master/missy/cyberman theory

The Master made the Cybermen as a present for the Doctor. 

Because he knows how sad the Doctor gets when his little human pets die, so the Master found a way to make them live forever.

…For an insane murdering psychopath, that’s almost sweet.

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being a mondasian cyberman is in Bill's words, "screaming in pain for every second they're alive". you can't just compare that to anything that's happened to a white companion. Rory and Amy die of old age, Clara gets to live forever, Jack gets to live forever. even people who properly died in the classic era and stayed dead, they didn't have to go through torture and a literally dehumanising medical process

Amy lived a life of trauma from a young age. That’s kind of the point of her character arc, particularly with stuff like the incident on Demon’s Run, a different sort of deep violation but no less charged.

River was tortured and brainwashed as a child into beccoming a weapon to kill her parents’ best friend, suffering several fatal injuries along the way.

I agree, what Bill’s suffered is horrific and extreme. I think arguing it’s too visceral is a fair argument, even if I don’t entirely agree. But I don’t think it’s safe to say it’s entirely an outlier.

What makes Bill’s so uncomfortable is that she’s black and gay, certainly. That adds a sense of vulnerability that makes these horrors more uncomfortable with her. But I do not think the horrors in of themselves are uniquely bad, and moreso doubt that they were inflicted upon her due to her race, even if they are certainly more uncomfortable given her identitiy (I don’t think Moffat considered that, honestly). Trauma’s really a recurring concern for this era.

Okay Doctor Who 10x11 thoughts now that I’ve seen it again where I can hear well:

The Mondasian cybermen are creepy as hell get them away from me pls.

Missy is slowly becoming one of my favorite DW characters.

I never really /minded/ Simm!Master, like I was pretty indifferent (as indifferent as a ten year old could be back when he first showed up) but man, he stole the show.

I'm​ still upset with Bill’s storyline: she deserves nothing but good things. But I’m confident/optimistic that they will somehow revert things (the last time a companion “died” they basically got turned immortal).

I really, really hate how graphic the “bullet” wound was. It makes my stomach churn.

Bill/the Master was an unexpected brotp but I loved her scenes with disguised!Master. They were really sweet until they weren’t anymore.

The regeneration scene happens on a snowy landscape…the Mondasian cybermen happened to show up in an Arctic base in the Classics 👀👀

The Doctor still not getting over the one-heart thing. I love when he drags the human race for having one heart.

This episode felt very dystopia-sci-fi-horror which I dig.

The cliffhanger is alarming. Really alarming.

Simm!Master finding time to change between revealing himself to Missy and meeting up with Twelve is the most hilarious thing to me. “I always dress for the occasion” indeed.


“Our brains are just like yours, except…”

The Tenth Planet - season 04 - 1966

The first incarnation of the Cybermen is a truly terrifying one. So human-looking and yet so far removed from humanity, these were the Mondasians who, fearing the inevitable aging and frailty that comes with being human, turned to technology in order cheat death. But in doing so, the children of Mondas recreated themselves as a race of electric mummies and lost many of the essential qualities that defines being human.

Their mannerisms are what disturb the most; they are emotionless, cold and calculating, unhurried and supremely confident in their superiority over the Earthlings present. They’re patronizing and condescending towards their hostages, and yet rather patient and strangely polite.

- Cleo

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Sadly for me I'll be disappointed whether or not Bill survives, because on one hand it cheapens the Cybermen so soon after they're gotten their credibility as a threat back (which I've been waiting 84 years for), and on the other we lose Bill. I'm also really annoyed that people insinuate that it was an attack on the LGBT community for the same reason I was about people doing the same about race with Rogue One.

I mean, I don’t think Bill surviving would cheapen the Cybermen at all. The whole reason the Mondasian Cybermen are so horrifying is how close to human they actually are. If Bill managed to overcome that, not only would it be an incredibly empowering storyline but I think it could easily be her ‘special’ moment, because god who has more heart than Bill Potts? Who wears her emotions on her sleeve more than Bill Potts? If ANYONE can overcome a cyberconversion, it would be her. 

If Bill dies, it’s tricky. Because it perpetuates the dead lesbian trope. She joins the horde of queer women that have died in the last year or so on TV. That’s not an insinuation, that’s a fact, that we’ve been watching the women that are like us die for this year, and we’re fucking exhausted, honestly, and it isn’t fair. 

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s an attack. If Bill does die, then it’s not Moffat hurting us deliberately, I’d actually be fairly certain that it would mean while he knew how important representation was, he wasn’t deeply enough involved in the community to know about the problematic trope, you know? 

Moffat’s intentions are good, extremely good, but we know that they don’t always pan out in the right way, and I’m just worried that this might be one of those times. Dude ain’t perfect, after all. 

He might be one of only two straight white cis male writers I trust (the other is Chuck Wendig), but he’s still, you know… that. Fuck ups happen. I just… hope in this case they don’t. 

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Hi! I'm a newer Who fan and I've just seen World Enough and Time. If I wanted to watch any past eps with mondasian cybermen, would you have any recommendations?

The essential one, really, is The Tenth Planet. That’s the one that establishes all the mythology World Enough and Time is engaging with, and the only one to use the design that World Enough and Time revives.

Beyond that, there’s plenty of classic Cybermen serials to choose from. My personal favorite is The Invasion, which is on the long side but tremendously enjoyable. Tomb of the Cybermen is often considered a foundational serial for the Cybermen, as well, though it’s also fairly racist.

I’d say those three should be a good starting point if you want to get acquainted with the originals!

One of the reasons the original Cybermen are so creepy and the later ones aren’t is, well, look at them. They don’t just look like shiny robots—the traces of their humanity are very obvious. And there’s something far more horrifying about one of those creatures saying “this is what we want to turn you into” than a cool, sleek robot saying it. Because let’s be honest, being a cool robot doesn’t sound all that bad—even the no emotions part might seem like a plus to some people. But when one of these guys stands before you and claims to be superior—to have improved themself—the horror and tragedy is immediately apparent.