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Today in 1952, Elizabeth Windsor became Queen Elizabeth II. After 65 years she is now the world’s oldest reigning monarch as well as Britain’s longest-lived. In 2015, she surpassed the reign of her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, to become the longest-reigning British monarch and the longest-reigning queen regnant and female head of state in world history.

HISTORY MEME | 1/10 moments: Jadwiga is Crowned King of Poland.

The coronation ceremony that took place in the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow on 16 October 1384 was truly a splendid event: Polish nobles spared no expenses and the grandeur of the coronation impressed everyone present. But the historical significance was even greater. For one thing, the young girl who was being crowned (only 11 years old at the time) was to go down in history as one of Poland’s greatest and most beloved Monarchs. And for another, the aforementioned lady was crowned not as Queen of Poland (as would be expected considering her gender) but as King.

There is no humorous tale of a mix-up: the decision was made for quite practical reasons. Polish law was very specific that the ruler had to be King – but it did not state the King had to be a male. And so instead of re-writing the law and to emphasise the fact Jadwiga was a ruler in her own right, it was decided she should be crowned as Hedvig Rex Poloniæ (Hedwig, King of Poland) and not Hedvig Regina Poloniæ (Hedwig, Queen of Poland).

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Rich two
Then three more Henry’s join our song
Rich the third
Ed again
Mary one
Good queen Bess
And Charles
And then
Anna Gloria
George six
And Queen Liz two completes the mix!


8 Self-Improvement Books You Need To Read

1. The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle. It’s all about the present moment! This is such a great book for all of us to read because it emphasises the importance of the now and reinforces the idea that the past doesn’t exist & the future hasn’t happened yet - nothing exists outside of the now.

2. Awaken The Giant Within - Tony Robbins. A lot of us have heard of Tony and his mission to feed millions of people around the world, but the contents of this book is all about self-empowerment. Awakening the giant within is a metaphor for reclaiming our power emotionally, physically, mentally and financially.

3. The Secret - Rhona Byrne. The secret is a great introduction into the law of attraction for those who aren’t familiar with it, as it focuses on how our thoughts create our lives. It’s important to note that the law of attraction is not solely dependant on our thoughts - our actions must correlate to the goal we’re trying to achieve. 

4. 48 Laws of Power - Robert Green. These laws have been used by generals, dictators, monarchs & politicians all throughout history to gain power and manipulate others into doing their bidding. We can use the information in this book to avoid being used by others and navigate our way around these kinds of people.

5. Crush It - Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is a successful entrepreneur who grew his family business’s income tremendously and in this book he shares some methods on how we can create the jobs we want with the technology available to us right now. A must read for all the entrepreneurs out there!

6. How To Be Ultra Spiritual In 12.5 Steps - JP Sears. JP is a life coach who shares his wisdom and comedic genius on YouTube. In this book he makes hilarious, yet pertinent, observations about the spiritual community and shares his take on what it means to be “ultra spiritual” - a read that will make us think about the path we choose to take in life.

7. The School of Greatness - Lewis Howes. Lewis is a former pro-athlete turned entrepreneur, podcaster & motivational speaker, this book follows his journey from his sister’s couch to Ellen’s. The school of greatness focuses on sharing the experiences of successful people and what they learned along the course of their journeys to encourage all of us to push past our adversity and go for greatness.

8. Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill. A worldwide best-seller and book that many of the most successful people today swear by, think and grow rich has changed the lives of so many people who read it because it’s all about the way we think. It also highlights the importance of having a burning desire to achieve something and stopping at nothing to get it done.

These books have changed millions of lives because they contain such valuable lessons, filling our minds with this kind of knowledge will help us on our journeys to success in any endeavour of our choosing.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, those who never read only live one.

Peace & positive vibes.


Mary the First - Childhood

Mary had like her parents a very fair complexion, with reddish-gold hair and pale blue eyes. She was also said to have inherited her ruddy cheeks from her father, Henry VIII.

Mary was an intelligent child who was able to play the virginals by the age of four, she showcased this gift when entertaining French ambassadors in July 1520. Including the virginals, Mary also excelled in music, dance, French, Spanish, could write and read Latin fluently and was said to know a little bit of Greek. A great part of Mary’s early education came from her mother, Catherine of Aragon, who commissioned the Spanish humanist, Juan Luis Vives, to write  De Institutione Feminae Christianae - A paper on the education of young girls.

Her father boasted that she was a peaceful child, stating to the Venetian ambassador, Sebastian Giustiniani, “This girl never cries”.

It was said by the Venetian Mario Savorgnano, that as she grew into adulthood “Mary was developing into a pretty, well-proportioned young lady with a fine complexion.”

If you’re in the Baltimore area this September, be sure to check out the amazing Michal Roxie Johnson in this wonderful one-woman show written by Tim Hogan about Pharaoh Hatshepsut, one of history’s most enigmatic rulers. #FemaleKing #AmbitionIsDivine (at Baltimore, Maryland)

Eleanor of Aquitaine is one of my absolute favourites. She lived to the incredible age of 82, outliving 8 out of 9 of her children; lived through the reigns and helped three kings to rule while they were out of the country. She was beautiful and brave and knew her own mind. Also my name is Eleanor so I couldn’t help but include her in this set of images!

Why, you ask, does a patriotic all-American girl have a crush on the King who fought to keep the colonies colonies?

In my research, he seems like less of a brutal, selfish, loony tyrant and more an average and well-meaning man who honestly wanted to be a good King but lacked the political savvy to understand quite what he had to do to keep the colonies in place and suffered from chronic mental illness.

King George III was born George William Frederick in 1738. He was born two months premature and, as his family believed he would not live, he was baptized that day. No one thought this baby would become one of the longest-reigning British monarchs in history.

From a young age George was a cutie, he was shy and while not stupid, not exceptionally bright and may have had a learning disorder. But he worked hard and was very thorough and conscientious, and was fascinated by the natural sciences while maintaining a devout Anglican faith.

His father unexpectedly died, and then, whoops! He was the heir apparent! This was very unexpected because it was expected that his dad, the Prince of Wales, would become King after George’s grandfather died.

He fell in love with Lady Sarah Lennox, but did not marry her, as his confidante Lord Bute wanted. He lamented his duty to his country. Instead, he married Princess Charlotte, and was a devoted husband to her, (he detested adultery), and a good father to his 15 children.

He protected the colonies during the French and Indian war and thus thought he should give them 1/8 of the tax he gave those in England, 1% of their money, to retrieve money. He approved of but did not formulate the intolerable acts, most of which were repealed before the revolution. He also agreed to withhold tax from self-sufficient colonies.

He allowed for local government in the colonies but not representation in Parliament, and his great error, and lapse in judgement, was his belief that to maintain the colonies he had to have dominance over them. He also believed most colonists wanted to be British subjects.

He had previously looked for swift ends to war, but he wrongly believed the only way to keep the Colonies was to have victory over them. He did not take joy in their misery but had a bad idea of what was necessary to achieve unity. He was afraid that America’s secession would lead to other secessions, and he was right.

He also had poor judgement in attempting to oversee all laws as a conscientious King though he was mentally ill.

He did recover after the war and his illness to successfully resist Napolean’s advances in Britain.

Recent historians have found that from descriptions of George’s ill episodes and his writing during them that he was likely bipolar. Others think he had porphyria, but I prefer to believe he was a victim of a common disorder in the wrong time.

After his favorite daughter died, he lost it completely. He ended life as a senile, dementia-ridden old man whose jerkass of a son was in control.

He was considered the most attractive of the Hanoverian monarchs and I think he sounded really cute!!! I think he was just a man with too much power for his faults, but never malicious, rather, he was sincere and moral. <3

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Barefoot in Blue Jeans by indiaalphawhiskey (24k) [au, kidfic, pining, slow burn]

AU. Louis Tomlinson is trying desperately hard not to fall for his son’s au pair, but he can’t, for the life of him, remember why.

call me home and i will build a throne by queenmcgonagall (13k) [au, music festival]

It’s just, he’s here and he’s found this boy and the sun is really hot and he’s got alcohol swishing through his veins and his two best friends are in love and making out next to him and Louis’s hand is hot and tight in his and god, this is such a good song, and Harry thinks he could live forever if he could stay in this spot with Louis warm against him and the deafening screaming of the crowds echoing in his ears.

Coax the Cold by MediaWhore (86k) [au, historical, fantasy & supernatural, slow burn]

England, 1897.

English Professor Louis Tomlinson’s passion for the occult has been a source of mockery and derision for most of his life. When he hears whispers of a travelling freak show newly established in London claiming the existence of a monstrous sea hybrid, half-man, half-fish, Louis sees it as his ticket to credibility amongst his peers. The summer he spends undercover working on the show, however, gives him much more than that.

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