mon mon mon mon


*immediately motions for you to come closer to him then pats his thigh*
“Come take a ride then babygirl.”

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*chuckles as he thinks about it for a moment*
“My thighs? Really?” “Well if that’ll get you off, then come here little one.” 

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*licks his lips as he tilts his head slightly* 
“You can do whatever you want babygirl..” “I wanna see you get off on my thigh alone, we can make it a game if you want?” 

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“My thigh?” 
*combs his fingers through his before offering you a seat*
“If that doesn’t work I always have something else you can ride.” 

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*grabs you by your hips and immediately places you on his lap before flexing his thigh*
“Go on little one, I wanna watch you cum all over me, Jagi…” 

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“You don’t even have to ask.” 
*chuckles as he licks his lips*
“Do you wanna do it now or later?”

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*raises his brow at your request before smirking*
“Alright, kitten but if you can’t cum- I’ll be glad to fuck the life out of you.”

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@msclockwatcher mentioned that Chris Wood was following the same personal trainer in Vancouver than many of the actors playing superheroes in Arrow work with, Thomas Taylor.

So I checked Thomas’ instagram, that is @t3athletics.

And yes, not only Chris Wood follows Thomas, but t3athletics’ latest post specifically names Chris Wood as one of the Flarrowverse actors who needs to keep on training to get fit for the next season.

Quote: “t3athletics: While the Cast is away, the Directors get to play! Arrow/Flash Supergirl Director extraordinaire @glenwinter putting in work in the off season. He’s kicking ass and taking names. This is a call out w/ 6-1 ladder down Rows/Rollout Push Ups to @stephenamell @emilybett @echokells@rickgonzalez @julianaharkavy @christophrwood @james2bambamford. Better be fit as he is come Season 6 kids. No pressure 😉
Yes he does give me the 🖕at the end of this. I feel it’s loving”.

I see this as a confirmation that he is indeed Chris’ personal trainer. In Vancouver. Where of course he will keep on living because this is where they film Supergirl. And he is a series regular in Supergirl. And they start to film season 3 at the beginning of July.

This trainer is an expert in making actors get and keep a superhero body. Chris showed in Supergirl 2x13 that he has an amazing physique but with this guy is going to bulk up even more. Yay.

And the Arrow cast usually post videos with their workouts. I hope we also get this with Chris. Actors work very hard to get their amazing bodies so they should show off.

Why does Chris need bulking up? Oh, I’m expecting a red superhero suit with a blue cape, Kara’s glyph and lots of spandex.

So tell me again why there is still people who don’t think that Mon-El is back for season 3 and Valor is rising?

Because I’m going to laugh so hard at them when they are proved wrong!

Eating malasada in Alola


Mon-chan massage♡
最後の顔ムニもポイントです (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
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Consolation Prize

Summary: Goodbye letter to Namjoon
Members: Rap Monster x Male Reader
Type: Angst/fluff
Length: Drabble

This is not only my first post since coming back but also my first time writing in a letter format and my first drabble or whatever, please let me know what you think! I hope whoever requested m!reader Namjoon is happy with this :3

- Admin Kain

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I am too big a coward to say this to your face so I am writing to you now instead. But I know you will understand as cowardice is something you are all too familiar with.

Do you still remember the summer we first met? Recently I’ve found myself looking back on it and wondering how things have ended up like this. God, you really took my breath away from the first moment I laid eyes on you. In all my life I’ve never met anyone who lights up a room like you do, there’s something about you, your voice, the way you carry yourself, that draws everyone in and why would I be any different?

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Chris Wood Appreciation Week - Day 4

Favourite photo/photoshoot.

This is where I am probably going to shoot myself in the foot…I’m not keen on ‘modelling photoshoots’ mainly because the actor/actress has to force a certain look and you can’t really see any of their own unique personality.  Chris has admitted to being a total goof-ball so I think the photos I choose should reflect that.

This was taken last year at Mental Health America’s Conference, at which Chris was a speaker. This is fantastic and for someone who’s suffered from anxiety, depression and panic disorder for over twenty years; having someone as high profile as Chris to highlight the importance of openness about mental health is a blessing.

Who clearly loves his job

Ice cream!

Interacting with his fans

But for me…he loves surprising his mum! Was supposed to be a pic, but I couldn’t find one of him with her!