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Gadolt's proposal to Sharla! (Sorry, Sharla is like my favourite character ever!!!)

It’s fine! I love her too, and she def needs more love in this fandom.

Gadolt led her out of the colony, to a field behind it, near the entrace to the mines. There was mechon rubble in that area.

“Where are we going?” she asked him. 

He looked back and shot her a smile. “You’ll see.” 

She was even more curious now. 

He stopped where all of the mechon were.

“What are we doing here?” she asked. 

He took up his rifle. “Close your eyes and block your ears for a moment.”

“…Alright.” She did just that. Despite her ears being blocket she could hear the gun shots going off.

“Alright you can open your eyes.”

Written in the rubble by gunshot holes was one sentence. 

She also saw Gadolt on one knee with a ring in his hand. 

What he said and what was written was the same thing. 

“Will you marry me?”

“Yes. a thousand times yes.” She jumped into his arms.

“I love you,” she hugged him tight.

“I love you too,” he hugged her back. 

Bonus: a 4-koma from the Monado Archive

Dickson doesn’t have a surname

because this is actually something I’ve wondered about for a while because all I’ve heard is people say it’s in the Monado Archives book so I went and translated his profile page because I was hella curious tbh

translation under the cut, don’t read if you haven’t finished the game because it’s full of spoilers.

and by spoilers I mean an entire paragraph about his role in the game.

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So in the Monado Archives/artbook thing theres pics of the characters in the eryth series armor. 

Only reason Reyn isn’t here is because the quality was too low and the image was close to the binding etc. etc. it just wasn’t worth trying to edit. 

Edit: So the dunban image looks all glitchy but Im pretty sure now that its just a display issue on tumblr’s end. If you download the picture it looks just fine. 

of course feel free to edit these or use them on your blog or whatever, its just edited official art


I decided to take a picture of the complete affinity chart from my copy of Xenoblade: The Secret File - Monado Archives so it could be seen better. It is in Japanese but you can use it without being Japanese to make sure you get all of the connections just by comparing it with your in-game affinity chart. Also pay attention to the colored boxes on the connecting lines so you know if you maximized the characters relationships.


I’ve been meaning this book for a long time, never got around to it and now that Amazon has dropped from its crazy high prices a month ago (it used to fetch like $80 used back when the N3DS port was brand new) I have it, The Secret File - Monado Archives. Also known as one of the only pieces of Xenoblade merchandise you could own for nearly five years besides the soundtrack, the monado colored classic controller, the preorder artbook (which was basically the $5 version of this book) and the strategy guidebook.

It’s a beautiful gorgeous book with high quality paper and tooons of artwork inside so even if you can’t read the text you’ll still get a lot out of it.

Its super nice and I recommend it to any Xenoblade fan, just remember to finish the game before buying it since it contains artwork and images from everywhere including the ending.

My only complaint is not about the book itself but that the post office damaged a small part of it at the top slightly and the mail lady folded the book a bit to have it fit in the mailbox and would have warped it if it had not been taken out shortly after arrival. Oh well.