New Takara TOMY products showing up!

Vol. 7 of Moncolle GET figures, featuring Meowth, Marowak and Sandslash (Kanto + Alola) will be released in April, 2017. The whole set will cost 2 500 yen.

Moncolle Pikachu Z move and Alolan Raichu Z move have been releaved! These will be released on April 22nd, 2017. Each figure will cost about 1 300 yen.

The talking Rotom Dex plush will be 29cm in height. It will be released on April 29th, 2017, for a price of 3 200 yen. Also a new Pikachu clip on has been revealed! This time with the hat Ash wears in the Sun & Moon anime. The plush will be 11cm in height. Release date is April 22nd, 2017, and the plush will retail at 2 100 yen.


As Japan’s official representative mascot for this year’s World Cup, Pikachu is spreading the excitement in these cute items from Takara Tomy too! 
All due out in mid May, some of them are up for preorder on Amazon JP.
There’s various plush (even the special Pikachu on the bottom left that can ride on your shoulder, like it does in the anime) and a special MonColle figure  and soccer ball Pokeball! Prices range between around $10 and $20


Pictures from the latest issue of Pokemon Fan!

Here is a breakdown of news, from top to bottom:

All Monster Collection (Moncolle) Figures - March release (includes Mega Evo packs, monster ball sets, super size figures and normal size, with Mew!)

Candy figures - release beginning of March

Attack Kids - release beginning of April

The new Pokedolls coming out March 1st were previously announced but they look so cute, I included them. I love little Pancham!

Bonus picture of a Dedenne pumpkin pudding!