As Japan’s official representative mascot for this year’s World Cup, Pikachu is spreading the excitement in these cute items from Takara Tomy too! 
All due out in mid May, some of them are up for preorder on Amazon JP.
There’s various plush (even the special Pikachu on the bottom left that can ride on your shoulder, like it does in the anime) and a special MonColle figure  and soccer ball Pokeball! Prices range between around $10 and $20

The high street needs to stop repeating itself

Thanks to Keeps Workshop for putting me onto this piece. It’s summing up how I feel about men’s fashion of late.

I recently completed two things. I finished the fifth anniversary issue of Monocle and booked a summer holiday. There’s something to be said about planning a holiday early, it gives you something to look forward to and you can organise your holiday wardrobe in plenty of time. With the magazine done and a daily lunch hour temporarily reinstated, I decided to head to the high street and check out the new season’s collections.

Sadly, it was a disappointment. And clearly nothing new. The high street today feels like it has been monopolised by the same creative team. Is there a checklist that has to be adhered to? Plaid shirts, Pantone-picked sweatshirts, semi-smart trainers and chinos in every colour, displayed with the ever abundant roll-up.

This Ivy League meets Japanese pop style has been with us for several years now. And that’s a problem if you want something different.

When Gap, Uniqlo and H&M all come to the same conclusion about how men want to look, choice becomes limited. I wonder how did the US, Japan and Sweden become so creatively aligned?

Stores no longer have distinct identities. Benetton used to have ownership of bright cashmere sweaters. You can now pick them up anywhere. Gap used to hold a large share of the jeans and chinos market, but now every store has their own lines. They’re available in any colour, length or cut. As long as they’re rolled up.

During my high street trawl I noticed in one shoe department that Prada was also making a type of smart trainer: a new suede, low-top bootie. How out of place it looked next to their old Prada Sport-influenced rubberised shoes.

If the high-fashion houses adopt high street trends instead of setting them, we’ll have an even more exasperated state of repetition. The men who may spend more, and are perhaps older, will end up cloning the younger high street shopper. The age demographic will expand between 15 to 50-year-olds. Dressing your age will be made meaningless, as teenagers and middle-aged dads borrow each others’ clothes.

Maybe it isn’t all bad. As an overall style, preppy is smarter than M&S with socks and sandals. So the British male may be in a better place than, say, 10 years ago. But I think any decent high street ought to be able to offer some variety.

I’m not sure what it is I want. I just know it’s not on Oxford Street

Richard Spencer Powell is creative director of Monocle.


Purim gets Ash and Serena Mon Collé - Amourshipping Edition!

You might wanna go find the other post if you haven’t seen it yet. This will just be me dorking around with the figures to make shippy moments.

HERE WE GO! (No Read More this time!)

Serena sneaks a glace while Ash is cheering.

“Serena, are you alright?”

“I’m fine now, Ash…”

“Ash! You can’t push yourself like that!”

“I’ll be fine, Serena. Don’t worry!”

(Probably the hardest one to take)

Serena holds PIkachu while Ash pets Fennekin’s tail.

Ash is worn out, so Serena let’s him nap on her lap.

One more picture…

“Serena will you…?”



Pictures from the latest issue of Pokemon Fan!

Here is a breakdown of news, from top to bottom:

All Monster Collection (Moncolle) Figures - March release (includes Mega Evo packs, monster ball sets, super size figures and normal size, with Mew!)

Candy figures - release beginning of March

Attack Kids - release beginning of April

The new Pokedolls coming out March 1st were previously announced but they look so cute, I included them. I love little Pancham!

Bonus picture of a Dedenne pumpkin pudding!

Breaking news! Alongside the global release date of November 18, 2016, The Pokemon Company also announced a special preorder bonus for the Japanese versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon! Collaborating with Takara-Tomy’s Monster Collection line of Pokemon figures, Japanese players who preorder either Sun or Moon at select stores will be able to receive a MonColle figure of either Rowlet (モクロー), Litten (ニャビー), or Popplio (アシマリ), and players who preorder both versions will receive all three figures! Will Nintendo of America bring this promotion over to US shores? Only time will tell.