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The Responsive Eye exhibition at MoMA from 1965

The New York Art Scene in '66

(David Hockney in Brian de Palma’s Experimental Short on NY’s Art Scene)

New York. We love it. The art scene is a never ending field of inspiration… yet at the same time, there’s always a few arty farty people with all their intellectual banter. We recently bumped into an intriguing archive of the exact scene in 1966 – just to remind you that the hipster factor hasn’t changed much in 50 years, with its high fashion, booze pouring, graphic looking guests attending a fabulous opening night party.

This particular short film, directed by Scarface’s Brian DePalma, documents the opening night of an OP ART exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1966. It contains many interesting art works, contemporary at the time of filming, and even some quick interviews with some of the artists, such as David Hockney. Other people include William Seitz, Rudolf Arnheim, Irving H. Leopold, David Hockney, Jeffrey Steele, and Mon Levinson.

We think DePalma takes a little innocent jab at the art experts who insist on dissecting the installation. In any case, the footage is endearing, as a testament to the never-ending machine of New Yorker referred to as the "in-crowd".

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