York shenanigans continue and the spoiled milk is liberally applied! It’s Lefuulei & Moon with special guests Cody of the /rpgmg/ podcast & Brad of Evil Guacamole Gaming!

We play one game per week and new episodes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Friday, you get to vote and let us know in the comments whether you want more or not! After two weeks, if the votes are positive, we’ll make a full playthrough out of the game! If it’s negative we’ll just leave it there.

Snap is seeking a valuation of $22 billion — here's how it plans to pitch investors

(Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel.Mike Nudelman/Business Insider)
Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., said in a filing Thursday that it was seeking an initial public offering valuation off up to $22 billion.

It is looking to price its IPO on Wednesday, March 1, Business Insider has learned.

The company said it was seeking to price shares at $14 to $16.

Snap is looking to list 200 million shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker SNAP.

The active bookrunners are Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Deutsche Bank. Barclays, Credit Suisse, and Allen & Co. are also involved.

Here is the schedule for investors who plan to meet with the tech company:

  • Friday, February 17: Mid-Atlantic
  • Monday, February 20: London
  • Tuesday, February 21: New York
  • Wednesday, February 22: New York
  • Thursday, February 23: Boston
  • Friday, February 24: Midwest
  • Monday, February 27: Los Angeles/San Francisco
  • Tuesday, February 28: San Francisco
  • Wednesday, March 1: New York pricing

Quality of engagement vs. quantity of users

The management team that will pitch the company to investors at its road show will include CEO Evan Spiegel, chief strategy officer Imran Khan, and CFO Andrew Vollero. Vollero will play a backseat role, according to one person familiar with the matter. Khan will present mainly on the company’s business model, while Spiegel will talk about the product itself.

In a management meeting with sales people on Thursday morning, Spiegel said he spends 50% of his time focused on the product, 40% of his time recruiting, and 10% on things he doesn’t want to do but gets paid to do (that is, running the rest of the business). 

On the roadshow, Spiegel and his team are expected to emphasize quality of engagement over quantity of users, according to the person familiar with the matter. Rather than focusing exclusively on growing the number of users, Snap would rather users really enjoy the product. Spiegel is focused on innovating the product to make it more usable, and continues to believe that in order to do so, users must have higher-end phones.

Snapchat works best on iPhones, and while some problems persist on Android and other phones, Spiegel says he will not dilute the product to make it work on every phone, this person said. So unlike Facebook, which has nearly 2 billion users around the world, Snap will not focus on non-iPhone-using customers in places like the developing world, because those markets are not easily monetized. The logic is that advertisers want to reach North America and develop Europe rather than the rest of world. 

Similar to Facebook’s roadshow, Snap is expected to simply show a video and then take questions in its meetings with larger groups.

Slowing user growth

Snap, which made its fame with an app that sends ephemeral photo and video messages, describes itself as a “camera company.”

The Snapchat app had 158 million average daily active users as of the fourth quarter of 2016. The company makes the majority of its money through advertising, and it booked revenue of $404.4 million last year, up from just $58.6 million in 2015. Last year the company introduced its first hardware product, camera glasses called Spectacles that retail at $130.

Snap says it plans to use the IPO funding for “general corporate purposes, including working capital, operating expenses, and capital expenditures.”

(An early photo of Spiegel with his cofounder, Bobby Murphy.Snapchat)
The company adds that while it might purchase some “complementary businesses, products, services, or technologies,” it is not anticipating any material acquisitions.

The class A stock being offered carries no voting rights. Holders of class B stock are entitled to one vote, and it is convertible into one share of class A stock. Holders of class C stock — restricted to the company’s founders, CEO Evan Spiegel and chief technology officer Bobby Murphy — are entitled to 10 votes. The class C stock represents 88.5% of the voting power of the outstanding capital stock after the IPO.

“As a result, Mr. Spiegel and Mr. Murphy, and potentially either one of them alone, have the ability to control the outcome of all matters submitted to our stockholders for approval, including the election, removal, and replacement of directors and any merger, consolidation, or sale of all or substantially all of our assets,” the regulatory filing reads. “If Mr. Spiegel’s or Mr. Murphy’s employment with us is terminated, they will continue to have the ability to exercise the same.”

Snap is likely to be asked questions about how the company plans to compete in a competitive market for users and advertising dollars.

The filing shows Snapchat’s user growth slowed after the launch of Instagram Stories — a feature that mimics Snapchat’s flagship feature, also called Stories, which allows users to send a string of videos and images to their friends that disappear after 24 hours.

Snap’s executives are also likely to be quizzed on the company’s path to profitability. The company posted an annual loss of $514 million in 2016.

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An awful Southern accent happens and Phil Pool says some offensive things to a catgirl! It’s Lefuulei & Moon with special guests Brad of Evil Guacamole Gaming & Cody of the /rpgmg/ podcast!

We play one game per week and new episodes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Friday, you get to vote and let us know in the comments whether you want more or not! After two weeks, if the votes are positive, we’ll make a full playthrough out of the game! If it’s negative we’ll just leave it there.