mon mon mon mon

Mon-El’s return as a hero so far included:

  • him shooting Kara without warning when he sees her on the ship
  • lying about the ship and its passengers, concealing that it’s in fact the Legion and its members; once again lying about his identity to Kara
  • sneaking off into the DEO armoury at first opportunity, assaulting two guards (and in Kara’s own words, nearly killing them) when they tried to intervene
  • offering no apologies or explanations for any of the above
  • literally staring off into space as Kara is having an emotional breakdown in front of him and not saying a single reassuring word
  • choosing to confide in Winn rather than Kara (massive 2x13 throwbacks) bc supposedly he’s “protecting her” by keeping her in the dark about everything
  • putting off telling Kara about his wife so long that the way he ends up coming clean about their relationship is kissing her in front of her still very much emotionally distraught, grieving ex
  • us: could we get some supercorp?
  • the cw: karamel? yeah. got it.
  • us: well, at least some reigncorp will be good
  • the cw: you ask, we do. guardiancorp is here to stay! yay!
  • us: damn mon-el can fuck off and die
  • the cw: woah since you love him so much, we're bringing him back :)
  • us: honestly, we only watch this shit because of katie mcgrath.
  • the cw: three episodes without lena luthor. nailed it!!