monday is the new tuesday

The best time for:

Cursing - Tuesday/Saturday, Waning/Dark Moon
Protection - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, Waxing/Full Moon
Cleansing - Monday/Saturday, Waning Moon/Blue Moon
Banishing - Saturday, Waning Moon/Dark Moon
Binding - Tuesday/Saturday, Waning Moon/Full Moon
Healing - Monday/Thursday/Sunday, Full Moon/Blue Moon
Enhanced psychic power - Monday, Full Moon/Blue Moon
Love/Friendship - Friday, New Moon/Waxing Moon
Manifestation/Power - Monday/Tuesday, Full Moon/Black Moon
Success - Thursday/Sunday, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
Luck - Wednesday, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
Wealth - Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday, Waxing Moon
Peace - Monday, Waning/New Moon
Courage/Strength - Tuesday, Waxing/Full Moon
Intelligence/Wisdom - Monday/Wednesday, Waxing/Full Moon

compiled from my personal collection of correspondences

Lesson 28: Cosmic Witchcraft 101 - Part 5

By: Teacher Nova

Live class date and time: 03/30/2017 at 6:30pm CST

Now that we have covered some of the basics, I’d like to delve into the actual practice of cosmic magick using spells.

Planetary Intent:

  • Banishing: Sun, Saturn, Pluto
  • Beauty: Venus
  • Binding: Saturn, Pluto
  • Cleansing/Purification: Sun, Moon
  • Communication: Mercury, Jupiter
  • Confidence: Mars, Jupiter
  • Courage: Sun, Mars, Jupiter
  • Creativity: Moon, Venus
  • Cursing: Saturn, Neptune, Pluto
  • Divination: Moon, Uranus, Neptune
  • Dreams: Moon, Neptune
  • Energy: Sun, Mars
  • Fertility: Moon, Venus
  • Happiness: Sun, Jupiter
  • Healing: Sun, Moon
  • Hex-Breaking: Saturn
  • Independence: Mars, Uranus
  • Invisibility: Moon, Neptune, Pluto
  • Legal Matters: Saturn
  • Love: Venus
  • Luck: Mercury, Jupiter
  • Manifestation/Power: Sun, Mars, Saturn, Pluto
  • Meditation: Moon, Neptune
  • Mental Clarity: Sun, Uranus
  • Mental Power: Uranus, Neptune
  • Peace: Moon
  • Prosperity/Wealth: Mercury, Jupiter
  • Protection: Mars, Saturn
  • Psychic abilities: Moon, Uranus, Neptune
  • Relaxation/Calming: Moon, Neptune
  • Sexual Relations: Venus, Mars, Pluto
  • Spell-breaking: Saturn, Pluto
  • Strength: Sun, Mars
  • Success: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
  • Travel: Moon, Mercury
  • Wisdom: Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  • Wishes: Sun, Jupiter


Lunar Phases

  • New Moon –  new beginnings, health, cleansing, inner harmony, peace, love
  • Waxing Crescent – growth, wealth, prosperity, luck, attraction
  • First Quarter – balance, decision-making, challenges
  • Waxing Gibbous – motivation, positivity, success, attraction
  • Full Moon – power, cleansing, charging, healing, divination, emotions, psychic awareness, enlightenment, banishing
  • Waning Gibbous – reassessment, letting go, clearing away, cleansing, releasing, undoing bindings, opening up, making amends, making space
  • Third Quarter – letting go, banishing, breaking bad habits
  • Waning Crescent – achievement, rest, peace, deep wisdom, completion, banishing 
  • Dark Moon – retreat, reflection of self, destruction, banishing, justice
  • Blue Moon – achieving goals, focus, major wishes and dreams, divination 
  • Black Moon power, manifestation

Days of the Week

  • Moon - Monday
  • Sun - Sunday
  • Mercury - Wednesday
  • Venus - Friday
  • Mars - Tuesday
  • Jupiter - Thursday
  • Saturn - Saturday
  • Uranus - Wednesday, Saturday
  • Neptune - Thursday, Friday
  • Pluto - Tuesday

Planetary Hours

Planetary hours utilize the seven classic planets including the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn (although the other 3 planets may be used as well). The first planetary hour of any given day will correspond to that day of the week: for example, the first planetary hour on Saturday will be the hour of Saturn, beginning at sunrise on Saturday and ending before sunrise on the following day. The time that the sun rises is different for everyone, so planetary hours are location-specific.
To calculate planetary hours, you need to know what time the sun rises and sets in your area. The length of daytime equals the time between sunrise and sunset, so figure out how many minutes are between the two, and divide by 12. This will give you the length of time between each planetary hour. Do the same for nighttime (the time between sunset and sunrise the next day).
You can also just visit to calculate planetary hours for your location: click the link, click “edit” next to the location and date on the page, choose your country/city, and click “Save Preferences.”

The general order of planetary hours based on the Chaldean Order is as follows:
• Saturn
• Jupiter
• Mars
• Sun
• Venus
• Mercury
• Moon

The Chaldean Order is listed from the slowest moving planet in orbit to the fastest, although, we’ve since discovered that the Earth and other planets actually orbit around the Sun, the Moon orbits the Earth, and that the Sun is a fixed object.
Because this system was also put into place before the outer planets were discovered, they usually are not included, but I have still found ways to use them in my personal practice.
The outer planets are said to be “higher octaves” of the “lower octave” planets - the associations of lower octave planets are basic, and the higher octave planets take those associations to a more in depth level.
Low and High Octave Planets:
Mercury - Uranus
Venus - Neptune
Mars - Pluto
With that being said, I like to associate the outer planets with their lower octave counterpart when it comes to using planetary hours and even “day of the week” correspondences.

A collective list of “the best time” to do certain spells - includes days of the week, planet, and lunar phases

  • Cursing - Tuesday/Saturday, Mars/Saturn, Waning/Dark Moon
  • Protection - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, Mars/Jupiter/Saturn, Waxing/Full Moon
  • Cleansing - Monday/Saturday, Moon/Saturn, Waning Moon/Blue Moon
  • Banishing - Saturday, Saturn, Waning Moon/Dark Moon
  • Binding - Tuesday/Saturday, Mars/Saturn, Waning Moon/Full Moon
  • Healing - Monday/Thursday/Sunday, Moon/Jupiter/Sun, Full Moon/Blue Moon
  • Enhanced psychic power - Monday, Moon/Neptune, Full Moon/Blue Moon
  • Love/Friendship - Friday, Venus, New Moon/Waxing Moon
  • Manifestation/Power - Monday/Tuesday, Moon/Mars/Pluto, Full Moon/Black Moon
  • Success - Thursday/Sunday, Jupiter/Sun, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
  • Luck - Wednesday/Thursday, Mercury/Jupiter, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
  • Wealth - Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday, Mercury/Jupiter/Sun, Waxing Moon
  • Peace - Monday, Moon, Waning/New Moon
  • Courage/Strength - Tuesday/Sunday, Mars/Sun, Waxing/Full Moon
  • Intelligence/Wisdom - Monday/Wednesday, Moon/Mercury/Uranus, Waxing/Full Moon

∞ Scenes of Sherlock

How did you know?! How? On Monday, I decided to get a new therapist. Tuesday afternoon, I chose her. Wednesday morning, I booked today’s session. Now, today is Friday. So two weeks ago, two weeks before you were abducted at gunpoint and brought here against your will, over a week before I even thought of coming here, you knew exactly where you’d need to be picked up for lunch?!
Inside the Capitals’ ‘cult of crossword men’
Six players spend time working the morning puzzles alone or in pairs, bonding and keeping their minds as sharp as their blades.

“The Capitals’ offseason additions of Williams and Oshie have given them a boost on the ice, but Washington also gained two experienced crossworders. Both said their past teams also had crossword clubs, with players pulling them out on short bus rides to the rink. Carlson used to be the team’s best crossworder, but the consensus is that it’s now Williams, with Carlson a close second.

“We got a lot of young pups on this team, you know?” Williams said. “I’m like the father-figure of the crossword. I’ve been doing it a little longer, so I know some answers that maybe they don’t.”

Williams is the cleanup hitter of the crossword club. He’ll work on his own, able to complete a New York Times crossword on a Monday or Tuesday, but when others get stumped, he’ll help them finish. Alzner said it’s like having a computer next to you.

Once a player working alone gets stumped, he will gravitate toward pairs; Alzner and Oshie work together, as do Williams and Carlson. Outside of giving answers, the process is silent. They use a pen, and when they finish, everyone who contributed signs the bottom.”

i honestly have no idea why anyone still follows me bc my blog’s content changes more often than my moods

JemChew Masterpost (Mob)

Samurai Love Ballad: Party

Week 1

Week 2

  • Friday / ‘This Is How It Goes, Our Life Together’ / Act 2 / Various (nsfw)
  • Saturday / Fuma Kotaro (long fic)
  • Sunday / Kirigakure Hotaru  —— NEW!
  • Monday / Mitsunari —— NEW!
  • Tuesday / Ieyasu (long fic)  —— NEW!

Kisses With Meaning Prompts [Link]

Updated: 05/05/17

[NEW: Week 2 – Monday / Mitsunari x MC]
[NEW: Week 2 – Tuesday / Ieyasu x MC]

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ARP just bought his favourite Twenty øne Piløts’ album, but forgot that he can’t listen to it in Hogwarts because there is no CD player in the wizarding world. So his little fanboy heart is broken.

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I am going to call this post Truthful Day Before Tuesday - as I am not waiting until tomorrow to put this out there.  And I am also bucking the systems and doing a Weigh In Monday (not Wednesday)…two strikes in one post.  Watch out!

As you all know I have been a bit off track really since coming back from the marathon which was all the way back in January.  I never really seemed to get myself back in the routine I had going for 2 years leading up to that point. 

Sure I did the first dietbet and was absolutely laser focused for those 4 weeks.  And I have also dropped the pop and expanded my fruit horizons.  But when it comes to working out and really paying attention to my eating I have only do so-so.  The proof is displayed on the scale this morning. 

When I began all of this in April 2011 I weighed in at 369.8 and felt it.  What is odd is that even with my weight coming back up towards that number recently - I dont feel like the same out of shape guy as I did back then so it has been really deceiving.  My clothes I have been wearing are still fitting and I only really feel the different in my face/neck although I know its got to be impacting my gut as well.  But that makes it a slippery slope because the reminders I am going in the wrong direction again are so subtle.

It has been well documented here that there is so much more going on outside of working out now a days - and that stresses me, consumes me etc.  But I can not keep letting it get the best of me mentally or physically.  I need to keep myself on the right track which will benefit all aspects of my life not just the scale.

Tomorrow I have my yearly checkup with my doctor - so outside of my weight we will see how my blood test levels are doing and see how my true health results come in.

But aside from all of that I did not wait for today to restart.  I spent time this weekend getting all of the proper foods, prepped them and set myself up for a good week on the food front.  And because the foot is still not playing very nice I opted not to go shoeless on the martial arts mat for Cage class today and instead headed over to the gym to crank out some time on the elliptical - for non-impact).  I also like that while on an elliptical I can get lost in some music - pace myself to the fast beats and push myself instead of having to have someone else (like a trainer) pushing me.

So instead of beating myself up for the slide back - I am just focusing on the fact that I now know where I am at again.  I know what needs to be done and there will be no more “skipping” of workouts because my body takes far to much advantage of such breaks. 

Life in the week of The 100 Fandom:
  • Monday: -waiting for new episode “yay two more days!”
  • Tuesday: -waiting…”can somebody please tell me what to do with my life so that Wednesday evening comes quicker?”
  • Wednesday: - yes today is the day! So ready for the 100! -a couple hours later- “don’t go on social media, too many spoilers. What can I do to kill the time? Can’t go on social media that’s for sure. Ughh this waiting is driving me crazy!”
  • Thursday: -rewatches key points of the new episode to see if there is anything I missed. Rewatches new episode trailer a thousand times. Still has to get over last night’s episode. Too traumatic on the feels. Needs therapy. Needs a whole week to get over what just happened.
  • Friday: -still needs therapy but looking forward to weekend
  • Sat-Sun: yay weekend! have fun and stop mentioning what happened on the 100.
  • Monday: -so the cycle begins

queensusan  asked:

Okay but imagine Percabeth getting older in chb and in like 60 years all the new kids don't know they're /the/ Percy and Annabeth bc they go by Percy and Beth and the stories call them Perseus and Annabeth and everyone kind of assumes they're minor gods who are just sort of there to look over them. And like they're at campfire and at the beach and they leave freely and pretty often and everyone kind of loves them bc they're everyone's awesome grandparents.

I’m not into the Beth nickname but I love the idea of them as these aloof figures in Demigod society but really they’re just being old people. Annabeth volunteers at the New Athens library every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday while Percy hangs out at the stables to catch up with the pegasi. They like to sit in their garden together and just talk. Their grandkids come over all the time and they all share hot chocolate. They’re literally so boring and simple, and they love every minute of it but down the hill at Camp everyone is still raving about their glory days


i’ve submitted about the teeny little restaurant i work at that’s in a teeny little town with literally only two employees before (“you’ve had two months” “list of things i had to put up with tonight” and “🎵Dont touch me pleeeease🎵”)

well, this is more of a “fuck other businesses” story. i dunno if that’s allowed but i gotta vent somewhere.

since the town i currently live in is so effing tiny, there’s literally only two places that sell food: us, and the grocery store across the street. (sometimes the senior center does free lunch, but only on tuesdays). we obviously sell an array of hot, fresh food, and the grocery store sells grocery items, as well as lunch meals you’d find in your typical gas station (like those pre-made refridgerator sandwiches). when my boss first bought and set up the place, she, the person running the grocery store, and the board members all agreed that so long as we were open for business, the store wouldn’t do anything that competed with us, like selling hot, fresh lunches.

you can see where this is going.

well, the person who ran it before i moved here stepped down, and another woman, K, stepped up. she was alright, but every now and then we’d catch her selling homemade lunches -like ham and cheese sandwiches and potato salad- but couldn’t do much about it since it wasn’t hot or fresh or taking much business from us.

then K stepped down in december, and J stepped up. J’s been making a lot of changes to the store, and a lot of them are really cool. they’ve got a cappuccino machine, they serve fresh donuts in the mornings before we’re open, they’ve organized it, brought in better and fresher stock, and have made some repairs and fixed some prices. but i guess that wasn’t enough for the town, because the store was losing money too. J decided the best thing to do was start serving hot, “fresh” lunch on monday and tuesdays. 

i had to run over to the store to grab some ice monday since i’d run out and i was working by myself, and they were serving slow cooker bbq beef, green beans, chips, and a pop for $6.50. like, not only is that one of OUR most popular specials, it’s way cheaper than what we’re able to charge for it. (we use really high quality beef in our specials, and their meat was apparently donated out of someone’s freezer.) so guess where all my business on monday went? yup. all of our regulars went to the store. ALL OF THEM. i only had 3 people from out of town.

i alerted my manager who alerted my boss, and my boss called them to chew them out. J’s excuse? “I didn’t know you guys were open on Monday or Tuesday”

WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN OPEN ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY. it’s not like this lady is new to the town, either, she’s been here a long ass time, and she used to eat at the restaurant all the time. she knows we’re open monday and tuesday. and she’s not even getting in trouble for stealing our business. i’m so pissed.

i guess the worst worst part is that all three of us from the restaurant support the store. we buy our ice there, ingredients for specials, etc. i buy a lot of candy and flaming hot cheetos. boss and manager always buy their cigarettes there. we as individuals and a business are giving our money to them, but the employees there (aside from one) don’t come over and eat at the restaurant, and they steal our business?

fuck. i’m so ready to get out of this town, ya’ll. 

Russian Days Of The Week

Here are a few tips on how to memorize the names of the days of the week in Russian:

Понедельник (Monday) - derives from неделя, a week. Something that starts a new week.

Вторник (Tuesday) - from второй, second. It’s the second day of the week.

Среда (Wednesday) - from средний, middle. Wednesday is in the middle of the week.

Четверг (Thursday) - from четвертый, fourth. It’s the fourth day of the week.

Пятница (Friday) - from пять, five. I think, you guess why.

Суббота (Saturday) - from Sabbath.Yeah, Sabbath’s are on Saturdays, right?

Воскресенье (Sunday) - it is literally resurrection. Just remember that most holidays, including the Easter, happen on Sundays, so Sunday is a religious day (at least, the language preserves it this way).

NYC Babes (Freestyling Tip)

If you are looking for “Ballers” (Wealthy men, Professional athletes, Agents, Celebrities, and etc.) this is where mostly all the professional athletes in NYC/New Jersey area hang out. The weekly line up is…

• Sunday - “VIP Room” (409 W 13th St, New York, NY 10014)

• Monday - “The Griffin” (50 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 10014)

• Tuesday - “1 Oak” (453 W 17th St #1, New York, NY 10011)

• Thursday - “Haus NYC” (285 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013)

They don’t come out on Saturdays and Sunday’s because of game schedules.