monarch butterfly wing

how many more decades of oppression must pass before englishmen rise up against the tyranny of the crown?  rise up brothers and sisters and depose your monarch butterfly, for its wings are flightless and its antennae have softened to your cries.  all ye men of the commonwealth, now, now I say, is the time to unite!  for democracy, for brotherhood, for the rings of true liberty!


Just Listed!

All of these are now available in my shop. 

Monarch Butterfly Wing (Nail Polish) Pendant

This monarch butterfly wing is hand painted onto a clear glass pendant.  Price: 30 USD

Splatter Nail Polish Pendant (Gold)

Gold splattered nail polish set against a black background. No two pendants are the same so you are sure to receive a unique necklace to show off to your friends.  Price: 25 USE

Silver & Gold Flecked Nail Polish Pendant

This necklace is made with flecked silver and gold foils. This one of a kind design was made with nail foils in a cracked pattern. Something that will have your friends complimenting you on all the time. Price: 30 USD

All pendants are 1 inch in circumference on a 24 inch chain. If you would like me to shorten the necklace length tell me in the notes, please refer to the chart.

If you would like any other color, send me a message. 

If you would like a custom order just send me a message. I can do any color combination you want.

Item will be shipped within a week via USPS within a week of payment clearing.

Castiel loves his job. He works at a ‘Garden Cafe’ (and goes to school - majoring in biology). His favorite part of his job is that he gets to wait on people dressed as a bee, his favorite thing ever. His coworkers wear other costumes at work; but, all of them have the garden theme. Anna wears large monarch butterfly wings. Gabriel wears large feathered wings. Every other day or so, a man with trim hair and a smart suit comes in. He always looks busy and a little tired. He always sits in Castiel’s section and always leaves happier than he came. Cas doesn’t know the man’s name; but, he thinks he may have to ask soon. When the man walks in the store again and takes his usual seat, Cas blushes and Anna nudges him with her elbow, grinning like she knows something he doesn’t. Making his way to the table, Cas licks his lips. The man looks up at him with soft but tired eyes. “Heya, Cas.” Smiling, Cas replies, “Good day, Sir, I will 'bee’ your waiter.” They share a smile. Castiel loves his job.