biancagrieve  asked:

pyjamas, fuzzy socks, soft kisses

Describe your favourite pyjamas: I’m not even sure I own pyjamas I sleep in boxers most nights, tho my plaid hoodie is technically sleepwear so probs this bad boi WHICH ALSO HAS A POCKET

What’s your favourite movie? lmao what a movie? i haven’t seen one of those in eons. Umm, short list tho, probs: Enchanted April, Pacific Rim, I Can’t Think Straight 

Describe your OTP:

1. two strong fragile damaged brave brilliant middle age surgeon soul mates who are best friends and together forever and making each other the happiest and healthiest they can be

2. a snarky resourceful skillful futch power lesbian and her painfully shy tremendously brilliant sapphic 2IC who spend their time trusting and supporting one another while being in love and saving the world

3. ??? idk i used to have many many but now it’s mainly those two and a handful of high!key ships that snuck up on me in the night *cough* Serena/Spence *cough cough*

[soft asks for curious beans]