monarch daily

This is your daily reminder that what makes reactionaries reactionary is their steadfast support and defense of hierarchy for hierarchy's sake; the pyramid can be centered around a monarchy, a market, a state, or a social order based on The Ideal over The Other, but ultimately they all oppose humanity's liberation from social inequality and material deprivation; the reactionary sees inequality as natural, and the outstanding individuals of society (monarchs, aristocrats, presidents, dictators, job creators, a master race) shall be Atlas, shall rule, shall rise above the "bewildered mob of the lower-born".
This is your daily reminder that monarchs are parasites on society, producing nothing yet living in material luxury, all while their nations' all-producing working classes struggle to obtain basic necessities. Monarchs must be dethroned and their holdings in turn redistributed back to the people.

All of this applies to the capitalist class as well, but seeing as it’s Queen Elizabeth’s birthday today, I felt that the situation called for a specific opposition to monarchies.