I’m finally home so I compiled some of my favorite selfies for trans day of visibility! It’s been a long road to finding myself and I’m still not all the way there but I’m looking forward to the future and being able to be me even more!

And I know some peeps who know me irl follow me so uh surprise if you didn’t see my announcement earlier oops


PEW PEW I’m so sad that I don’t have any opportunities to wear cultural clothing rn and I’m away from home, so I can’t dress up for some impromptu pictures so HERE HAVE SOME MORE THROWBACK PICS

This from back in November, when I took the shortest vacation from work ever to travel to my cousin’s wedding in England for 4 days. The wedding was literally the day after we touched down in London and I was so jetlagged, I was falling asleep in the front row welp.

Thankfully, I stayed away for the reception and it was definitely an experience I’m glad to have attended. <3