I think you just kind of always knew that there was something more. I don’t think that that ever really changed. I just think that you just kind of acknowledge it or you don’t, you know? And it changes when you acknowledge it.


“ I couldn’t have made this album without Cory. I finished it in June. He heard every song, except for Cannonball and If you say so. And everything… I listen to the album now, and I think ‘Oh, those drums are in there because he said to raise them at that point, and he suggested this.’ Every week I would record the songs, I would come home and we would go into our car, cause it had the best soundsystem, and we would listen and we would like, take notes. He really helped me with the record so so so much." 

With the one year anniversary of Cory’s death coming up very soon, I felt like the best thing I could do was a tribute piece.

This picture is made completely from type, using Cory’s picture from The Quarterback album. The picture itself consists of lyrics from Lea’s song, “If You Say So”.

Update:  I’ve made the design into a print. A portion of proceeds will go to Project Limelight and the Cory Monteith Memorial Fund. 

Thanks so much for all the notes. It’s really encouraging.