monarchists united

A Provisional United Monarchist Platform

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In light of our conversations I’ve hammered out an alpha draft for our broad front platform. Let me know what you think.


I. We affirm that monarchy, being the oldest contiguous form of government in human civilisation, is the form of governance best adapted to endure the challenges and realities of human existence.

II. Thus we openly advocate the existence and advancement of monarchy as the basic form of human governance. We conceptually support the existence of all current monarchies, support all moral attempts at the restoration of former monarchies, and support the creation of new monarchies among nations and peoples who accept them.

III. To ensure the prosperity and well-being of the people and prevent the depredations of tyrants, we support a monarchical system which adheres to a constitution outlining legal limits of state power and fundamental civic rights, alongside a legislature to provide popular representation in government, the form of both being tailoured to suit the particular conditions present in each nation.

IV. We recognise the myriad amount of precedent and support for monarchy in many religious traditions. We encourage the members of various faiths to become aware of these precedents and derive support from them. At the same time we affirm the right to freedom of conscience and insist that no monarchy should be permitted to deprive their subjects of this freedom regardless of their personal religious conviction or socially dominant religious convention.

V. We acknowledge the great variation that exists in regards to cultural and historical conditions, and thus acknowledge that no single form of monarchy can best serve all peoples. Therefore we advocate cooperation and collaboration among all monarchists in the interest of safeguarding and advancing the institution itself, setting aside differences of detail best resolved in more specific contexts. We must be a united front, to ensure the survival of our ideas in a hostile world.