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just tbh the fact thor: ragnarok was shunned by awarding bodies bc of the belief they hold that superhero movies aren’t as credible or hold as important a message as straight dramas is actually indicative of how outdated the Hollywood critics are.

Thor as a trilogy was a huge argument against hereditary monarchy as a political system, with Ragnarok being the spectacular climax of that. It was a call out to imperialism, showing how any great powers haven’t got there without blood on their hands, and you can’t cover that up if you want to grow, you have to face the truths of your past. It also demonstrates a major flaw in hereditary monarchy, which is that sometimes the best leader is not a part of the descendency - in this case Heimdall.

The film also ends, with the hero a man without a home. His home literally destroyed by tyranny and hellfire, he and his people looking for somewhere to seek refuge. Somewhere new they can call home - an interesting position to put your hero in, in a world where refugee is to many, a dirty word.

It also has an interesting commentary on the treatment of veterans when you look at Valkyrie. She gave everything for her land, lost everything for her land, and her land gave her very little in return. Which is tragically a reality many veterans face after returning from war.

But it wasn’t a heavy movie, all these socio-political commentaries were happening, but the film was a laugh a minute from the moment it started. The action sequences some of the best Marvel have ever produced. The visuals of this movie were extraordinary, again some of the best Marvel have ever produced. The soundtrack was finally memorable, something Marvel hadn’t really managed up to that point.

Everything about Ragnarok is awards worthy, and if it had been anything but a superhero movie it would have been nominated for them, and Taika would have without question been nominated for best director. So uhh, let me know when the awarding bodies are dragged into 2018 with the rest of us yeah?

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(1) I’m not quite sure how long this gets but I’m trying to make it short: in my fictional world there are four countries. All are supposed to be monarchies. The first is absolute with an emperor/empress ruling, supported by his/her vassals as advisers. /This may sound dull, but it is actually really fleshed out as it is where my MC comes from. The second one is a nomad country: families send people to councils who send people to tribes who send people to the Racha (king) so everyone will be

(2) less) satisfied. The other two… well I ran out of ideas. I would like one country more religion centred and be based off Celtics – but I don’t know anything about their politics. And another one focused on economy. But how do I do this? Any help? If you’ve got any other suggestions how to build an interesting monarchy (constitutional/absolute) I’ll be glad to hear about them. 

To begin with, there are six Celtic nations: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man. One is an independent nation, one is part of France, and the other four are part of the UK -that means they have quite a variation in their political systems.

However, allow me to take a few liberties with this. When you say ‘religion-centred and based off the Celts’, I’m going to assume that you mean something based off the popular cultural idea of Druids (though do come back and correct me if I’m wrong). If I combine this with the fact that you want all of your countries to be monarchies, I’m going to suggest a theocracy.

A theocracy is a nation where all authority is divined from God or another religious figure, and are often ruled by a sole monarch-style figure. This can be seen in Iran, which is technically a theocratic republic, but is headed by the Ayatollah, a scholar of Islamic law who had wide-ranging powers across the state and is more powerful than Iran’s elected President. Simplifying and modifying this concept, you could have a nation wherein all power is divined from a god/dess figure or perhaps nature itself, with courts that run along laws/holy rules that have been ‘handed down’ by the divine figure. Your monarch figure could come in the form of a supreme religious ruler, who makes all the important decisions as an absolute monarch would and is both backed up by and chosen by the priesthood of the dominant religion.

Since all your countries are monarchies, I’m going to take another liberty is assuming we’re in the usual pseudo-Middle Ages fantasy time period here. As such, for you economy-based system, I’m going to suggest a Merchant Council. In a country where commerce and wealth are venerated, the wealthiest men and women (landowners, owners of big businesses, merchants etc.) could be the ones directly in charge of the country. Strict ledgers are kept on everyone’s wealth, and, say, the wealthiest three hundred people get to take seats in the House/Parliament, with the richest twelve or so forming the Merchant Council (the executive, or supreme ruling body). The Merchant Council could rule absolutely and merely consult with the larger body, or laws could be created by the larger body and passed/modified by the Merchant Council: really, it’s all up to you! If you need a monarch-style figure you could have the Merchant Council elect a supreme leader among themselves, or elect a Speaker of sorts to negotiate/deal with the other nations on their behalf. (Hint: as an economics student as well as a politics student, I really really love the idea of Merchant Councils and the like).

With regards to constitutional/absolute monarchies, this post may help. But on how to make an interesting monarchy? Here are some tips:

  • Think logically: how did this system arise? The US has a strong system of checks and balances because they wanted to prevent the autocratic rule found in Europe at the time. Likewise, a nation full of atheists isn’t going to want to live in a theocracy: it would take a religious populace or a hell of a lot of oppression for that to fly.
  • Think out of the box: I think you’ve largely got this covered with your four different systems, but they are all inherently still monarchies. So differentiate! Instead of four monarchs, you’ve got a more generic absolute Emperor/Empress system, a Racha perhaps beholden to the views of their people via the tribal election system, a religious figurehead and the Speaker of a Merchant Council. On this point I think you’re doing pretty dang well so far, but it’s always something to consider!
  • Think rivals: does the Emperor have a backstabbing, power-snatching little sibling? Is their another religious faction inside the theocracy that disagree with or hate the current ruler? A young upstart making their millions and trying to worm their way into the longstanding Merchant Council membership? There is always dissent within a state, and not everyone will agree with the system. And even when they do agree with the system, they might want to snatch power for themselves
  • Think people: finally, it’s often the people that make the system shine. A charismatic, popular leader can get a lot more done than someone widely loathed and/or with the personality of a damp dishrag. Maybe your Empress has a particularly clever adviser whose intellect sparkles like a rare jewel, or your Racha has a troublesome faction that they spend half their time trying to control. Whatever your political system, it really it the people in it that will bring it alive.

Hope that answers your questions! If you need any more help, feel free to come back for more!

“You can’t ship the Paladins/Allura with the Galra! It’s imperialist, colonialist, oppressive & racist! All the Galra are evil, they’re adults, they should know better than to genocide!”

- Keith is a mixed Galra. Are you saying that it’s x-ist for a person to be in a relationship with someone with the same ethnicity as they are? Does he only count as Galra when being shipped with Allura, but not with Lance or other Galra?

Why the hell are all these “Altean Lance x Galra Keith” AUs perfectly fine but Kallura is “EVIL OPPRESSIVE GARBAGE”?

- You heard it from the antis, folks. If you’re at war with another race, you can’t marry one of the people from that race. Guess that means that all American/North Korean & American/Middle Eastern marriages are no longer legit. They are OPPRESSIVE & ABUSIVE & RACIST.

(Does this mean that Lord Pastel Lance’s mere existence is oppression??? ^ Half Chinese & Half Taiwanese)

- Also all mixed race people are now considered oppressors. (Except when they’re not.)

- The Galra were clearly shown to have a caste system & a monarchy which lasted for many years even BEFORE the 10,000 years that Emperor Zombie Zarkon ruled. Blaytz could not even chat with a Galra servant without being criticized for being “inappropriate”. Why would the Galra “know any better”?

-> The Original Paladins were even shown to be fighting each other for GENERATIONS before they came to a diplomatic agreement & became friends, so politics were NOT at all stable back then either. Without Voltron, their bonds would have been gradually weakened by their responsibilities to their own planets/systems/people & old generation-long conflicts that were never fully resolved, thus leading to more clashing politics, internal conflicts & the Other Reality “Altea-Galra-Names of the races of the other Paladins that we never got” War.

File name is literally “And_in_some_cases,_had_been_warring_for_generations” Blaytz is clearly shown using Altean weaponry here, so the Alteans were DEFINITELY involved in this war in some way. They weren’t peace-loving monks like the Air Nomads. (Did everyone forget in s1 when Allura said that even Altean CHILDREN were trained to fight gladiators drones?)

-> As mentioned above, ALL the races had been at war, some for GENERATIONS. They all grew up hearing & seeing their parents & their grandparents & their great-grandparents trying to kill off the other races for their entire lives up until recently! Rulers being best friends does not suddenly erase years of political tensions & war between people! Why would the Galra or even the Other Reality Alteans “know any better”? They would not have seen each other as people, just as enemies.

^They had literally less than even HALF of a generation (Allura’s lifespan + the years before she was born, even if it’s an alien generation & not a human one, that’s still like what? Less than 50 years?) to get used to peace & even then, their “peace” was degrading to something more like “non-hostile low-contact” tensions near the end.

You know that your diplomacy is turning into shit when it’s been years since your leaders last visited each other. (Especially when they both have warping tech).

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Crusher’s Sonic Intelligence Tier List

Lately I’ve been making up my own tier list in regards to how intelligent the Sonic cast is, as it’s an interesting thing to think about in my opinion. So now that it’s done, I’m gonna show my list to you guys and see what you think. Obviously not every character in the game universe is listed since that would take forever, and there were a few other characters who I wasn’t sure about.

What do you agree on? What do you disagree on? Or do you have your own intelligence tier list you would like to share? All responses are welcome. :)

Robotnik - Obviously.

Gerald - I realise that Ivo himself considered Gerald to be the greatest mind there ever was at the time of Adventure 2, and yeah, I can see why. However, I think the doctor’s own achievements - and the sheer amount of said achievements - have surpassed his grandaddy’s by THIS point in the series at least. (Also, Gerald’s dead, so it doesn’t matter either way.) All the same, Gerald was a very gifted man to have created a lifeform like Shadow, as well as other accomplishments like the Artificial Chaos and the Space Colony A.R.K. Especially when you remember that he lived during a time in which the world as a whole was much less advanced.

Tails - How many kids do you know who can create different types of highly advanced contraptions and vehicles like it’s nothing? Let alone fake Chaos Emeralds?

- Her engineering prowess speaks for itself.

Rouge - Comes with the job. An expert in infiltration and hacking, a master of deception, and an expert treasure hunter. Given how she explained Soleanna’s monarchy system to Shadow at the drop of a hat, that would also indicate she’s well read and capable of remembering a large amount of info.

Blaze - More to do with implication, but she did once ask Tails if he can build a device that scans and analyses plasma and electromagnetic signals, in a tone that implied she knew what she was talking about.

Sonic - Being able to avoid obstacles and fellow citizens with no issue at such insane speeds would imply that Sonic has a sharp mind and thought process. He’s also been shown on numerous occasions to adapt very quickly to unfamiliar situations, and his advice is usually profound in it’s simplicity.

Shadow - He doesn’t always have it right, but most of the time he’ll figure out what’s going on pretty quickly. And since the Black Arms incident, he’s also been wise to villainous trickery.

Erazor - Played his cards right from start to finish. Didn’t really make any especially stupid decisions, and made great use of what he had to work with.

Metal Sonic - Another one born out of implication, but given how he was created to be a match for Sonic in every way, I would assume Metal is just as clever as the real deal. He was pretty sharp in the OVA at least.

Merlina - She managed to keep Sonic distracted from her plan for long enough, all the while doing a competent job at portraying herself as a helpless bystander.

Zavok - He had a simple plan, but it was an effective one. He was also good at rolling with the punches whenever things didn’t go his way. Definitely the most intelligent of the Deadly Six. (Aside from maybe Master Zik, but that’s up for debate.)

Vector - Despite his occasionally bumbling attitude, he’s still the brains of the Chaotix at the end of the day, and his deduction skills have proven to be accurate most of the time. (Note how he correctly guessed that someone was pulling the Time Eater’s strings.)

- He may be incredibly gullible, but he also knows a lot about ancient history, and like Rouge, he’s a very skilled treasure hunter.

Espio - Maybe he should be higher, but we haven’t seen much to know for sure…

Amy - Can be ditzy at times, but generally has a good amount of common sense, and despite the lack of focus on it, her skill with tarot cards would add further evidence to her being far from stupid.

Marine - She was able to create a decent ship in spite of her boisterous personality.

Cream - Naturally her youthful innocence makes her a little naive, but she’s still prone to surprising moments of insightfulness.

Big - Some fans might think he should be lower, but one of the themes with Big is that he’s simple, not dumb (something Bioware clearly forgot, despite hyping their Big up as being more intelligent than SEGA’s Big). And given how we’ve seen him do things like piloting the Tornado - a plane he was unfamiliar with - without any obvious trouble, he may be more on-the-ball than most fans give him credit for.

- He probably isn’t that stupid overall, but aside from his legitimate hoverboard skills, his arrogance makes him out to be a bit of a fool more often than not. Usually more bark than bite.

Silver - Despite his incredible powers and competence with using said powers, he’s proven to be very foolish, and doesn’t often plan things out that well.

Charmy - He has to be somewhat competent to still be working with the Chaotix, but he’s generally an airhead.

Storm - Clueless individual in general. Mostly a yes-man through and through.

- Total muppet.

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I have trouble sympathizing with most of the characters in ASOIAF, because none of them represent an ideology I can get behind. Starks are better than Boltons, Stannis is better than Cersei, but they are all unelected hereditary authoritarians. When choosing between 1. Hitler, 2. Stalin and 3. Mussolini, I'd reluctantly go with Mussolini, but I'd much rather choose 4. LEAVE THE PLANET. I don't care who wins the game of thrones. The only winning move is not to play.

I totally get that. GRRM had Tyrion muse on the inherent backwardness of democracy for a reason; we’re never supposed to forget how these characters conceive of power. However, I don’t think that’s an appropriate analogy. Hitler became chancellor as a result of parliamentary politics in the wake of his party doing very well in an election, and none of those three can be called “hereditary” rulers. I’m not remotely saying that this makes popular elections a bad thing, just that I don’t think it’s wise to assume that elections will prevent monsters from rising to power. I’d also argue that it was a very, very good thing for Westeros and in particular the smallfolk of the North that Mance, who didn’t rely on heredity in the least to win his crown, got his ass kicked by Stannis, the avatar of hereditary rule. 

I would also push back on the idea that there are no values in Westeros’ social/political model worth defending: “I charge you to be brave, I charge you to be just, I charge you to defend the young and innocent.” Now, of course, The System itself often fails to reflect those values, but we do see individuals live up to them, and that’s an ideology I can get behind. Take Edmure, for example: “My people. They were afraid.” Or Brienne: “No chance, and no choice.” Or Dunk: “a knight who remembered his vows.” Or, perhaps above all, Davos: “a king protects his people, or he is no king at all.” 

And speaking of the onion knight, allow me to make the case for the one true king. He raised a peasant-born smuggler to knighthood and then lordship, consistently included him in his councils specifically to get the perspective of someone outside the nobility, and is prepared to “make new lords” alongside him. He not only rode to the defense of the realm when no other king would, but after defeating the wildlings so as to eliminate the immediate threat to the North, his next move was to welcome them through the Wall, believing it his duty to defend them from the Others. So, yeah, I too am not fond of hereditary monarchy as a system of governance. However, I think people often miss that Stannis possesses some genuinely radical politics, especially for someone in his position and with his background. Davos, of course, had to convince Stannis to sail to the Wall…but Davos was only in the position to do that because Stannis raised him up, and Stannis specifically made Davos his Hand because Davos will tell Stannis what he does not want to hear, but needs to. And this “a king who still cared” side of him is rooted in his empathy for the downtrodden and defenseless: “When I was a lad I found an injured goshawk and nursed her back to health. Proudwing, I named her.” The difference between that on the one hand, and Cersei and Tywin on the other, is significantly more than the difference between Hitler and Mussolini.

Finally, I don’t think “not playing” is actually an option. Every action is political. 

Ken Penders and how his misinformed view of how monarchies work ruined not only what could have been a good au story but also Sonally

*profanity warning*

Now, just to preface as you may have gathered from my current icon and some of my art, I primarily ship Sonamy, however that does not mean that I hate Sally or Sonally, as a matter of fact I really like Sally as a character, she subverts some of the typical princess tropes (which I’ll get to later) and her relationship with Sonic, especially in SatAm is really fun to watch, they bounce off of each other so well. 

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GoT Season 7 Rant

Everyone mad at Daenarys for using her Dragons on a battlefield in wartime, or using them to gain the fealty of her enemies doesn’t know how war works and definitely doesn’t know the point of a fantasy styled as a period piece (GoT is heavily rooted in the Tudor Wars)

Daenarys isn’t the mad Queen because she executes those who disobey her, that’s the nature of the day. This is a period where the enemy you let live one day returns with an army for revenge or hires mercenaries to kill you, or tries to have you poisoned, or organises a coup against you. Any opposition has to be resolved as it appears. Dany cannot afford to let anyone escape even for the sake of being a revolutionary.

Furthermore, the measuring stick we use for revolutionaries in our day is nothing like what would be required in a world like Westeros. You’re not going to get a pacifist, you’re not going to get a communist, you’re barely getting a capitalist in the current semi monarchial/mercantilist system, you’re not going to get a queen who destroys the patriarchy, who destroys the model of the heteronormative nuclear family, who is anti war and anti nuclear. (dragons are essentially the nuclear option)

You’re getting a queen who was born at the cusp of the end of her family’s dominance, who was denied a normal childhood by her father’s enemies, who stopped at nothing to try and kill her for fear of what she might do to avenge her family, let alone herself. She’s got plenty of trauma and pressure shaping her tactics, and regardless of who gives her input, her soul will always win out. She has a need for security and stability that is beyond a civilians need because she was denied normalcy at every turn.

Despite her struggle she is still Westeros’ best chance at revolutionary movement in politics and economics. She’s not concerned with what Westeros thinks it needs, she’s arguably grown up in a worse system where people are openly treated as property instead of the subtle implications of ownership and rigid social structure in Westerosi society. Against her better judgment she’s tried to be patient with the status quo, allowing her advisors to grant boons to her enemies in the name of peace and the greater good, entertaining potential rivals in hopes of bringing hostilities to an end.

Unlike Cersei, who could care less about warfare and is more concerned with the idea of power than the maintenance of it, Daenarys actively invests in those around her and when all other options are exhausted she resorts to violence as a means of showing how far she’s willing to go to win the throne. She could’ve launched an attack on kings landing with all 3 dragons and caught everyone off guard, ended the war and torched all her enemies. She could be like every other Targaryen and yet even when let loose to do what she wanted, she showed restraint. She allowed Jon to give an opinion but ultimately she went off on her own with no promises made to be merciful and she was anyways.

Y'all don’t give her enough credit and its annoying. What Daenarys can achieve with her court of misfits and rejects, bastards and undesirables, so called savages and former slaves is every bit as revolutionary as you think she’s not being. Everyone in her corner is an advocate for a better system. Maybe not a drastic change overnight but a definite change from the existing norm.

We only ever hear about the great or terrible monarchs, not the average ones. It imparts an unbalanced view of history that makes monarchy seem hit or miss. We never learn about the vast majority of monarchs because they were average, run-of-the-mill leaders; they did nothing great and nothing terrible. What they did achieve was stability for their domain, and if there’s one attribute monarchy has over other systems, it’s long term stability.

Imagine Solangelo in a Price/servent AU

•So Nico is a prince, the son of King Hades

•Lets pretend it’s modern day, but in a world where the old English Monarchy system is universal and the kings and queens actually have power

•And arranged marriages are still a thing

•Nico is engaged to Princess Reyna from another province

•(Jason and Percy are also royalty and are familier with Nico cuz of royal balls and shit)

•So Nico gets injured really badly and has to go to the infirmary where he befriends the grumpy medical assistant (Will)

•And after Nico is healed he keep finding excuses to go visit Will cuz he’s kind of lonely

•They become really close and hang out a lot

• Eventually someone finds out they are friends and tells Nico to stop fraternizing with the lower class

•Then after Nico’s birthday Hades starts preparing for Nico’s and Reynas wedding

•And Nico is freaking out a little bit because he’s only met this girl once or twice (and maybe is scared to admit that he might have a little crush on Will)

•So Reyna arrives at the palace with her army of servents and her royal family

• Turns out she and Nico get along really well and become good friends (although Will is still his best friend)

•But just before the wedding Nico gets in a really horrible accident and has to stay in bed for like a month or two, so they postpone it

•And who does Nico chose to be his personal assistant? Will, of course

•So as Nico is recovering they slowly fall in love

•Both of them are scared to admit anything, Will because he thinks Nico will hate him and exile him for being a freak. Nico’s scared because his father won’t like it and he’s supposed to marry a woman to have heirs

•So they go on in awkward flirting until the day before the wedding

•And they’re saying their goodbyes (cuz Nico is going to have to go live in his own castle with Reyna until he becomes king)

•So Nico is like “fuck it” and just grabs Will and kisses him and they kiss until they hear someone coming to get Nico for the wedding and they have to say goodbye

•And then it’s time for the wedding and Nico doesn’t really have any other choice to go through with it

•Just before the wedding Reyna is like “hey, I’m gay and in love with this girl and I saw you kiss Will but I won’t tell anyone”

•And Nico is like “well, what can we do we’ve gotta get married”

• So they go to Hades and tell him “call off the wedding, we’re gay”

•And Hades is like, “shit, it’s too late. You guys gotta get married, but you don’t have to have kids or even live together. I’ll let you be with whoever you want as long as you keep it a secret and occasionally pose for the press”

• And Nico and Reyna are like “cool beans” and they get married and move to a castle and Will gets to date Nico and everyone is happy

•The end

If you think the best thing Mon El ever said was “I can see why Kara loves you” all of your points against him are null and void

Because you absolutely and completely ignore true irrevocable character development and growth so blatant you can see it from space.

From 2x07:

“[About his bravery and being a hero] Yeah well any uh, any courage I do have iIlearned it from you.”

From 2x08:

“I’m also thankful for you, Kara, uhm, because not only are you understanding, you’re also gracious. Out of everybody who could’ve found me in that pod, I am the luckiest guy in the world that it was you.”

From 2x09:

“I, about getting involved. And then I saw you with those people and, you know there wasn’t much to inspire me on Daxam.”

“He [the Prince, himself] wasn’t worth admiring. But I wanna be. So, that’s the next thing, uh, I’ve made a decision. Um, I wanna be a superhero. Like you. With a name, and an outfit, and maybe a cape.”

“No I wanna, I wanna get my hands dirty, you know like, I wanna do something.”

“I don’t want easy. I want a heavy cape. I wanna help you keep the world spinning. To prove that I was spared for a reason.”

From 2x10:

“And I’ve never seen anyone so stunning.”

“I’m not here to change your mind. Kay I get, I get that you don’t care about me. But not in the same way. And that’s good, that’s fine, it’s okay. You know just, just keep working with me.”

“Just keep being my partner.”

From 2x14:

Kara getting the phone call about Cadmus having the list of aliens on Earth after her crap day, and her saying ‘we get up’ his supportive “Yeah we do.”

From 2x15:

“You are the most moral person I know. So if you think it’s the right thing to do it is.”

“Yeah? You know who else does [helps people]? Supergirl.”

“Hey, you have so much to offer this world. So don’t let Snapper or anyone else tell you differently.”

From 2x16:

“I’m happy you’re happy.”

“It’ll be more of the same [their life on Daxam]. I think about our life there and it, it makes me ill. I detest who I was. I was ignorant and blind to those around me, and letting myself be propped up at the expense of our people. And I’m tired of being served. And I’m tired of taking the easy way out. And I’m done being your prince.”

“No, Mother, that woman is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The best thing I know.”

“[She] makes me the person that I want to be.”

“If this is about the people, then some things have to change. One day I will become King, and I wanna be a different kind of King. And why not start now? Why not rebuild our kingdom better than it was and make justice available for everyone? And get rid of rank, and, and make it so everyone’s voice is heard equally.”

“We have a chance to start again, Father. So why should we go and just recreate the same broken system as before?”

From 2x17:

“No. Wait hold, I’ll go with you. Whatever you want I’ll, I’ll go back to Daxam, I’ll be your Prince. Just stop hurting her. You have my word.”

You ignore his support. You ignore his want to be a better person. 

You ignore him BEING a better person.

He stated that he wanted to rebuild Daxam to be better. Wanted to stop everything that Every. Single. Hater. criticized him for. The Slavery. The Monarchies. The Caste system. The injustice. 

But all of that isn’t as important as him commenting on why Kara loves her best friend. Because it doesn’t support a ship.

But sure, yeah…Mon El’s quotes about wanting to make things better aren’t the most important thing he’s ever said…“I can see why Kara loves you” is…

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Just a matter of decorum with the times, sir. You represent more than the Opelucid people now. Your strength is the nation’s strength and they need to see you as a symbol of a united Unova.

Concept sketches of former Prince Draidendra the Dragonborn ie. Drayden Nagendra, the Spartan Mayor of Opelucid City. 

“SIR NO” is the battlecry/his nickname from every one of his personal assistants ever, as is “Oh God.” from various politicians drawing straws to see who gets to confront him with something which goes against his principles. 

The Nagendra clan was instrumental in Unova’s rebellion against Kanto’s colonialism and he was there to see his mother, Tiamat Nagendra change the monarchy system of Opelucid to a democracy for her people in the outcome of their independence. He spent several years living as a normal citizen, until the people of Opelucid saw fit to elect him as their mayor and he has served them ever since. 

The Homeland Defense Commitee wanted to elect him as one of the Elite Four, however he was adamant not to leave Opelucid City where he was still carrying out his duties as mayor, nominating the more free-spirited Alder (A good friend since the days of the war) as a substitute instead and they came to an agreement that he would run their highest-ranked gym in the city itself. 

He’s got a reputation for being a hard taskmaster who takes 0.000% of your shit—House Nagendra is pretty martial and has no place for weakness, if you weren’t strong in body that was fine as long as you were strong in heart/will—however he is fair and just as far as Unovan leaders come and is much-beloved by his people. 

He’s Indian-Gorkha in this version (and is speaking Nepali to his dergan ie. “ARE YOU TIRED YET?”)

friend in a nice developed country on a chat with me: My waiter didn’t get me a straw for my milkshake and when I had to ask for it, of all things, and when I took a sip it was waaaay too watery to be a milkshake like, ugh! I gagged! What a cruel world I live in!

me, living in a faraway Asian country with one of the highest teen pregnancy and crime rates, a corrupt government that literally beats its civilians to death and makes cover ups about it on the weekly, with a stumbling, shaking monarchy system, I was sick last week from air pollution and literally got pick-pocketed this morning and watched my cousin punch the shit out of the culprit to get my things back because the police can’t do jack: I’m sorry to hear that! Poor you.

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Why do you think is the main reason Maven still on the throne? Well, his mother did messed up his mind, removed, added and changed anything that is hindrance to her plan of making him king. But his kingdom is falling, the only reason it still stands. Is with alliance of the Lakelands. But now, he is finally the king, the position that his mother and him lied and killed for. What next? What do you think Maven wants, after having the crown and ending the hundred year war, what now?

I think Maven is good at what he’s doing. He might be unstable about Mare, but people like seeing someone competent on the throne, unless they’re ambititous schemers themselves, like Elara or the Samos. And they can’t be all like that, or kingdoms wouldn’t work to begin with.

The Lakelands alliance must mean a lot. Think of the saved ressources, and the economical gain it has to bring. For sure there are people capitalizing from the new trade between the countries. As Maven is shown to interact well with the Red population, I assume he has similar attention for the common Silvers who are likely a mercantile faction and excited to receive more influence Maven can grant them.

Of course, can his political skills make up for the military failures and the secession of the Rift? I’m curious to see what it has brought, if we get to see a POV close to his court. Maybe he knows which High Houses to shower with appointments, grants and authority to keep them loyal? ID, if Maven isn’t good at war, he can hire some ambititous generals who are happy to serve and be exalted. On the other hand, there might be distress due to his Lakelander queen taking the title away from a Nortan woman. I assume while the low and middle classes like Iris, the nobility might take issues with her.

Your last question is the most interesting - what does Maven want now? I assume he always had some dreams for when he became king that’ll occupy him for a long time. Now he desires to destroy the Scarlet Guard, maybe to bring about his own system to improve the Reds’ situation while maintain the monarchy and the class system. He’s still involved in war, only on new fronts, so it isn’t like he has nothing to worry about. I just wish he won’t ignore all political plans to angst and obsess about Mare ….

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could you compile a guide to the smiths, please?

The Band

Johnny Marr

  • John Martin Maher, aka the Angel of Radness
  • guitarist
  • legally changed his birth name to Johnny Marr so it would be a pun on the French phrase j’en ai marre (i’m fed up)
  • the most precious, the most pure, the most rad of all the cinnamon rolls that ever have been or ever will be, the most unproblematic of all faves
  • im not even kidding he has never done anything terrible in his life you will find no reciepts, everyone loves him, no one has ever said a bad word about him 
  • the greatest guitarist of his generation, quite literally changed the face of british pop and rock, entirely possible that without him there would be no such thing as indie or alternative music today
  • married to the wondrous Angie (they left school together when they were 15 and have been together ever since). they have two grown up kids and a dog called Riff
  • hes super healthy he doesnt do drugs or smoke or drink AND he’s a vegan and runs like five miles a day
  • he’s fifty one and wears eyeliner and silver nail varnish what does one even say to that
  • the B) emoji is based on johnny marr
  • has an honourary doctorate from salford university so technically he’s Dr. Marr
  • you would think that he is too indie pop 4 u but he has a secret life as a FUNK MASTER, his first band was named FREAK PARTY and he’s bffs with The Nile Rogers and named his son after him (exhibit a: johnny gets down and funky with chic)
  • oh ye i made eye contact with him at a gig and he winked at me
  • sorry this is long and personal but i love my Guitar Dad


  • Stephen Patrick Morrissey, known commonly as just Morrissey, but also as Moz, Mozzer, Misery Mozzery, and Steve
  • a twat
  • the word ‘problematic’ was invented specifically for morrissey
  • im just gonna get the bad stuff out the way to start with: has said a bunch of awful racist/misogynistic things, yes he gets taken out of context, no they cannot be justified or excused, he shouldnt say them and it pains my heart to think of it bc everything else he says is so good and wonderful how are they the same man
  • moving on
  • likes: manchester, tea, cats, oscar wilde, sixties girl groups, james dean, bikes, flowers, the new york dolls, animals, johnny marr, being alone
  • dislikes: manchester, margaret thatcher, robert smith, the monarchy, the meat industry, people who eat meat, people in general, being alive
  • has very few friendships or relationships and just sort of lives alone with his cats
  • a fan once wrote to him and told him she felt self concious wearing her hearing aid to a gig and after that he used to wear hearing aids onstage :)
  • other things he liked to do onstage: swing around large bunches of flowers and stuff them in his arse pocket, lie on the floor, hug fans (it became a problem), write things on his chest and rip off his shirt to reveal the message, yodel
  • “I have always personally been starved of romance. However, in 1982 someone stepped on my foot in Woolworths. That’s about the closest I’ve got.”
  • he used to say he was asexual in the eighties and then said he wasnt and was only celibate and most recently said he was “humansexual” (”attracted to human beings - but not many”) but im woefully uninformed on this topic someone else can help you perhaps before i put my foot in it and say the wrong thing
  • always really really sweet to his fans he used to always respond to fanmail in the eighties and its just? really sweet? i mean he also hates all humanity so its a weird dichotomy but
  • when he published his biography in 2013 is was entitled “Autobiography” and published on release by penguin classics
  • honestly its a real/love hate thing? either you despise every hair in his quiff or you would die for him theres no inbetween

Andy Rourke

  • Andrew Rourke
  • bassist
  • oh andy
  • sweet sweet precious andy
  • childhood friend of johnny marr, left school with johnny and angie, was in Freak Party with johnny
  • honestly just! the most beautiful
  • oh yeah he had a daughter at nineteen so all those photos of andy in the smiths are photos of an Actual Father, a bona fide Hot Dad
  • what else is there to say i love andy

Mike Joyce

  • drummer
  • aka “””Milk Juice””” (thats a tumblr fandom thing tho dont take that into the real world)
  • oh wait someone already did
  • there’s a bit of bitterness here bc he sued moz and marr in 1996 for a 25% share of the smiths royalties (expect lots of 25% jokes)
  • please dont hate him tho hes a good man and an excellent drummer
  • morrissey wishes him “the very worst for the rest of his life”
  • he used to be in a punk band its very  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Craig Gannon

  • the hidden fifth smith not so many people know about him
  • in 1986 andy was fired from the smiths (for his drug use i think), legend says that he woke up one morning to find a postcard from morrissey on the windscreen of his car which said “You have left The Smiths” (morrissey denies this but andy doesnt and honestly i believe andy over moz) (also im very sketchy on the details so dont eat me)
  • he was gone for two weeks and in the meantime craig gannon took over on bass, but when andy came back he stayed on as rythym guitarist and played on a few tracks and toured with them
  • a good and beautiful guy honestly (tho i think he also sued for royalties so :/)
  • here he is (to the left of morrissey)

sorry abt the pic they just look really good here and i want to cry

  • the smiths formed in manchester in 1982 when johnny marr knocked on morrisseys front door and pressed his face to the glass. please read this article abt the whole thing i cry
  • morrissey descibes their meeting. im fine :) (thats me screamin with my mouth closed)
  • what can i say? johnny and moz were phenomenal together they wrote so many good songs (they wrote ‘half a person’ in four and a half minutes! FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES!)
  • He was different with me than he was with everybody else. I couldn’t have given my music to anybody - anybody else, and he appreciated it more, because he just fell in love with it, and that went on all the way through the band. In many ways he was my biggest fan really.” - Johnny Marr
  • but they were only together for five years :( johnny and morrissey fell out and everything got really stressful and. yeah ill just give some quotes bc im sad
  • “One night we had a conversation and he said “ I think it’s about time and I’ve had enough” and I was saying “Yes I understand” but I really didn’t mean it I really didn’t think he’d completely pull the plug.” - Morrissey
  • “Morrissey asked me to do a farewell gig at one point, but I said no. It just seemed like a bad idea… We actually got together a few times [afterwards]. We went for a walk in the country, we went out to dinner one night, and later we just went for a long drive. It was really good to see each other away from any scenes. Like everyone, in private we’re quite different characters. I know the real Morrissey and he knows the real me.” - Johnny Marr
  • “I think Johnny understood Morrissey more than anyone else in the world… It was almost illogical, the gulf that was coming between Johnny and Morrissey, and you couldn’t put it down to any one thing. Again, it was almost like Morrissey living out his doomed fantasies. I think at some point one of them thought, “I can’t do this. You’re saying you want to be on in this stuff but when I move towards you, you move away. Or vice versa. There’s no rhythm between us.” Whereas before, they were finishing each other’s sentences.” - Grant Showbiz (sound engineer)
  • and then johnny wrote moz this letter which he kept and kept and printed in his autobio in 2013 more than 25 years later :) :)) :))))))

The Albums

The Smiths

  • their first album and one dear to my heart
  • recieves a lot of criticism from fans and the band bc of the mess surrounding production and the poor sound quality but! who cares its beautiful
  • caused quite a stir when it came out bc it was so subversive and unapologetically Not About Hetero Romance so the press were scratching their heads a lot
  • the first single had this cover and andy talks about the mortification he felt trying to show his dad his bands first single can u imagine
  • tbh the subject matter is very weird and ambiguous and a bit morbid (theres a song about the moors murders for example) but its also very sweet and funny. typical smiths tbh
  • the cover is a still from an Andy Warhol film called ‘Flesh’ but morrissey wrote the album notes as CULLED FROM ANDY WARHOLS FLESH which sounds a lot more ominous

Hatful of Hollow

  • a compilation album
  • unhappy with the quality of The Smiths the band decided to put out a compilation early on
  • essential listening tbh - u will learn soon enough that all smiths compilations are necessary
  • oh yeah some smiths records had a secret etched message from morrissey. on this album: THE IMPOTENCE OF ERNEST/IAN (ian was johnnys brother)

Meat Is Murder

  • the album that inspired a generation of vegetarians
  • ITS SO GOOD i cant ever stop listening to it tbh
  • so so many classic tracks
  • a bit more stridently political (vegetarianism, jabs at the monarchy and english school system, railing against the injustices of corporal punishment)

The Queen Is Dead

  • considered by many to be their finest album (not by the band tho they think strangeways is the best)
  • every single track on here is so sublimley good how do you even articulate your feelings towards i know its over or frankly mr shankly or some girls are bigger than others WHAT DO I SAY

The World Won’t Listen

  • personally this is my favourite smiths compilation altho its often overlooked bc most of the tracks appear elsewhere
  • HOWEVER it contains stretch out and wait and money changes everything so its like. objectively the best (fight me irl)

Louder Than Bombs

  • the better known american compilation album
  • REALLY REALLY ESSENTIAL SONGS its so good i love it

Strangeways, Here We Come

  • the last studio album :(
  • technically and musically their best its really ~experimental~ and different (for them)
  • Morrissey -  “We say [that it’s our best album] quite often. At the same time. In our sleep. But in different beds.”
  • features moz on piano in death of a disco dancer
  • title refers to strangeways prison in manchester
  • im gona weep if ur gonna go this is the way to do it
  • secret etching: GUY FAWKES WAS A GENIUS


  • the posthumous live album
  • released as a contractual obligation so mozzer had to pick all the tracks by himself after they’d broken up :(
  • he wanted to call it The Smiths In Heat but the label wouldn’t let him
  • contains the instrumental track The Draize Train and a really neat Marie’s The Name (Of His Latest Flame)/Rusholme Ruffians mashup
  • feat. craig gannon on guitar
  • anyway its really good
  • secret etching: PEEPHOLISM

Other Projects

Morrissey’s Solo Career

  • moz went solo after the smiths broke up and hes been massivley successful
  • the sideburns got more intense and he gradually got grumpier and grumpier
  • idk this is just my opinion but i feel that solo moz is a very different creature to smiths moz? sort of. less tender and gentle? there’s a line from i know its over that says “its so easy to laugh/its so easy to hate/it takes strength to be gentle and kind” and i feel maybe solo moz stopped caring about that so much. not that he was incapable of it -theres a lot of heartbreakingly good stuff he wrote as a solo artist- but i feel he tends more towards sarcasm and polemic than the dry humor he had in the smiths
  • THAT BEING SAID i love solo moz’s stuff there’s some glorious stuff in here so to all the angry asks im gonna recieve i say its just my opinion please dont eat me alive
  • hes released 10 studio albums as a solo artist; Viva Hate, Kill Uncle, Your Arsenal, Vauxhall And I, Southpaw Grammar, Maladjusted, You Are The Quarry, Ringleader Of The Tormentors, Years Of Refusal, and World Peace Is None Of Your Business
  • hours of entertainment can be gleaned from merely perusing the titles of solo morrissey tracks, do yourself a favour and have a look


  • after he left the smiths johnny formed an ALTERNATIVE DANCE SUPERGROUP with New Order frontman Bernard Sumner and occasionally with Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys
  • its pretty much the greatest thing that ever happened to me its the perfect intesection of every one of my interests
  • three albums; Electronic, Raise The Pressure, Twisted Tenderness
  • they never officially dissolved things but they havent really been active since 1999 so

Johnny’s Other Projects

johnny is a massively prolific musician and has collaborated with almost everyone on the planet, including but not limited to:

  • paul mc cartney
  • the pretenders
  • the the
  • bryan ferry
  • billy bragg
  • kirsty mccoll
  • talking heads
  • beck
  • oasis
  • then he had a sort of band called Johnny Marr + The Healers and they had one album (Boomslang)
  • and then he was the guitarist for Modest Mouse for three years
  • and then he was The Cribs guitarist
  • helped hans zimmer with the soundtrack for inception and amazing spider-man 2, is working on something else with him atm i think
  • then in 2013 he went solo! he sang on his own album! everyone died bc who knew that Guitar Dad had such a beautiful voice!
  • his two solo albums are The Messenger and Playland
  • and then he played on Noel Gallagher’s Ballad Of The Mighty I and we all died a bit more

More Fun Smiths Facts

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I feel sorry 4 cal because mare has friends who will do anything 4 her and she knows it, her family has her back and there's many people seeing her as a hero.Cal once had friends but now they're either his enemies or he can't trust them 100%. The court hates him(duh) and the scarlet guard doesn't trust him either. But then again I'm kinda pissed that he just can't choose a side. I get it, it's hard to turn ur back on what has been taught to u since 4ever, but c'mon. We all know u can't go back.

This is exactly how I feel anon, so I get where you’re coming from, and that’s why I think he says “without you I have no one” or something along those lines to Mare in the epilogue. People have asked, “what about Julian?” but I think there’s been a rift in their relationship because of what happened to Coriane and what’s happened this past year. We don’t see them interacting much either. But I don’t think that the court necessarily hates him, just are wary of him after spending so much time with the Scarlet Guard, but as we know, that didn’t do much. *looks into camera like I’m on the office* Though a lot of them want him on the throne (demonstrated by Mariella, Elane’s sister) because they want their old lives back. And with Cal, they think that can happen. But we know that the SC has other plans.

I’m upset that he can’t choose a side either, though I do genuinely believe that he wants to make things better for the Reds, he’s just going about it very wrong as we know a monarchy is a shit system. Don’t believe me? Look at all of history. And it is hard to unlearn everything you’ve been taught since birth, but Cal’s seen this stuff firsthand sooo…idk, maybe he’s comparing himself to Maven as somehow he was able to do quite a bit on the throne. The Calore brother’s have a habit of comparing themselves to each other and getting salty and bitter over Mare. Or maybe he just still lives in this fantasy world in his head where he still sees himself as the “rightful king” of Norta. Like hon, I love you, but sit down. There’s a slim chance he had some master plan when it made this decision, but I’m not ruling anything out yet.

We got a hint at his pov in WS so I guess we might get to see how truly lonely he is rn, and hopefully he sees that his old life is truly gone. Thanks for stopping by in my desert of an ask box. It’s always fun discussing theories with you guys!

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hi, so, i'm new in the sg fandom, and when i check the tag, there's a lot of hate towards mon el and they have a very good point, so can you explain him? like, his character and why you like him? you seem a nice person and that's why i'm asking you

Ok, this is gonna be long, I hope you read it tho lmao.

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percabeth royal au?

Annabeth isn’t expecting much.

She doesn’t think she can be blamed for that, either. Of course, an absolute monarchy as a system of government has its own flaws, and while she absolutely believes that she’s the best person suited for the job of running her own country, she’s willing to admit that she had an insane amount of advantages to help her along the way.

She did not wade her way into the sea and stumble upon a long lost sword that apparently declared her worthy of ruling.

What kind of name is Percy Jackson for a king, anyway? The official documents all say Perseus, which is a little better, but Annabeth’s spies have reliably informed her that he makes everyone around him call him Percy.

Annabeth isn’t one to stand on ceremony, but she’s pretty sure she’d declare war on anyone trying to call her ‘Annie’.

What she isn’t willing to do is start making trouble with a neighbouring kingdom that has only recently stopped being a thorn in her side. Say what you will about marine weaponry being a deciding factor in choosing a king, at least the country has a ruler now. Anarchy might be fun for those making the most of it, but it makes even a queen with as substantial a military as Annabeth nervous.

So she hosts a summit. Ostensibly to encourage peace and trade amongst the surrounding kingdoms, it’s really a chance for everyone to take the measure of this new ruler who has appeared out of nowhere.

Which is why it’s more than a little annoying that he’s late. She hadn’t been expecting much, but–

“Sorry!” The double doors sort of crash open, a youngish (more than just attractive-ish) man standing in the gap left. Annabeth wonders for a moment if he knows he’s at the end of two pikes wielded by the guards, before she notices the too-casual slide of sea-green eyes over his shoulder, the twitch of a hand towards the hilt of his sword.

She sits up a little straighter.

“There was a water dragon issue,” the man explains. “I tried explaining I had a - uh, summit - to get to, but I guess water dragons aren’t big on scheduling.”

His dark hair is a mess in a way she’d call rakish, if it was on one of her courtiers. It seems to also be water dragon related on this man, though - the ends are still dripping, and he doesn’t hesitate to shove a hand through it to get it out of his eyes, dislodging a simple gold circlet as he does so.

He doesn’t do anything to fix it. Having announced the reason for his lateness, the newly minted King Percy (because who else could it be?) just sort of stands there. It seems awkward, at first, but a beat passes and she begins to realise that he genuinely doesn’t care.

“Arrogance,” one of the ambassadors snorts, but Annabeth doesn’t think so. She steeples her fingers, resting her chin gently on the tips as she inspects him. His jaw clenches. He stands still, but there seems to be a fine vibration running through his form, as though the very act of remaining stationary is an effort to him.

Annabeth finds she can relate.

“Whose waters?” she calls across the room, not taking her gaze off him. He meets it directly, and she thinks this man knew exactly how impossible it would be to impress anyone in this room, let alone all of them. Why waste effort and dignity trying to convince people who didn’t want to be convinced that you were worth their time?

“Yours.” The hint of a grin tugs at his mouth, but he ducks his head to hide it. “You’re welcome, your majesty.”

Annabeth snorts. “I’ll see how impressive the corpse is before I thank you, your majesty, but I appreciate the effort.” She gestures to the empty her left. “Please, take a seat. Guards–” She motions to dismiss them, notes the way his broad shoulders unknot as the pikes lower, even though he hasn’t looked at them once.

The grin is definitely there, blazing behind those bright eyes even as he struggles to keep it from his mouth. He shrugs, before heading for her offered seat. “I didn’t kill it.”

Annabeth raises an eyebrow.

“I rode it here. It likes your moat.”

And that was how King Percy caused his first international incident on his first day outside his own borders. No wonder, Annabeth thinks later as she watches the water dragon splash in her castle’s defences, his people love him so much.

Idly, she wonders if that sword came with a fated spouse in the mix. Purely for political reasons, of course.