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        QUEENS & CROWNS            |            MELANIN & MAGIC

-Nicole Beharie

-Amandla Stenberg

-Teyonah Parris

-Yaya DaCosta 

-Christina Jackson 

-Uzo Aduba

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-Tracee Ellis Ross

-Yara Shahidi

-Janelle Monae

Season  is over

  It happened so fast, really. The final episode was amazing but let’s remember all good things which the seconds season gave us

• our handsome princes!!! All my love to Panto and Silas 

• Todd’s amazing undercover. Black hair and sunglasses that’s all you need to “look cool” and run from the CIA

• Sherlock Hobbs and a plastic cover for his sheriff’s hat

• Susie’s sweatshirts 

• Dirk “I’m not a shopping cart” Gently

• Amanda became full Rowdy 3

• “the new guy Todd…is perfect”

• Dirk’s dream about Todd and Farah rescuing him (Yeah, Dirk, we need that algue)

• Bart on the bike c:
• The first appearece of Mona Wilder



• “Are you Todd Brotzman from the Mexican Funeral?”

• Dirk’s orange jacket

• Dirk hugging Todd and Hobbs

• Mr. Priest’s hysterical laugh

• Dirk’s vintage outfit

• Farah beat Panto’s ass


• “Take control of your life, Dirk” 

• The house inside the house

• Purple People Eater (where are you now?)

• Christian-Jewish Hell

• Todd rescuing Dirk from the Purple People Eater

• Friedkin lying on the floor without any point and knowing what to do 



• Hobbs made Farah his deputy

• Dirk’s red jactet

• Bart and Panto’s friendship



• The Sound of Nothing


• “Dirk you need to know you changed my life!!!”


• Madden “Alive”

• Rowdy 3 reunion 

• lieutenant Assistant

• Dirk’s pink fur coat

• THAT’S MY NEW THING! DID IT *snap snap*

• Maybe Wendimoor is Miami who knows

• B E A S T


• Silas telling how much he loves Panto

• “I’m Bibbit. That’s my life now.”

• Todd and Amanda’s reunion


• Beast in Dirk’s red jacket

• Todd and Amanda slapping each other 

• Tina’s conversation with Bob

• Dirk hit Martin

• Sad cover of Mr.Sandman


• Dirk explaining the case

• DID IT *snap snap*

• Todd “Everything is connected” Brotzman

• Mona Wilder the holistic actress

• Bart with a chainsaw and Panto the normal guy from this world

• PANTLAS REUNION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• Don’t. Panic.


• “Can you turn into a bug? Only emotionally” 




• Tina, Farah and Hobbs are alive!!!!! Honesty I’m so happy


• The Boy is back!!!

• Dirk’ yellow jacket’s comeback!!!!

• “Hey Dirk. you solved the case. It was an easy one!”

• “not my thing, Todd” THAT’S GAY. 

• B R O T Z L Y

• Rowdy 3 adopted Beast c:


• Dirk’s black jacket with rainbow stripes

• Dirk Gently’s holistic detective agency is up and running

Of course it’s not all, so be free to add your favorite moments c:

And you can come and scream with about the final ‘cause I’ve been crying for couple of hours

My problems with the killer reveal.

Okay, so Mona killed Charlotte. I have a lot of problems with how this was presented. Here’s a list:

1. The damn suitcase handle! That was such a huge issue in 6b, with Melissa acting all sketchy about it and someone nearly plowing down Emily in order to get it away from her. What the hell was that all about? Who would want it that badly unless it was the murder weapon?

2. The flowers that Mona had were bright purple. The flowers found with Charlotte’s body were pink and hadn’t bloomed yet. They don’t look marginally the same. And to add to that, why did Mona have those flowers in the first place? And why did they happen to be the same type of flowers that Alison had put out in her house that very evening?

3. Why was Mona trying to recreate the night she murdered Charlotte if she accomplished that the first time? She even says, “You’re not gonna trick me this time.” What does that mean? How did Charlotte trick her that night? That scene in the bell tower implied that Mona hadn’t actually succeeded in killing Charlotte and was trying to do it over.

4. This line makes no sense: “You needed me, just like you needed me to take care of Charlotte after all the terrible things she did. I’m sorry I messed that up. Nothing ever happens the way it’s supposed to with me.” What?! But Mona did kill Charlotte, so she did indeed “take care of her.” What is she talking about?

5. “Not only did you lose the game, but you lost the story,” Charlotte tells Mona. What does that mean? What story?

6. The timeline makes no sense. We know that at some point that night, before Charlotte died, Mona called her from the Two Crows, that was confirmed by Tanner and by a witness at the diner. So how did she know that Charlotte was going to be at the bell tower? Why did Charlotte even go to the bell tower? And what did Mona mean when she said that Charlotte met her there “because she had to”?

7. Charlotte’s body was wiped down before she was thrown from the bell tower, including any DNA under her fingernails. Where would Mona get the materials to do that? And what about that paper Spencer wrote about the woman who was murdered in exactly the same way that Charlotte was? Is that just supposed to be a really specific coincidence?

8. I find it absolutely unbelievable that Mona wouldn’t fess up and turn herself over for Charlotte’s murder in order to save Hanna in 7x01. That is completely uncharacteristic, especially considering she confessed to a murder she didn’t commit back in season four just so Hanna’s mom wouldn’t be convicted.

21 series finale spoilers by Marlene King

1) Does Aria Have Multiple Personalities?
Aria has definitely been traveling down a villainous path this season, and King revealed that was all thanks to Lucy Hale’s off-screen requests. “[Lucy] has wanted to be bad for so long and it really took us a while to figure out how we could make Aria see her dark side,” King said.

But Aria’s dalliance with A.D., and her most recent spell of frantically talking to herself in the car, has many fans wondering if she could have a split personality. King was quick to squash those rumors, saying, “Aria does not have multiple personalities.” King added that when Aria was talking to the dead body in her trunk, that was her way of “regulating herself” in a severely stressful situation.

2) Why Was the “He’s Coming For You!” Scene a Dream?
“I’ll be super honest, when we were first shot it, we didn’t know who [‘he’] was – and that’s a spoiler right there!” King confessed. “It was a last minute decision to add that scene to the script because we just wanted to give fans a sense of what that flash-forward was going to look like. And for a year and a half we have been pondering like, 'Who was it? Who was it?’ We knew we were going to kill Archer, so it could be him, and then we just thought, 'You know what? Let’s just really have fun with it in a Pretty Little Liars thriller sort of way and make it a nightmare.’”

3) Was the Chalkboard in Emily’s Dream Hinting at an Emison Wedding?
In Emily’s dream-turned-nightmare, fans were quick to notice that Alison was writing out all of her various alias from the past seven seasons – including “Alison DiLaurentis-Fields.” Gasp! Was this a premonition for Emison’s romantic future? “I mean it is a dream, but we love to drop easter eggs and hints, so maybe,” King teased. “Tune in next week for sure you’ll find out.”

4) When Did the Cast Discover A.D.’s Identity?
“A lot of people found out at the table read because we didn’t give the scripts out ahead of time because we didn’t want them to get out into the world,” King revealed. “The person who is A.D. asked me not to tell anyone because that person didn’t want to affect certain scenes in certain ways.”

While King was tight-lipped on who is playing A.D., the showrunner was open about when she spilled the shocking truth to the unnamed actor. “That was a separate conversation that I had with that person fairly early on when the decision was made that they would be A.D. because it affected a lot of that person’s performances.”

5) Where Are the Biggest A.D. Easter Eggs Hidden?
King says there have been many A.D. clues sprinkled over the years in PLL, but these “last 10 episodes” hold the juiciest secrets. “We’ve dropped a lot of Easter eggs intentionally into them because we wanted fans to have a really good chance to figure this out and to be right,” she said. “So the A.D. reveal is very important but then the understanding of [why] is equally as important. That’s why [the finale] is two hours, so the fans and the Pretty Little Liars can all process it all at the same time.”

6-9) Lay These Lingering Cece Rumors to Rest…
Following last week’s shocking reveal that Mona accidentally killed Charlotte, many fans still had lingering questions, such as…

- When did A.D. steal the game from Charlotte? “I want to make sure that fans understand that everybody is interwoven, but as one story ends another begins,” King explained. “With the reveal of Mona, then it became the Charlotte story. And then with the reveal of Charlotte becomes this A.D. So this AD is separate in terms of playing the game from those other A ’s
- Who is the one who posed Cece’s lifeless body at the bottom of the tower with the purple flowers? "Mona,” King answered.

- Does that mean we can put the rumors about Melissa’s suitcase handle being the murder weapon to rest? “Yes,” she said. 

- Why did you ultimately decide to have Mona kill Charlotte? “She’s the most loyal friend to Hanna, but she has poor judgment as well, and she can’t not get caught up in these games,” King said. “This idea that Charlotte was going to continue the game really put Hanna’s life at risk. [Murdering Charlotte] wasn’t something that [Mona] intended to do, she really did just want to scare her.”

10) Who Gave Alison a Bloody Lip Back in Season 3?
Way back in season three, episode 23, Veronica Hastings recalled a flashback in which Alison stumbled into Spencer’s house in the middle of the night sporting a bloody lip. Alison refused to reveal who assaulted her and weakly tried to blame the injury on a tree branch. So who hurt Ali? “It wasn’t a tree, but during that episode in Ali’s life she was really sort of taunting and torturing the girls about these older people that she was hanging out with,” King explained. “I will tell you that in the writers room, we never said specifically who [exactly] it was [who bloodied Alison’s lip,] but it was that group of people… college kids. The same group of kids who threw that poor girl down the stairs, and broke her leg.”

11) What’s the Deal With the NAT Club?
For the longest time, Pretty Little Liars dangled lingering questions about Rosewood High’s mysterious NAT club, and we’re curious to know if we should still care. “They just sort of they grew up. It was a group of people who were peeping toms; they were spying on people for kicks,” King explained. “As the tapes got out and as the secrets got out, that was what got people killed – like Garrett.” So will this topic return in the finale? “I feel like we sort of dealt with that in the season 5A finale,” she concluded.

12) Who’s Coming Back For the Finale?
As we approach the two-hour series finale, many fan favorite characters will be returning to Rosewood for our last goodbye , but some – like Jason DiLaurentis – will be noticeably M.I.A. “[Jason] is not going to be in the finale. There are a couple of actors that we really tried to get but either they were booked on other shows and legally they can’t come back to us and he’s one of those,” King admitted. “But somebody we tried all season to we get back who is in the finale and on another show is Melissa, Torrey Devitto, so we were really excited about that.” And as for Paige? “I’m not going to say,” she said cryptically.

13) How Did the Moms Get Out of the Basement?
King confirmed that most of the Liars’ moms who are “still alive” will also be making a grand return to Rosewood. To make matters even sweeter, the moms will also be addressing one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the series: How did the moms get out of the basement?! As you well remember, 'A’ trapped the moms in Alison’s basement at the end of 6A, but we never saw them leave. “[Their escape from the basement] is discussed, King said. "It’s not shown, but it’s discussed – maybe not completely in the way you want, but it is discussed.”

14 – 19) Rapid-Fire Finale Questions…
- Which couple has the most shocking moment in the finale?
“Emison,” King answered.

- Are there any masks involved? “There is at least one mask in the finale, maybe two,” King promised. “I won’t tell you whose mask it is, but they’re very realistic looking masks.”

- How many weddings will we witness in the finale? “If I tell you that it ruins the first hour of the finale for you, so I’m not going to tell you the answer to that one,” King said coyly. 

- Which character has changed the most after the one-year time jump? “Toby,” she teased. 

- Will there be a murder in the finale? “There’s a shooting. I can tell you that,” she said. “There’s a shooting.”

20) What Happens in Pretty Little Liars’ Very Last Scene?
We’re absolutely dying to know how Pretty Little Liars very last scene will play out. Will it be a happy ending, a shocking reveal or a lingering cliffhanger? Although she couldn’t reveal specifics, King teased that the series will end with a “full circle moment.”

“It’s like a bonus,” she added. “Although this show ends, this world continues. The mythology of this town will always go on. It’s not going to end with Pretty Little Liars.”

21) Could The Perfectionists Be a Pretty Little Liars Spinoff?
We already grilled Sasha Pieterse and Shay Mitchell about the possibility of an Emison spinoff, and King reiterated that “anything is possible” when it comes to life after PLL. However, we’re desperate to know if King’s next project, The Perfectionists – based on another best-selling Sarah Shepherd book series – would connect to the events in Pretty Little Liars. “It could. It could be in the same universe or it could feel like a similar universe,” King teased. “I would love to be honest about everything, but it’s still too early. I’m hoping in the next couple weeks we can talk more about that.”