moncks corner south carolina

One of my favorite places on the planet, Biggin Church, in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, as you can see, there are only two walls left standing of the church, the colorful history of this church is long, the church parrish was founded in 1706 and a log church building was first built here on this sight in 1712, in 1756 the church burned during a forest fire and was replaced with a brick church in 1761, the walls that remain are said to be the shell of the 1761 building along with modifications and some replaced bricks from its restoration after being burned by the British in July 1781 under Colonel Coates, the British were said to have housed their ammunitions here after they took control of Charleston, and only burned it when they were in retreat from the patriots, this church and area were developed by many of the French Huguenot settlers in the area coming from Cordesville and Huger, South Carolina, and of course the other settlers of the area, many of the prominent families of the area worshipped here and continued to until shortly after the Civil War, during the war, all the interior wood was removed and sadly left to ruins, and even more sad, in 1886 another forest fire burned the church again, after this, locals in the area began to take apart the building to use the bricks for their own homes and uses, which is why it is reduced to its current state