J'ai envie de te bousculer, de te pencher en avant sur ton bureau, de baisser lentement ta culotte le long de tes jambes et de remonter ta robe pour dénuder tes fesses.

Je m'accroupirai derrière toi, et tu sentirais ma bouche te tapisser les jambes de baisers, remontant vers ton sexe.

Et puis ma langue, que tu attends, frôle enfin tes lèvres intimes, tu sens mon souffle chaud sur ta chatte.

Inconsciemment, tu écartes un peu plus les jambes.

Ma bouche te happe, subitement, voracement, te dévore.

Ma langue te fouille, s'enfonce.




Plus rien ne sera comme avant, après ce moment.

Le plaisir te mord les entrailles et tu coules sur mon visage.

Je me repais de toi.

Gourmandise.”  Lucas Helle


221B Con 2017 Intro!

No one asked for it, but just in case someone wants to know, LOL

Name: Steph / Stephie / Stephers … 

Pronouns: She / Her or whatever makes you happy :)

Age: 35

Located: Ontario, Canada!  

What do you do in fandom?: Nothing much, really. XD LOL. I write meta, shitpost, draw, and enjoy making people happy and feeling welcome and loved.

How long are you staying?: Thursday night to Monday morning 

How are you getting there?: Flying

Cosplays: I sadly do not have any ready… Unless y’all want me to dress up like Sora from Kingdom Hearts LOL

Roomies: @yorkiepug

Where to find me: This is my first 221B Con, so I have no idea. Most likely wandering around with Sandy, but probably mostly at panels and fun events! We’re going to the burlesque one of the nights!! :D

Drinks: Ah yup! Sandy intends to get me wasted. She may regret this; I get very silly, cuddly and whiney when I’m drunk. Or cry uncontrollably… don’t let me drink whiskey. The one time I did, I cried on the floor until I sobered up 2 hours later.

Hugs: YAS OMG YES PLEASE. Seriously I don’t get much human contact in my real life, I intend to stock up my Hug Stores until my next Human Interaction Event.

Pictures: Absolutely, but if you post them please ask me first! AND I want to reblog them if you have them! 

Anything else?: I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting people, except I have this ONE teeny tiny issue: I am SHIT at making friends in RL, and am shy as fuck and tend to stick by people I am already familiar with until I am comfortable with the area. YOU will need to come to ME, introduce yourself, and then we’re friends! PLUS I’M REALLY REALLY bad with associating names and faces (hence my dislike for constantly changing URLs…), so please don’t be offended if I forget your name. PLEASE. It will take a few times for me to remember them (this is a large part why I have such social anxiety and mostly spend my time alone)

FINALLY, this is my first 221B con, and I am SO EXCITED to meet my Tumblr friends and soon-to-be friends!! DON’T BE INTIMIDATED BY ME, PLEASE. I am actually a smoll dork in real life and seriously am nothing to be nervous over.

Contact info: Ah, at the con it might be a problem because I am Canadian, and I will get charged up the ass if I turn on my data on my phone…. so I need to be anywhere wireless, LOL. OTHERWISE, I have iMessage, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and Tumblr! DM me and we’ll get personal ;D

Reblog this intro: Sure if it makes you happy!

this is the super happy face of a radical babe that not only nailed her presentation but honestly smashed that shizz out of the park bc hecka yeah i’m so gr8