this weekend was for: trading photos for flowers, vulnerability, iced coffee (even when it’s 18 degrees, really windy, and snowing), driving across state borders with my brother spontaneously, and seeing just how true it is that joy shared is multiplied.

Irrelevant Self-absorbed douchecanoe

a compilation from the cesspool known as SimSecret

I actually had to look up douchecanoe. Apparently proper English words just don’t have the same impact they used to. How far we have fallen.

These are the people that will never know what I am really like, and thank goodness for that! Besides, words may be powerful, but coming from a bunch of anonymous blobs of internet dribble, I really couldn’t give a flying fuck what they thought of me (apart from giving me a good laugh. Honestly, douchecanoe? you can’t make this shit up XD ). The people bitching on that site gave up being classified as humans long ago. If you actually think I would stoop so low as to mingle in that pit of searing hatred and self-loathing, you are truly mistaken. But in the end, I am over here doing my thing and not being influenced by the Dark Side of this community. No matter what idiotic urban dictionary words you throw in my direction. I got shit to do. 

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And to the sweet person who posted that message, thank you. It was very kind of you :)

And this marks the first and only post about SS this year.


*looks around shiftily*
“Yeah man, I got the good stuff.”
*slides this song across the desk*