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Five times touched

1. First Impressions

He felt them.

Felt them like seawater and sand, and sand gets in. Gets in everywhere. Shaped like almonds, shaped like thorns and he was ready to recoil from them when they rubbed him raw as her hands find his knees.

Seconds ticked by. They became minutes. They died as hours. All in the space it took for her to blink. But that sand stayed smooth. Paved the way for him to meet the sea and all he found in the answering gaze was…welcome. The loudness of the gentle innocence swept over him and retreated at his feet, giving him a chance to hear her words, and the only thing that echoed in the back of his mind was that he had, there by the fire, a lost lamb. Lambs were soft. Lambs were easy. Lambs didn’t know how deep wolves could bite. But he did.

So imagine the choir’s surprise then, then he actually agrees to help her find her man. More so, if she needs a place to hang about…

But why should it be?

Everyone knew Ron was a sucker for helpless creatures.

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