mona looks shocked

Why was Mona so freaked out when Hanna asked her to help with the game? Like Mona is Hanna’s ride or die she has always been there to help her. Plus it would pretty obvious to me if I was Mona that Hanna showed me the game cause she wanted me to help her with it but Mona looked shocked and nervous when Hanna asked. I also found it weird that Hanna asked if the should cover the camera and Mona said no you don’t want to upset anyone. I think that was really bad advice I would have covered the camera a long time ago. I don’ t think Mona is AD but she might be helping the same way Sydney or Aria are helping because AD has something over her and she got freaked out because she didn’t want AD to think she is on the liars side working against AD.

Is Andrew Campbell “Varjak”?

I know. Andrew has been a minor character all this time. It doesn`t make sense to me either. But let`s take a look at the clues.

Andrew was a minor character seasons ago. He makes a sudden reappearance in the second half of 5B and gets a LOT of screen time. When we`re only a few episodes away from the season 5 finale. And according to Marlene King, some of the biggest -A clues we`ve ever gotten. 

Andrew starts off being totally normal. The nice, intelligent guy we used to know. He catches Aria copying his answers during an algebra test. Instead of getting pissed off about it he offers to tutor Aria. He follows through with his promise. He also ends up doing whatever Aria asks him. 

Andrew, take us to a sketchy part of town so we can spy on my brother. Sure.

Andrew, follow my brother to see if he does anything sketchy. K, thanks. Sure.

Andrew, give me directions to that random tree in Mona`s yard where Mike stashed the blood. Sure thing, Aria. 

Andrew earns Aria`s trust and she sees him as completely harmless. Even though he invites Aria to a movie which he describes like this —->

And he conveniently appears at Aria`s house just when she falls off of Mike`s weight lifting station. He tends to her ankle and then kisses her to make her feel better. Just the perfect guy. Too perfect. 

But in 5x23 Andrew is a totally different guy. He speaks different. He acts different. Which is exactly why I`m beginning to suspect that he is the mysterious Varjak. Let`s take a look. 


At school he chats with Aria. First of all, he sounds angry way before he starts talking about Mona. Perhaps he knows that Aria spent the entire day with Ezra (they followed Mona`s fake lawyer James Neilan) and he`s jealous. Perhaps Andrew is furious about Aria, Emily, and Ezra discovering the connection between Neilan and Varjak. That`s very inconvenient. 

Second of all, he basically tells Aria that Mona deserved to die because she was too competitive and everyone is better off without her. Even Aria who wasn`t the biggest Mona fan looks shocked.  


Aria receives a phone call from the Varjak number. She doesn`t understand how he could possibly know her number if she never called him from her phone. Well, Andrew would know her number, being her tutor and all. Emily tells Aria to answer her phone and this is what Aria has to say - - - >

Aria is worried that Varjak will know where they are. That they are at the Brew. It`s a little detail, but I found it to be a subtle but very important clue later on in the episode when this happens - - - >

Emily is cleaning up at the Brew and she decides to take a little break. She plays around with Johnny`s “whisper machine” and listens to random messages the clients have left throughout the day. The last message is not a whisper. It`s Mona`s french song. The song they hear when Varjak calls. The song that plays in Mona`s bedroom. 

Earlier Aria was worried that Varjak would know where they are. Well, Varjak already knows. The song on the “whisper machine” proves that Varjak did in fact visit the Brew at some point in the day. And look who Aria runs into ON THE SAME DAY -

Andrew. He is at the Brew way before Aria and Emily arrive. He would`ve had time to play the song in the little booth without anyone getting suspicious and record it so Emily or someone else could discover the recording later. The girls and Caleb know what the song means. Nobody else does. 

In this scene Andrew`s attitude is different again. He realizes that he slipped up by openly admitting that he hated Mona. He fears that he made a bad impression on Aria who has suddenly become someone he wants to impress. Interesting…So, he takes his words back and puts Aria at ease. 


in 5x23 the liars go up to Mona`s bedroom and find her room turned upside down. Somebody broke into the house to look for something. Seconds later we see Andrew outside of Mona`s house. 

If this was the beginning of the season I`d say “Here we go, another red herring”. But we are one episode away from the finale which changes things. In my opinion this is what happens - - - >

* Andrew breaks into Mona`s house to look for something. Tapes. Clues she might`ve left for the the girls. Etc. I don`t think he finds anything so he trashes Mona`s room. 

* He hears knocking. Aria, Spencer, and Emily are there. The door is locked so they can`t get in. He got in through the side door by breaking a window with an ice pick (thanks to amuricanbeauty who pointed that out, I kept thinking it was a screwdriver :D) . 

* Andrew leaves an -A note for the girls, to make them think that he actually found something important he can use to torture them with. With the girls on their way to the car he quickly unlocks the door, goes back upstairs and turns on the french song. It`s the bait he know they`ll take. 

*Emily, Aria, and Spencer try the door again, and what do you know, it`s unlocked! They go in, they go up to Mona`s room, they find -A`s note but don`t  buy what it says. Then they search for clues. 

* In the meantime Andrew sneaks out the same side door he came in through and we get a shot of him looking at Mona`s house from a distance as he makes his escape. 


This is a shot of the damage done by Andrew.

Shards of glass all over the floor. Have you noticed how they changed up the PLL promos recently? At the end of each promo we see shards of glass with the characters faces reflected in them.

It`s a stretch, but maybe that`s supposed to be a parallel? In a more symbolic sense,  Varjak breaks apart the girls circle of friends by framing Ali and Hanna and sending them to jail. Varjak destroys their dreams of going to the colleges they want to, etc. And in 5x23 Andrew (probably) literally shatters a window with an ice pick. 

The ice pick is important as well because as we see in the ending scene, it`s eventually discovered and brought into a lab as a piece of evidence. 

The only place to get an ice pick with the name “Boo Boo’s” on it would be at the actual abandoned factory which means that the black hoody who we saw there and the one who locked Aria and Spencer in the freezer, is probably the same person who broke into Mona`s house in 5x23. And if that`s Andrew that has to mean that Andrew is the black hoodie. Or at least one of the black hoodies.  

And with everything else that we see happen in this episode + Andrew`s creepiness factor + the fact that Andrew is super smart + the fact that he loves literature and would most likely know who Varjak and Holly are (since he reads Anna Karenina in his spare time) Andrew might as well be Varjak.

This episode made me reconsider things because lately I`ve been very suspicious of Jason. Still am, but I guess we`re in this tricky part of the season where new theories come up after every episode. 

Also, is Varjak -A? Or is he yet another villain we`ll have to unmAsk? 


Did Hanna kill Mona?
Or does Hanna have a twin?

I’m watching 5:14 and I had to pause because Hanna’s hair looked similar to the girl who killed Mona.
Don’t forget Mona did look very shocked. I would look shocked too if my best friend came to kill me or maybe it wasn’t my best friend but my best friends secret twin? Hanna’s hair had black streaks in it around that time but who’s to say she didn’t have a twin with hair already like that?

Hanna being the only one to see the twins in the red coats in Ravenswood.

Alison telling the twin story to Hanna when they babysat the little boy.

Hanna’s mom seeing the ghost girl from the Halloween story.

Hanna being smart all of a sudden and getting high SAT scores.


ETonline: So you think Mona definitely discovered who “A” is in the final moments before she died?
JP: She definitely saw whoever it was in the face, and now she’s dead because of it.

SO, alison isn’t A.  because mona looked shocked as hell!

What if:

Mike killed Mona? Remember when the girls were at the zoo trying to lure A there and the manly looking person wearing an awful blonde wig showed up and people were theorizing that it was Mike? That would definitely explain why Mona looked so shocked.  Mike has looked pretty suspicious before but what if he is A or on the A-Team and started dating Mona to figure out what she knows?  This also relates to Mona asking Aria if she thinks Mike really likes her, maybe she was getting suspicious of him too.