A brutal hate crime at a NYC restaurant was caught on film — and the victims are looking for help 

Friends of two gay men who were the victims of a vicious assault at a New York Dallas BBQ restaurant Wednesday night are asking for help identifying the homophobic assailants responsible.

The assault, which took place in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, was caught on video and uploaded to Instagram. The video captures the moment when one of the assailants chose to smash a wooden chair on the two patrons’ heads. The attacker seen in the video matches the description police gave to Mashable of “a 35-year-old, 6-foot, 4-inch black male." 

The incident began after the alleged assailant was heard using a homophobic slur. (Warning: The video is graphic.)

More than 400 marijuana plants found in South Austin house

AUSTIN (KVUE) – Police found more than 400 marijuana plants in a South Austin home on Tuesday.

Police said they located a total of 439 plants in a bust on Alexandria Drive, west of Brodie Lane. The house is a rental property with no one living inside, and neighbors said they didn’t smell or see anything suspicious, but police said it was a sophisticated operation.

If any of these financial institutions were to fail again, the taxpayers of this country would be on the hook for another bailout, perhaps even larger than the last,” said Sanders. “We must not allow that to happen. No single financial institution should be so large that its failure would cause catastrophic risk to millions of Americans or to our nation’s wellbeing.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential candidate 

Bernie Sanders proposes breaking up ‘too big to fail’ banks


Some excerpts from Motor Chronicles, my ongoing project with Matthew Gentiempo, have been published in the new issue of Sugar & Rice. Above are some, not all, of the layouts in the mag. Matthew and I started this work on somewhat of a whim, using outtakes from respective projects we had been working on. I’ve likened Motor Chronicles to a photographic equivalent of a split ep. But it’s grown into something more; it’s our love letter to the western road, completely unapologetic, inspired heavily by Wim Wenders, who made Paris, TX in the year of Matthew’s and my birth in our home state. After our exhibition of this work last fall, Matthew and I have decided to make this project into a book. We still have a lot of shooting to do, but keep your eyes open for this publication in another year and a half or so. (Big thanks to Tyler and the folks at Sugar & Rice.) 

Ninety Three Marijuana Dispensaries in Vancouver Identified by CBC

(CBC) About 40 per cent of Vancouver’s marijuana businesses are less than 300 metres away from city schools and community centres — putting them in violation of the city’s proposed regulation on pot dispensaries.

The city released its list of 84 marijuana-related businesses operating within Vancouver on Friday, but admitted the list may not be complete.

The city initially denied a request to provide a comprehensive list, so last week CBC compiled one of its own. The disclosure comes as Vancouver announces it is looking at new rules to regulate the booming retail marijuana business, including a $30,000 licensing fee to help recover the cost of enforcement.

“In the last two years, the city has seen a rapid growth rate of 100 per cent per year in marijuana-related businesses … [going] from 60 to 80 in the last four months alone,” the city said in a statement.

While medical marijuana shops have become commonplace in Vancouver in recent years, there is little in the way of regulations to control them, the statement said.


Music Video Premiere: “We All Float Down Here” - Four Year Strong

Sam Heughan Nominated for Saturn Awards!!!

This year’s winners will be announced at the 41st Annual Saturn Awards which takes place on June 25, 2015.

Sam was nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series’ and Outlander was also nominated for ‘Best Limited Run Television Series’.

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anonymous asked:

Still no news about DGS and western release? ;^; (I saw this post sayin' that it was coming out but… the source was this gaming web too. (;.;) )

Still no news, unfortunately.

That said: a Capcom rep did just comment on the series yesterday in an Ask-Capcom thread:

Sorry, we can’t share specific sales data, BUT we are very aware of the series’ avid fan following here in the west and are appreciative of all the support. The feedback is valuable and is definitely kept in consideration as we plan for the brand in the west. Take heart.

Ace Attorney is, at the very least, not completely forgotten.  Which is a low bar, but it’s better than nothing.

On June 1st, certain provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire. Part of this includes section 215, which allows federal investigators to obtain “any tangible things (including books, records, papers, documents and other items),” as long as the records are sought “in connection with” a terror investigation. And there’s a lot more to it. Read more by clicking the link in our bio.

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Portman, who was born in Israel, also took the time to sound off on Israeli politics, explaining that she is no fan of the country’s recently re-elected prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As she put it, “I am very, very upset and disappointed that he was re-elected. I find his racist comments horrific.” Still, she says she doesn’t want to misuse her platform to speak ill of Israel. “I feel like there’s some people who become prominent, and then it’s out in the foreign press,” she added. “You know, shit on Israel. I do not. I don’t want to do that.”

Portman spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her Israeli-language directorial debut, “A Tale of Love and Darkness”