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okay so i think i “”understand” ghost quartet except for the arabian nights shah part so like,, pls explain if you can

arabian nights is the hardest timeline for me to get too! i’ll try to break it down as best as i can, and i might describe some obvious stuff, but i’m just going to go over the whole thing! 

the set-up is a little different from the original arabian nights as the story is based on, similar to how the usher plotline doesn’t exactly match the one for poe’s the fall of the house of usher.


brent as shah zaman, the monarch of iran. in the original story, he’s the brother of the main character, but in this one, he is the main: he’s a man who’s lost his faith in women after he was cheated on by his first wife, so he keeps on marrying women and killing them the next day. 

gelsey as scheherazade, the shah’s wife (who he intends to kill). except, the night before she’s supposed to be killed, she tells a story that ends with a cliffhanger; thus, he decides to keep her alive. she does this for 1001 nights. 

brittain as dunyazad, scheherazade’s sister. she encourages her sister throughout the tale, effectively, but doesn’t do much. 

dave as… david. this isn’t really the same thing, since he’s not a character in arabian nights and he’s also the character of the subway driver from the subway plotline. but he’s in the fourteenth-century castle of shah zaman, playing the piano for thelonious monk. not relevant to the narrative, really. 

in chronological order, the songs go: monk, bad men, midnight (kind of), then tango dancer. 

in monk, scheherazade has been telling a story (the story from the usher plotline) to shah zaman and her sister. this is thus after they are married while everyone is alive. meanwhile, dunyazad notices the door which david is serenading; this is one out of two times that david is mentioned/seen. 

bad men starts again with scheherazade telling a story. the shah says that when he kills her, he will miss her; he will throw a great feast and then he will go back to his room for forty-two years. 

by tango dancer, dunyazad has died and scheherazade is left… empty. she’s out of stories to tell, she’s a shadow of who she was, and most of all, she’s alone. rose red comes by for a piece of stardust (which is a story, as clarified by lights out) but instead, scheherazade tells her of her dream the night before where she saw her younger self and asked her for a dance. thus, rose red gets the stardust. 

everything is kind of fuzzy within here, this is the least fleshed out timeline after all. somewhere between bad men and tango dancer, dunyazad dies and scheherazade is left alone. 

what messes me up most is the fact that the shah does hole himself up in his room for forty-two years, but he doesn’t seem to kill scheherazade. most people believe that shah zaman ends up as the “man in iran” that the astronomer references who can speak to ghosts– connection lying in the man having not spoken to anyone for forty-two years, and the shah locking himself in his room for forty-two years– and i agree with it. it’s just that… scheherazade lives. so. i guess i don’t really understand that aspect, no matter how many times i listen. 

i can answer any other questions, i hope this is a decent explanation! 

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For Vicbourne we always think ep 3 for a love confession, but I keep considering the Dover House scene in ep 2. Not only do we get ruffled Lord M & amused!Victoria but also 'not even my devotion to you' & 'I think you know why' - the first is totally not a normal thing the PM would say to the monarch & shows he's smitten, while the second & the way it's said shows he's thinking more of personal than political considerations. Plus her missing him after 1 1/2 days! It's such an intimate scene.

Brocket Hall is #aesthetics but for sure, the scene is Dover House is so cute & calm & joyful & intimate.  It lacks the formality of most of their scenes, and that informality, his ruffled state, her clear thrill at it, and the relative privacy makes it such a special scene.

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Christmas// Winter Themed M!As
  • These can only be used throughout the month of December. You can always use this once December rolls by again.
  • --
  • Seasonal Fanatic (M!A: Xmas Junkie) Your muse has a full on fever for Christmas! They have their entire room/house decorated with holiday decor; it might be a bit disturbing to others. Anon may decide how long it should last.
  • The Santa Claus (M!A: Gift Giver) Your muse decides to give everyone a special gift for the season; even if that means they give away some of their personal items! Anon may decide how long it should last.
  • With your nose so bright… (M!A: Red Nose) Your muse's nose glows bright enough to light up a whole room! Your muse should cover up that nose before anyone sees! Anon may decide how long it should last.
  • Jingle all the Way! (M!A: Xmas Caroler) Your muse will go around their house, neighborhood, or wherever they live, singing a various amount of Christmas songs. It's how well they sing that would either mildly annoy others or make people throw snowballs at them. This will last for 3 days MAX.
  • The Monarch of Snow (M!A: Ice Powers) Your muse suddenly gains the power of snow and ice and whatever they touch will turn into ice. Hope your muse doesn't have a vendetta against anyone. Anon may decide how long it should last.