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When You Come Home (Epilogue)

Part OneTwo, Three12 Days

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: The real finale.

Warnings: Just have fun, honestly.

Word Count: 12,303


Wow, you guys. That’s seriously all we can say. Like man, it’s been an adventure of a lifetime, lemme just say that. I mean, we can’t believe we wrote this entire thing (and that alone was so much fun, holy moly), but the fact that you guys enjoyed it?

We’re seriously so emotional. You guys have no idea.

Thank you so much to all of you that joined us on this journey. It’s been such an honor to receive such incredible, touching compliments on a daily basis, and we can’t stress how much we truly love you. Our hearts are so full of love for each and every one of you, and we’re so grateful to have been able to share a part of our hearts (and insanity) with you.

I can’t tell you how much yelling has been going on behind the scenes– Well, I’m sure y’all could imagine, but take whatever you’re imagining and multiply it by ten thousand. All of this yelling has been because of all of you (this is supposed to be a sweet sentiment, just take it, we’re hoarse, omg).

Again, thank you so much for your support, kindness, and love. We love you all so much. Thank you for making us two very happy dorky nerds. You’re all so amazing.

And so it’s with great pleasure that we present to you the epilogue.

- Team GTNW -


As much as you wanted to jump right into the next chapter of your life with the absolute love of your life, you knew it was best to let time run its course. The two of you decided to spend some time apart to just let things rest for a while, to regroup and think about what comes next, to prepare for the journey that was to come.

You’d both come to the agreement that you’d spend the next two months living your own lives, submerging yourselves back in the mundanity of work, giving the universe a much needed break (or rather, maybe the universe needed to give you guys a break).

That was the plan. Except two weeks after your reunion on the fire escape, your phone dinged with a new text message.

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Let’s Dance - Sam Holland X Reader

A/N: This is for @parkerroos because she wasn’t having the best day yesterday, hope this cheers her up a bit. But this is also my first Sam imagine, so I’m sorry if it isn’t accurate or if it’s not that good, still hope it’s decent though xD.

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It was a normal night for the Holland family, Tom was reading through his script with Tessa taking a nap beside him on his bed, Harry was spending time with Paddy, causing trouble for their mom, while their dad watched on, smiling at his sons and wife. But one thing was different in the house, and that was two unexpected guests, you and your younger sister, Y/S/N.

Your parents were away for the weekend and you promised your boyfriend, Sam, that you would stay at his place while they were away, but then you found out that they also weren’t taking your sister, leaving you to take her with you. Of course, you loved your sister, you practically never left her side when she was born, heck! You basically wanted to take over the role of mom, you loved her that much.

But you had to admit, you wanted some time to spend with your boyfriend. Luckily the Holland family were thrilled to have you both stay over, as long as you and Sam would behave, they were fine with you two staying for the weekend. Y/S/N loved Tessa, and everyone else, but mostly Tessa, but she did love the rest of the family. You were pretty sure she was ready to move in when she finally met them all and learned that Tom played Spider-Man in the MCU, you weren’t actually shocked to see that she never left Tom’s side whenever he said he wanted to tell her more about it.

You smiled to the water of the shower, finishing up with washing your hair before getting out, wrapping towels around your body and hair as you walked out to Sam’s room where you put all your clothes for the weekend. You quickly got changed, leaving your hair wet since you forgot to bring a hairdryer with you, leaving the room and walking down the stairs, waving to Tom when you walk past his room door.

You made your way downstairs quickly, slowing your pace when you hear soft music being played, it wasn’t unusual in the household, you were used to hearing someone playing the piano or some other instrument. This time it was different though, it wasn’t being played by anyone in the house, it was coming from a speaker in the living room.

You smiled as you walked into the living room, your bare feet cold against the wooden floorboards. Your smile grew even bigger when you saw Sam and Y/S/N waltzing around the living room, both of them smiling as Sam spun her around, laughing at the way she twirled and giggled loudly.

“Having fun?” You asked, making Sam and Y/S/N turn to look at you, Y/S/N running over to you and giving you a hug. You picked her up with a smile, resting her on your hip as Sam rubbed the back of his neck.

“Y/N! Sammy was teaching me how to dance!” Y/S/N cheered, making you look at Sam, an eyebrow raised at him.

“Was he now? Is he a good dancer?” You asked Y/S/N, whispering like it was the best piece of gossip ever, which it was for you since you had always wondered if Sam was a good dancer or not.

“He’s a great dancer! Aren’t you, Sammy? He taught me how to…” Y/S/N trailed off, seeming to not remember what he taught her, which made Sam clear his throat and speak up.

“Waltz, Y/S/N. It’s called a waltz.” Sam said, smiling at the little girl on your hip, who nodded in understanding at your boyfriend.

“Can you waltz, Y/N? Why don’t you and Sammy dance while I help Mrs. Holland make dinner?” Y/S/N asked, making you smile at how excited she was to help with dinner.

“Sure thing, Y/S/N/N.” You said, letting your sister out of your grasp as she ran towards the kitchen, you watching as her little feet lead her towards the person who was like a second mother to you both.

It was a few moments of silence before either of you spoke up, Sam looking at you with nothing but love as you stared at your feet with a blush covering your cheeks. You weren’t sure why, but you couldn’t seem to stop the heat rising to your cheeks.

“So um, how’d you learn how to waltz?” You asked Sam, breaking the silence as he shrugged, looking at the floor after a second, not really remembering how he learned himself.

“Well, from what I was told, my mom taught me when I was little, I think it was for some sort of anniversary party or something? I can’t really remember.” He told you and you nodded, knowing what that’s like since your family loved having parties and making a big deal out of even the smallest things, but it was how you learned how to dance, so you couldn’t really complain.

“Let’s dance.” You suddenly said, looking up at him as he did the same, furrowing his eyebrows slightly at you. “Come on, it’ll be fun.” You said, taking his hands before you both put them in the right positions. You put your left hand on his shoulder as he put his right hand on your waist, your other hands joining as you started dancing.

You danced around the living room, the music now stopped, you didn’t know when it ended, but you didn’t want to stop as Sam spun you, similar to earlier when he was dancing with Y/S/N. This time though, he pulled you close to him and you laughed, forgetting the waltz and just swaying together as you closed your eyes, leaning your head back onto Sam’s shoulder. You could’ve swore that you would have fallen asleep if he hadn’t stopped and gently turned you towards him, pulling you into a hug instead.

“You know I love you, right?” Sam said, making you smile as you nodded, hugging him tighter, forgetting about your wet hair that was soaking his shirt ever so slightly.

“Yeah, and I love you two, freckles.” You said, smirking at the nickname you called him in freshman year when you first met him. You didn’t know his name, but you had talked for the entirety of lunch, so you settled on called him freckles until he finally caught on and told you his name.

You were like that until dinner, and even then you couldn’t get it out of your head, it was one of the perfect moments, the kind that never left your head. You had a perfect weekend after that.


A/N: Okay, this is really short and I don’t know how good it is, but I’m tired and really just wanted to write this as soon as I could after the other one seemingly vanished and I can’t seem to find it. But I hope you like the small imagine, again, first time writing for Sam so I hope it’s at least a tiny bit decent.



“I don’t want to go out for dinner, can’t we just order takeout?” I whined as I felt the warm air surround me. This was way better than the parking lot here.

“Stop nagging, Sasuke, it is good to be outside the house now and again” Shisui said as he sat down.

“In Sasuke’s defence, he did warn us that he was going to complain the entire way” Izuna said as he took his jacket off. I glared at Izuna from the corner of my eyes before rolling them. It was unfair how Izuna managed to look good every day of the week.

“I heard this place has great pasta” Shisui said as he looked over the menu.

“Like pasta is so hard to make yourself” I muttered.

“Why don’t you go ahead and cook?” Shisui put the menu down.

“Last time I made something edible, Madara threw it in the trash” I reminded him as I finally took my coat off.  

“Hey, is that Naruto?” Izuna bumped my arm with his elbow. I looked up at the bar, seeing Naruto sat there, talking to some guy.

“Yes, that is him” I said.

“Why don’t we go say hello?!” Izuna leaned towards me, “See if he gets us something to drink”

“He is not even allowed to drink” I noted.

“Well, that gin and tonic in his hand says something else” Izuna pointed out before getting up. I guess if he felt obligated to go to the bar, so should I.

“Would you like anything, Shi?” Izuna asked, but Shisui shook his head.

“Hey, cutie!” Izuna shouted across the restaurant and if my eyes had the ability to set people on fire…Izuna would have been in flames by now.

“Hey Zuna! Sasuke!” Naruto waved at us, putting his glass down.

“Owh, right! It has been a while! How have you been?” I would have expected Izuna to just give a handshake like normal people, maybe a small nod, but instead of that he hugged Naruto tightly.

“Aaah, let’s talk about…anything else but my crappy days” Naruto looked at me with a small smile.

“Naru, aren’t you going to introduce us to them?” The guy next to him asked, looking at Izuna while I legit got ignored.

“You are not important enough to introduce” Naruto joked.

“I am sure this beauty is worthy of knowing his name” The guy said.

“Aw, you are flattering me, the name is Izuna” Zuzu said, “And this is my little, cute, moody, brother, Sasuke”  

“Eh, isn’t that like…uhm…the Samurai from the cigarette ad back in the 80’s?” The guy said as he snapped his fingers like he won a game of charades.

“Yes, that the Samurai from the famous stories, he really existed…” It seemed the guy was an uncultured swine, “The famous novels…movies…it must’ve been mentioned in your primary history book…no?…nothing?…really?” I rolled my eyes. He was stupid as fuck.

“Remember that famous book about the guy with the sword on the horse, wandering around the world?” Naruto asked and the guy nodded.

“Oooaah that one!” He exclaimed, nodding too eagerly, “Hey, if you two have nothing to do tonight, maybe you would like to hang out with us?” It seemed ‘two’ turned into ‘one’ since the guy was looking at Izuna as if he was the only person in the entire restaurant.

“Nah, I am already meeting with some friends”

“Maybe I could tag along with you?” The guy offered, but Naruto punched his arm. “What about you?” He asked and suddenly it seemed I existed again.

“No, Sasuke isn’t into that kind of stuff you do”

“Me? Thought we were a team here, Uzumaki” The guy said, punching Naruto’s shoulder.

“Right! He isn’t into the stuff we are in, better?”

“Pfff, acting like you grew up, but you are the same piece of trash as you have always been, Naru” The guy joked, “Are you just gonna let that blond idiot call you a buzzkill?”

“Don’t challenge him, Sasuke, really, this fucker only causes trouble”

“That blondie takes you straight to jail, I swear” The guy suddenly remained quiet as it appeared if he was thinking deeply “Or to bed, it is either jail or bed, there is no inbetween”

“I am not!” Naruto seems slightly embarrassed as he tried punching the guy with some weak ass punch, the guy easily dodged.

“Oh right, there is also the backseat of the car and the toilet stalls” He laughed. I saw Naruto’s cheek turn slightly red, but for all I knew it was the alcohol.

“Well, seems like you two know each other pretty well” Izuna grabbed the drink he ordered from the bartender, handing me the bottle of coke.

“Speak to ya soon” Izuna said as he walked back towards our table.

“Owh, he doesn’t even drink, you are right, Naruto, he ain’t no fun” The guy said, patting Naruto’s shoulder. I opened my mouth to say something, but I decided it wasn’t worth it after all.

“I guess I will see you at school” I stated as I turned around to head back towards our table.

“So what is the deal with that guy? You wanna bang him or what?”

“No! Shut up!” I heard Naruto say with an anxious tone in his voice.

“Why are you even being nice to such a weirdo?”

“Do you have any idea how scary he can be? I saw him take down four adults…not to mention he has one brother that…is worst than my mother”


“Hey, Sasuke” Itachi opened the door to my room, naturally he never knocks when it comes to my room. I stood there in my boxer shorts, holding a tube of lotion.

“What is it?” I asked, putting the lotion down. Don’t get the wrong ideas, I just got out of the shower.

“I am going to bed, don’t stay up too late, alright?” Itachi said as he walked towards me and placed a kiss on my forehead. I gave him a rather pathetic smile.

“Right” I said seeing Itachi leave the door open behind him. Why does he always do this to me? I put my shirt on before grabbing some sweat pants. I headed downstairs to watch a movie before heading to bed. I grabbed a bag of crisps from the kitchen and opened it, almost getting a heart attacking seeing Naruto standing in front of the window, waving while having his usual innocent smile on his face. He pointed at the direction of the door and I rolled my eyes putting the crisps on the table before opening the door.

“It is midnight, why are you even here?” I asked, examining him from top to bottom. He didn’t seem drunk.

“Say do you always leave the curtains of your room open?” He asked. I narrowed my eyes and looked at him confused. His face was red, probably from the cold, I guess I should invite him in. It seemed like the right thing to do.

I opened the door wider.

“Ah, actually I am here to apologise, I realised that what I said didn’t sound so nice”

“It sounded like you find me a buzzkill, but….it is not like it bothers me”  Well, that was a lie. I have been thinking of it every 10 seconds to the minute.

“It’s actually really cool how you aren’t bothered by little things, I admire that, oh, quick side note, the light to your room is on”

“It is?” I took a step outside. It was almost amazing how I could even see the books and lotion on my desk from here.

“You want to…come in?” I asked.

“No, it is fine, I am going…well…yeah…I am going”

“You can’t possibly have come all this way to just talk” I frowned.

“Actually…I got a lot more than talk” He has this stupid grin on his face before rubbing his neck, looking awkwardly away. “Actually, I stopped by on my way to the casino”

“Ah, right” I muttered.

“See, I would’ve invited you to come with me, but…I just don’t think you would like it very much, y’know being an ex-cop and all, dattebayo”

“What has me tagging along with my dad to do with this?”

“Aah…how do I say this? Sometimes we do stupid things and…well, you are not stupid”

“It really depends on the definition of stupid” I said.

“Well…it is not like you would-” Naruto looked around him, “Steal a car, I don’t know” He said pointing at Itachi’s car.

“True…I wouldn’t…” I said and reached for the drawer, “Because I would be borrowing the car” I said, spinning the keys around my fingers. I saw Naruto’s expression turn to an amused one .

“The little princess of the Uchiha family is actually a bad boy” Naruto joked as he looked at the keys. “Who’s car is it anyway?” Naruto asked. He looked very tempted, as if he was holding back.


“Let’s get going then” He said as his eyes suddenly started to sparkle. I quickly put my sneakers on and grabbed my coat.

“Let’s get going then” I threw the keys towards him and he caught it with both hands, almost dropping them, but he managed to hold it. I closed the door behind me. He gave me one last look to be absolutely sure if this wasn’t some trick or test.

“What are you waiting for? You aren’t a buzzkill, are you?” I cocked my head a little, seeing a smirk appear on his face.

“Like hell I am”


“Dude, dude, you have all the space to parallel park here, what the hell are you driving up and down for?” I looked at the mirror to the back.

“It is really more of an art-”

“Art?!” My tone couldn’t be more ironic. Naruto suddenly hit the break and I turned my head towards him.

“Alright, I don’t have my licence, so, if you can do a better job at it then I would be happy to let you take the wheel” He sounded annoyed, but in his defence, I was giving him shit about his parking skills so far.

“Hey, my daddy wasn’t around to teach me”

“Boo fucking ho, my mom taught me-”

“Well…I don’t have a mother either” I interrupted him.

“You are making it sound like an argument, dattebayo” He had another shot, and even though the car stood partly on the pavement. I guess it was the best that could do.

“Don’t I get, like, a kiss for this great achievement?!” Naruto slammed the door behind him. I got out of the car.

“Is it really an achievement?” I asked him.

“It can count as one” Naruto walked towards me, “In my defence, my mother’s car is smaller” He wrapped his arm around me.

“Hey, so what will you do if they ask for identification?” I asked as we approached the door, I could see two guys standing there in black.

“You are gonna use those beautiful, blue eyes” I frowned.

“I don’t have blue-” I stopped talking when I saw Naruto smile.

“They won’t ask you”

“What makes you so sure?” I wasn’t so engaged in the conversation that we were already walking inside.

“Hey, Naruto” Both said and gave him a nod.

“Because I am here” Naruto said and I had to admit…that was pretty cool and yet there were so many questions appearing in my head.

“If it ain’t our fox!” I could see the guy from the restaurant and I wasn’t surprised seeing him with beer.

“You remember Sasuke” Naruto indicated to me and I didn’t say anything. I don’t give two shits about that dude.

“Nice meeting you” The girl said and winked at me.

“Hey, hey~” The guy almost screamed, he was probably tipsy. He grabbed twenty bucks from his wallet and put it on the table before grabbing the empty beer bottle and putting it upside down the twenty bucks, “Whoever managed to get the money from under the bottle, without touching the bottle, gets the keep the money”

“That doesn’t seem that hard” The girl said.

“I tried it, it is impossible”  Naruto added.

“That is what you said when you tried to put together an Ikea desk chair” I said. The girl leaned in pulled the money away, but the bottle fell. “Damn it, it harder than it looks” She commented.

“Let me try” Naruto asked when the girl put the bottle upside down on the money.

“It can’t be done” The guy said, leaning back in the chair.

“Can I try?” I leaned in the table.

“It can’t be done” The guy repeated, “But if you can do it, go ahead, if it works I’ll buy you beer”

“I am more of a scotch guy”

“I ain’t going to buy you any overpriced scotch, you prick” The guy said.

I looked at the bottle and suddenly I had this moment…this…epiphany. I leaned in the tabled and started rolling up the money, making me able to get the twenty from under the bottle without dropping it.

“Somebody is getting me a beer” I said, holding the twenty. There was a moment of silence at the bat table.

“Here, get yourself a snack” I leaned over the table and put the twenty in the guy’s shirt as if he was a stripper.

“I feel…pretty dumb…” The guy groaned and tried to catch the attention of the bar tender.

“New challenge!” The girl said, grabbing the guy’s empty beer bottle and a card from the table, she put the card on one bottle before putting the other upside down on the first one. “Remove the card without making the bottle fall”

I extended my hand, my first instinct was to pull, but I couldn’t reach so I just flicked my fingers and the card flew on the table.

“You owe me a beer” I said, seeing the girl and Naruto both look at the card with their mouths open.

“New challenge!” Naruto grabbing a nickel from his pocket. “Put the card on the glass and balance the coin on it”

“If I do it…I want scotch this time” I said grabbing the beer from the guy taking a sip.

“Two?” The guy asked, as he looked at girl, putting the second beer on the table.

“There is no way you can balance a coin on card…on a glass…” The guy frowned slightly. I wasn’t good in physics, but…I knew that was impossible. I leaned back and looked at the card and coin, taking another sip before looking at the beer. I poured the beer in the glass, filling it up all the way to the top. I put the card on it so half of it was on the liquid. I then put the coin on the other side of the card and I swear I never knew I would ever in my life use school knowledge outside of school…but here I was.

“I am so done, doonneee~” Naruto didn’t believe his eyes, it is like he saw a brand new colour he had never seen before. “Done!” He shouted walking away. I chuckled.

“Fuck me, that is smart!” I heard somebody suddenly shout behind me.

“New challenge!” Some random person walked up to me; and so the evening which was supposed to be spent with my bae was filled with challenges involving mostly beer bottles and every challenge was rewarded with another alcoholic beverage and at a certain point…I wasn’t sure what I was doing anymore, but everything I heard “OOOOOOHHHH” I knew I would get another drink.

“Last challenge!” Some person shouted.

“I think I drank enough” I couldn’t count the bottles in front of me anymore. I was seeing double so I poked my own eyes to see if my lenses were still in my eyes or not.

“I bet you fifty bucks!”

“Fuck yeah!” I was pretty eager trying to get up that I almost fell backwards if it weren’t for Naruto grabbing my arms.

“Dude, I was gone for thirty minutes, dattebayo!” His voice was so loud, it almost appeared to me he was scolding me.

“Who that?” I wasn’t indicating to Naruto, but to the chick standing next to him. So, that is where he went? Was…he banging the chick in the bathroom? Who needs thirty entire minutes for that?! Wait, has it been thirty minutes? No, it has been one and a half hour! Was this some new youth slang I haven’t come across on the internet?

“What the hell?! Did you drink all of that?! You were the same guy that got drunk from two light beers!” Naruto suddenly tightened his grip around my arms, “Stop trying to climb over me” Oh right…I was trying to win another bet.

“I am providing for our kids!” I shouted, pulling myself away from him.

“I am sure they aren’t very happy with you being drunk off your ass, dattebayo!”

“Are we having this fight again!?” I grabbed Naruto’s collar, “Fight me, mate!” His eyes widened in surprise and I smiled leaning my head on his shoulder. “Fucking asshole…” I muttered before kissing his cheek. “Whatever you did in the bathroom, I can do it twice as good”

“What?!” Naruto pulled me away, “Did you guys gave him any drugs?”

“Stop being a buzzkill” I pushed him, so he was forced to take a step back. I needed a few seconds to get my head to stop spinning. I almost tripped forwards, but I regained my balance. I cupped Naruto’s cheek.

“Why don’t you go and wait in the backseat of the car? Be pretty and I will be there to do you in like five minutes, alright? Daddy is slaying these bets right now” I heard some whistling in the back. I was grabbing some cash that I won and put it in his shirt, “Buy yourself something pre-” I yelped and it took longer than I am proud of to realise Naruto threw me over his shoulder.  

“Baby, no! I wanna make more money, we can fuck later! Why are you so eager?! This is making me nauseous, Narutoooo!” I gave up and just hung there while he walked towards the car.

“I am so disappointed in you, dattebayo!” Naruto finally let me go. He opened the car door and I looked at the car door before looking at him.

“So…your place, my place, motel?” I asked.

“Step in!” He hissed. I didn’t realise how hot he could be when he is being all protective. I smirked and looked ahead of me while he sat down. “Seatbelt” he said, but I folded my arms.

“Are we really going to do this?” Naruto asked.

“Make me, hottie” I dared him. He rolled his eyes before reaching for my seatbelt. I protested. I suddenly get why Naruto could be so annoying from time to time…it was fun.

“Sasuke!” He said with a warning voice after a good 3 minutes of trying. I remained still and he leaned over me and reached for my seatbelt. I suddenly grabbed his face between my hand and leaned into whisper in his ear,“I kinda like how you say my name so pissed off”

“Then you are going to love the drive home” Naruto pulled away.

“Buzzkill” I whispered. I allowed him the fasten the seatbelt. I turned my head to him trying to find the keys.

“Naruto” I repeated his name several times, but he only reacted annoyed after 5 good minutes. “Wanna fuck?”

“Not when there is chance of you puking on me” He answered.

“I won’t!” I immediately said, “I am like…a very…very good boy” I pouted and I saw him look at me from the corner of his eye.

“No, you are not” Naruto said, “I took my eyes off you once and you got wasted”

“In that case, I am a very bad boy” I whispered and he laughed. I frowned before taking the seatbelt off.

“Oi!” Naruto sounded frustrated. I crawled to the back seat.

“What? Did I piss you off?” I smirked, “Maybe I need to get punished”

“I knew you were a horny drunk, but…where is the are the kinks coming from?”

“You know I have parent issues” I was struggling taking my pants off.

“Sasuke, what are you doing?” Naruto shook his head, looking at me through the mirror.

“I am getting naked” I stated.


“Because…fuck?” He closed his eyes and shook his head.

“At least during Halloween you were making an effort, trying to make it sexy-” He stopped talking the moment he opened his eyes and turned his head towards me, “So those clothes were off fast, dattebayo!”

“Wanna take my boxer briefs off with your teeth?” I winked.

“Is that even a ques-” He suddenly shook his head and turned his head away from me, “Sasuke, wear your clothes you are going to catch a cold!”

“Heat me up then!” I opened my arms like he was about to come here and hug me anytime.

“…You are really…” Naruto sighed.

“Want me to sit on your lap? Naruto~” I sat up and pouted not getting a response from him.

“You know what, Sasuke? If you can sit still for twenty minutes while I drive, I am sure I will reward you”

“Rewards me?” I scratched my cheek, but gave in.

“Want me to get busy in the back-”

“NO, SIT STILL AND DO NOTHING!” Naruto shouted. There was definitely something wrong with me because I felt more excited now. He grabbed the keys and a silence emerged in the car “That is, like…uhm…an order” He added.

“I am so horny, Naruto” I sat up and crawled back in the front seat.

“If I give you my jacket, will you wear that?” He asked.

“Baby, if you give me that sweater that will be the only thing I am wearing” I whispered, leaning towards him.

“Take it” He took his jacket off and gave it to me. I put it on and while he was driving off I took the liberty of taking my underwear off.


“Dattebayo!” Apparently the sudden flying pair of boxers on the wheel scared him. I laughed. “No, bad Sasuke! Put it on, or put your pants on, put something on-”

“I said I would wear your jacket” I whispered in his ear, biting his earlobe softly.

“Sasuke, I am driving” He swallowed.

“Stop” I said, kissing his jawline, “Let’s do it in the car” I whispered, my hand on his lap, moving towards his crotch. I could hear a loud siren and I frowned.

“Shit!” Naruto hissed and I sat down, sticking my head out of the window to see a police car while Naruto stopped the car.

“Hey, daddy is home!”

“NO!” Naruto pulled me back in my chair. “Just…behave!” He was way too serious, but I guess if he could see the connections I had he will have to fuck me. The officer tapped on his window and Naruto rolled it down, smiling kindly. That bitch was stealing my man!

“Licence and registration please” The cop said.

“Uhm…Of course” Naruto turned his head to me, giving me some sort of look. Maybe he was trying to tell me something…but I didn’t know what he was trying to say?

“Oooh!” I nodded before looking at Naruto, winked at him before looking at the cop.

“Officer…Officer” I said leaned over Naruto’s lap so I got closer to the officer. I slapped his face, causing him to back off and give me a shocked look. I rolled the window back up. “They see me roolliinnggg~ they’re haatttinnnggg~” I sang hearing Naruto sigh loudly.

“Fucking put me in prison already, dattebayo” He whispered.

“Sir, get out of the car, now!” The office shouted, ramming his fist on the door.

“Sasuke…just work with him” Naruto said.

“Oh no, sweetie” I cupped his cheeks, “You stay here and let me handle this” I pushed the door open and it almost hit the officer.

“Owh damn” The officer looked away, “You are not fully dressed”

“Sir, identification” the cop I slapped walked towards his partner.

“Listen…I know like…your bo-” I felt like I had to burp, but it wasn’t air…I had to vomit. I leaned forward and let it out, not able to hold it in. I heard one officer laugh while the other was cursing. I leaned against the car.

“Okay…I might be drunk” I looked up at the cop. “Fuck me…”


“A stolen car, driving without licence and underage drinking!” The officer hissed, closing the door behind us.

“And public urination” The other said.

“What?” Naruto looked at me.

“I really needed to go…” I pulled the jacket slightly down, where was my underwear…Oh right…in the car.

“Can we at least get some water or coffee so he can sober up, dattebayo?” Naruto looked at the officer.

“Sleep is the best way to sober up”

“My brother is a lawyer and he said that you can’t strip us from basic human needs, that included toilets and water-”

“Well, the lawyer ain’t here!”

“I know your boss!” I shouted, wrapping my hand around the bars, “And I will file for 204 civilian complain and you will have like a serious long talk in 2 months!”

“How do you know about civilian complain 204?”

“Yo mama told me-”

“Sasuke, enough!” Naruto pulled me away, “We just sit here until we can use the phone, I will call my cousin, he owes me big time, he will bail us out” He pushed me on the couch.

“My butt is cold” I whispered.

“Nobody told you to take your boxer briefs off, dattebayo!” Naruto slightly pulled his hair.

“Kid, I don’t wanna crush your dreams…but we have to notify the car owner”

“That is my brother!” I looked up at the cop, “Fuck…we are gonna die, Naruto” I added. “One time, Madara and I were hungry and we took his car and we accidently dropped the food like…dude…it was everywhere, anyway…no…that was my dad! That was my dad’s car!” I laughed. “And that wasn’t Madara…that was my mom” I gasped dramatically.

“Sasuke, why don’t you go sleep a bit while I try figuring out…what I’m going to tell Itachi”

“He won’t press charges, no worries”I leaned my head on his shoulder, “I make sure he doesn’t because that means he will press charges against me…it was my idea, you did nothing wrong”

“I shouldn’t have called you a buzzkill, dattebayo” I felt Naruto’s hand pat my cheek, “Try to sober up, alright?”

“How did the gays got in jail? I thought it was legal now or something” A woman suddenly spoke up. That was the moment I realised we were not alone.

“We stole his brother’s car, drove around, he got drunk, I tried to bring him home, police came…he slapped the cop…”

“I slapped him and his mother!” I shouted.

“Sssh…” Naruto pressed his finger against my lips.

“And then I peed…I peed against my brother’s car…it is mine now”

“Sasuke, this is not national geographic, dattebayo” Naruto sighed.

“He is moody because we haven’t fucked in the car yet” I whispered. The woman nodded understanding.

“Car sex is the best” She winked.

“What are you in for?” I asked.

“Possession of heroin” She said.

“What?! No, you are the story of your own life, you are a heroine”

“Wrong heroin…Sasuke, dattebayo” Naruto sighed.

“An anti-heroine?” I looked confused at Naruto who shook his head and set back. He opened his arm and I took it and rested my head on his chest. I could feel his hand pull the jacket slightly down.

“What are you in for?” I asked the man next to the woman.

“I sell crack to teens”

“We are teens” I grabbed Naruto’s shirt.

“I guess I am a total asshole now?” The man said and I shook my head.

“No, no!” I let go of Naruto and pointed my finger at the man like I was scolding him.

“Good people do bad things, that doesn’t make them bad people! Am I a bad person?” I asked the four other people in the jail. They remained quiet.

“Exactly! And I…” I looked at Naruto before leaning in and whispering, “I killed a man” I pushed my finger against my lips so they knew it was a secret. “But it doesn’t make me a bad son of a bitch…because my mom wasn’t a bitch, she was a psychopath, totally different things, she was a good mother! But…she did try to kill me” I sighed and sat back, “But fuck that! You are a good man! You go sell that crack to those teens!”

“Sasuke, no!”

“Sasuke, yes! I will buy some from you even!” I shouted and stood up. “We might be lost in society’s eyes, but fuck them! We are awesome! And not fucking buzzkills!”

“I will never ever insult you in my life again knowing this is the result…” Naruto remained quiet before frowning, “You are very bad at sex” He suddenly spoke up.

“Oh, hold up!” I looked at Naruto, “Hoe, you don’t know the half of the shit I am actually willing to do!” I sat back down and lean in to whisper in his ear, “I have like…A very…very wet mouth”

“I know…I kissed you…remember?” Naruto wrapped his arm around me, trying to keep me seated.

“You know what we should do…we should escape-”

“No!” Naruto immediately protested.

“Then we should party in here and show them jail has nothing on us! It is time for an-” I jumped up, “EPIC RAP BATTLE!”

“Sasuke, stop jumping!” Naruto grabbed my arm, pulling me towards him before lowering the jacket.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry” I grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips, “I won’t lose, I am really good! I can take any of you!” I said and started beatboxing.

“Kid is not bad” The man stood up,”What the hell? I have nothing to do anyway” The man said and started rapping.

“Owh Sasuke, you wanna back out?” Naruto asked.

“Bitch, I have watched 8 Miles twice! Gimme a beat!” I pointed at Naruto who chuckled before starting beatboxing.

“You call that a rap?
Bitch, you sounding like a sap;
It ain’t shocking that you’re so slow,
Cause yours lines got no flow;
Your nasty breath and balding head,
No wonder no one goes in your bed;
Who’d fuck a sad little slob?
No hooker is gonna do that job;
You wanna hear the truth right now?
Ya mama is a big fat cow;
Oh? And how do I know?
Cuz I bend her over and give her a show;
Now imma give you some advice,
Consider this me being nice;
Next time you in Konoha?
Don’t mess with the motherfucking Uchiha” I pretended to hold a mic and drop it.

“Oooohh he got you!” The others shouted.


“There is only one person in the world that called me by my full name” I turned my head to the bars seeing Itachi stand there with Shisui.

“Nailed it, princess!” Shisui said, but Itachi punched his arm causing Shisui to clear his throat, “I am deeply disappointed”

“I knew it, whenever there is trouble, you are involved” Itachi pointed at Naruto.

“I am deeply disappointed” Shisui added. Itachi looked at Shisui.

“You got nothing else?” Itachi asked.

“It is four in the morning…I got nothing…” Shisui sighed.

“Lucky for you two, they paid your bail…and no charges pressed” The officer said. “He slapped me in the face, puked on me shoes and peed on a car” The officer looked at Itachi.

“Uzumaki Naruto, wait till your father hears about this” Shisui said.

“Ohw, that is fine” Naruto said.

“And your mother!” Itachi hissed

“I am going to die” Naruto let his head hang.

“Actually…guys…I am the one who did this” I said, biting my lower lip.

“You reek of alcohol, did he make you drink!?” Itachi quickly wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tightly.

“Actually…I drank and he is…he is sober” I said.

“Where are your clothes?” Shisui took his coat off, wrapping it around me. I hissed.

“Well…they are in Itachi’s car, I..I got warm” I lied. “But Naruto was the one who like…insisted on going home after finding out I had some drinks, so…it was all me” I admitted.

“This isn’t like you at all” Itachi grip tightened around my arm.

“I didn’t want to be a buzzkill” I sighed, “I just wanted some fun” I looked up, putting up a pouting and innocent face.

“You stole my car, got drunk, got naked, slapped an officer, puked on an officer, peed on my car and went to jail…in one night! You…you wish you had died when I am done with you” Itachi pulled me by the arm. Well, fun was over.

“Come with us, we are going to drive you home” Shisui said, giving Naruto a small push in the right direction.

“Are you really going to tell my mom, dattebayo?” Naruto asked. Shisui didn’t answer and just sighed.

“Hey, I appreciate you took care of him, it must have been really-”

“Hard? Oh, it was terribly hard and it was so hard I swear it would rip out of my pants” Shisui frowned and looked confused. Naruto swallowed, “We…we were talking different kinds of hard…dattebayo…”


*next morning*

“Fucking kill me already!I I can’t…I can’t!” I laid on the rug, hugging my knees and trying to hide my face.

“No…you did this…you have to suffer and learn from the pain” Itachi said, rewinding the video his dashcam recorded last night. I could see myself on the screen again, drunk as I could possible be, trying to seduce Naruto. I looked like a fucking idiot, I am a fucking idiot.

“Don’t you have to go to work or something!” I shouted.

“Nope…we are going to do this all day” he said, crossing his legs.

“Hey, what are you guys doing?” Madara entered the living room.

“Shaming Sasuke” Itachi said it with a smirk spread across his face.

Oxoxox special thanks to @failureoftheyear for editing and for the awesome rap they wrote for this one shot oxoxoxo

[TRANS] 170509 SuA Fancafe Update - Kekeke Hah It’s SuA

Hello! You guys~ It’s SuA~!
Did you see my solo broadcast?! We communicated alone together for one hour
It was my first time so I was nervous and shaking ㅠㅠ
I tried making food I had never made before, but who makes it well from the first time? hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
This time I made it like this, so next time I’ll fill in the gaps when I make it, hehehehehe
Gradually the visuals were a little…like that
Even so, the taste was fine, so I ate it all deliciously!! 
Because of the people that were worried about me getting hurt, I didn’t get hurt and finished safely~!
Doing two things at once all by myself was very spirit-taking….
I just had fun doing it, and you guys had fun watching it, so I’m satisfied!
You guys said it was fun, I cut it like that deliberately
When I looked awkward, it was a mission success^*^
Next time if I have the opportunity to cook, I would like to feed the members with a meal I cooked well, kekeke
It was a method my mom taught me.. Kekekeke, I’m sorry, mom, kekekekeke
And I saw the appearance of our fan manager unnie who took a full bite without running away
I was happy, kekekeke. I would like to give my infinite thanks to the two fan manager unnies who prepared the cooking materials!! Clap clap
Ah!! And I feel like I couldn’t read a lot of comments, so it was unfortunate
But I hope a time where we can share a conversation will appear quickly, hehe
When I check the comments again, I will read them all!!!!!!!
Thank you for having fun watching today’s broadcast
You must eat your meals, don’t skip
The outside air is not good, so be sure to wear a mask before going out
Please watch our next V App broadcasts
The people who couldn’t watch Ssua’s broadcast, please watch again~
I got burned, it was really hot
I will never burn down the dorm
So! I will go check the video again, kekekeke
Everyone, thank you~~~!!! I love you

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

I may not always get along with my mom, but...

When I was in 5th grade, the teacher handed out a sheet to read in class. This teacher did NOT like me. Why? Who the hell knows. She was near retirement age, clearly didn’t like her job anymore, and was just nasty in general. She had done 45 other things before this incident, many of which my parents knew about, but this one was the final straw.

After reading the handout, we were suppose to go up to her desk and get the worksheet relating to it. I did just that. She looked up at me from her notebook, glared, and said, “My best reader isn’t even done yet. Go finish reading the sheet!” I was annoyed, but this wasn’t uncommon behavior for her, so I went and read it again. However, she rejected me a second time, and that’s when I started to get pissed.

I ended up sitting at my desk, twiddling my thumbs, until someone else went up to her. After them, I was finally given the work. As she handed the paper over to me, she said, “Let me know if you need help reading this one” in a very stuck-up voice.

I was done.

I went back to my desk, pulled a marker out of my bag, and filled in the answers with a ridiculous amount of detail. I put the sheet on her desk, and she asked me why I had written it in purple marker. I replied “Well, knowing you, you would change my answers so another kid could score higher.”

I was sent to the office. They attempted to force me to apologize, and I told them no. They did not like that response, so they threatened me by saying I wouldn’t be allowed to do certain school activities. I still refused, and they got mad when I started telling them stories about the teacher, so they called my parents.

My parents were ridiculously strict, and generally unsupportive, so I figured they would ground me without thinking about it. Whenever I had told them about the teacher in the past, they had pretty much told me to “stop making things up”, or “work harder and she won’t bother you as much”, etc.

My mom came to bring me home, and while parked in the car, she asked me what had happened. I was shocked she wanted my side of the story, but was still outraged by it all, so I told her everything in great detail. After a short pause, she left me in the car, walked back into the school for a few minutes, and came back out. 

We’re going to have a meeting with the teacher in the morning.” was all she said. I was so afraid of getting grounded that I didn’t ask for details. It wasn’t mentioned the rest of the day.

The next morning, we went to school early. The teacher was sitting there, with a few other teachers/important people around, and we sat across from them.

My mother attempted to ask why the teacher had said such nasty things to me, but the teacher changed the subject into how I was “disruptive”, and “didn’t work well”, etc. My mom did not relent, demanding to know why the teacher had singled me out. Again, the teacher started listing all the reasons why I was a terrible person, and had an attitude, etc. At some point, the guidance counselor suggested I might have ADD or ADHD, and that I should be evaluated and possibly medicated for it.

It was at this point that my mother opened the flood gate. Every story I had ever told her about the teacher came pouring out. Not just the ones where she had told me to stop lying, or work harder, etc. There was even incidents in there that I had completely forgotten about. She told them that I had never had a problem with any other teachers, and that my grades had always been fine. Everytime someone attempted to interrupt her, she talked over them and kept going. It went on for a solid 5 minutes. I was shocked.

Of course, the teacher denied everything, and the other teachers defended her. Nothing was coming from the meeting. My mother stood up, said “She’s only getting ritalin if that teacher takes it first.”, and she brought me home.

In the car, unable to imagine my luck, I asked her, “So… you believe me now?”

20+ years later, I still remember her reply:

I knew you were telling the truth because you have ALWAYS been the fastest reader. I taught you before you started school, everyone else let those fucking dumbass teachers do it for them.”

We have never seen eye to eye. We fight alot. But God damn, my mom knew she taught me to read well.

(Edit: No, I did not get in trouble at school. I guess they decided to drop the issue lol)

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“I couldn’t let you if there were. I’m at least a foot shorter so the couch would better for my little legs than yours.” She gave a small laugh then nodded. “Liam. Call me Abby.” She shook his hand before taking a seat on the dresser with a jump. “I’ve heard of your work. Did you really do a bilateral dissection for a cerebral brain bleed a month back?” Abby asked with her green eyes in awe.

“At least the bed isn’t a single bed, that would have been even more awkward. This bed is big enough for the both of us to get a good night’s sleep, if you’re okay with us sharing, that is?” He asked her with a raised eyebrow, hoping he wasn’t being too forward with the young woman. He didn’t want to scare her. “It’s nice to meet you, Abby.” He told her with a warm smile as he shook her hand, before sitting down on the bed opposite her. “Yeah, I did. That was hard, but my mom taught me well.” 

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That must felt no good :( Drink lots of warm water ^^ Thats one of my mom's advise if I'm having period :) Don't take painkillers often cause it will cause problems ._. I'm going back to uni in 2 days and I'm so anxious about it X( But other than that I'm fine, I guess :)

oh that helps. i keep drinking cold water and i think coke helps??? i don’t know but i’ll do that :) well, good because my mom taught me not to drink painkillers because i might look for it everytime i have my period. 

i got back to school on august 15th and im not having a really fun time but i can handle. good luck with school though, knock ‘em dead! ;)

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Pairing: Uta x Kaneki
Theme: puzzles

“Hmm… Kaneki-kun… that’s not an edge piece.”

Kaneki stared at the piece he was holding, two rounded edges out and the other two in. “I-I’m… I’m aware of that, Uta-san.”

Humming, Uta brought a knee to his chest, arm around it. He and Kaneki sat on a couch in his apartment, coffee table in front of them with five hundred pieces sprawled out on it. As Uta carefully studied the picture on the box, Kaneki set to work flipping all the pieces over so they weren’t staring at speckled grey.

“Making the outline first helps,” he murmured thoughtfully and picked up the box to stare at it again, lifting a blue edge piece to try to figure out where it would go. Kaneki decided not to mention that the entire upper part of the image was blue and it could go anywhere.

“A-ah…” he said, managing a small smile and fixing his eyepatch. “W-well, my mom taught me that sometimes it helps if you can put together what you know. Like… like see that butterfly?” he asked and leaned over, pointing at the insect with its wings mid-flutter.

Uta stared at him and used a finger of his other hand to push at Kaneki’s forehead. “Too close, Kaneki-kun.”

“S-sorry, Uta-san…”

Shaking his head, Uta stared for a bit longer before putting the box back down and picking up another edge piece. “You know, Kaneki-kun, we could make you into a puzzle.”


Uta looked up. “Well, I could cut you up and figure out how to put you together. Edges first or organs?”


Giving a charming smile, Uta patted the boy’s head, looking entirely calm while Kaneki’s face paled and he was trembling. “As I was saying Kaneki-kun,” he continued seamlessly, “we’ll be doing the edges first, okay?”

“…Y-y-yeah, Uta-san…”


Why drink tequila when you can have tea??? XD omg I’m so pretentious and worldly because I drink tea. Earl Grey over Jack Daniel’s any day stay class girls stay classy like ME"

“I’m the kind of girl who wears converse over high heels and MCR t-shirts over dresses and old jeans over skirts I’M SO COOL notice ME for being DIFFERENT”

“ugh so many sluts your boobs are supposed to stay inside of your clothes I’m surrounded by idiots and whores XDDD I’M NOT AT ALL PROVOKED BY YOUR BODY POSITIVITY OR CONFIDENCE AT ALL I just hate sluts wow”

“So many white girls in Uggs and leggings with Starbucks now that Fall is here ugh get yourself a pair of Toms and some [insert exotic tea] because I’m not stereotypical and boring nor do I like indulging in Pumpkin Spice frappés like you gosh I’M UNIQUE haha bitches”

“I don’t fuck on the first date because my mom taught me well unlike you SLUTS I’m not JEALOUS OF YOUR FEMALE SEXUALITY at all omg just keep it in your pants you whore”

“Girls are so bitchy. I’m one of the guys I would much rather stay in and play video games and drink tea with my bros because I think that somehow being friends with guys MAKES ME A FUCKING GOD who’s so much better than you SLUTS XD not at all because I don’t have female friends for constantly shaming my gender but because GIRLS ARE SO BITCHY AND I DON’T LIKE DRAMA”

“I do video games rather than make-up because I’m not a slut omg worship me for my extensive knowledge of Halo rather than being a WHORE”

“Ladies, your face isn’t a coloring page. Stop pretending it is hun <3”

“[insert joke about bitches]”

“[insert homophobic joke about lesbians]”

“[insert joke about Women’s Rights]

—  every internalized misogynist ever

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How would the captains react upon overhearing their s/o fluidly speaking/singing in another language (ex. german, finnish, czech...) and only then finding out they're half japanese?

Hey, sorry for the lack of posts. Admin Nasuki and I have been at our Frosh weeks, but I promised myself I would post something today, so here it is! -Admin Megwara

“No way!” Bokuto exclaimed, his eyes lighting up when you finished speaking Finnish to your mom on the phone. “(Y/N), that’s amazing! What language is that?” When you answered him, he only came at you with more questions.“Ooh, can you teach me all the curse words?” You rolled your eyes at him as he beamed at you. “I want to be able to swear around people without them knowing.” You laughed as you started to teach him a few things. It only occurred to him afterward that he should ask you how you know all this. “Oh, well my mom is from Finland, so she taught me Finnish while my dad taught me Japanese.” He looked even more amazed before. “OOOOOH! THAT’S SO COOL!”

Ushijima didn’t say anything as he watched you give directions to a German couple, pointing and making gestures as you did so. After they thanked you and went on their way, he asked what they were looking for. “Oh, they’re in Japan on vacation and just wanted to know where the nearest coffee shop was.” Nodding his head, he didn’t know exactly how to ask you, but decided just to go for it.“So… you never mentioned that you spoke German.” You brought your hand to your face. “Oh yeah… I guess I never told you. I’m actually half-German.” Looking up at him, Ushijima was speechless, still processing that you weren’t fully Japanese. Not that he cared, he just never expected it. “Haha, that’s alright. I get that reaction a lot.” Nodding his head, he had a thoughtful look on his face, but said nothing more on the subject, squeezing your hand a little more tightly as you both walked down the street.

“Ooh la la.” Kuroo commented in a heavy French accent. “You forgot to mention that you spoke a second language, (Y/N). And not just any language, but the language of loveee~” Dragging out the “e” sound, you rolled your eyes as he moved his eyebrows up and down suggestively. “Tetsurou.” you groaned. “No, no c'mon. I’m being totally serious here.” Winking at you, he asked how you learned French and was surprised to learn that you were only half-Japanese. Slightly raising his eyebrows, he looked at you for a bit, still not able to tell that you were mixed. “That’s interesting. I’m surprised I didn’t know this sooner.” You smiled, “Ah, I guess it never really came up.” You expected him to maybe ask you a few questions, but instead, he returned to his usual self. “Everything you say sounds so romantic in French. Oooh oooh, hang on, I’m going to learn some pick-up lines, and then I can try them on you.” Folding his arms and nodding his head, he seemed very happy with his decision.

“(Y/N), you know another language besides Japanese?” Turning around, you saw Daichi, looking inquisitively at you as he tried to figure out what you had been speaking. “Oh, did you hear me just now?” You chuckled nervously. “My mom is Polish, so she taught me how to speak the language when I was little.” Taking some of the books from your locker, you watched Daichi’s reaction carefully. “Oh, so you’re half-Japanese, half-Polish.” Nodding your head, he glanced away in thought before asking, “What’s that like?” He was curious about what your home life was like, being in the middle of two different cultures, and you were happy to answer any questions he had, glad that he took an interest in your heritage.

Seeing you greeting one of your childhood friends, Moniwa stood by your side, listening to you speak Swedish with surprising fluency. The conversation only lasted a few minutes until your friend had to go catch her bus home, and as she walked away, the both of you waved goodbye. He waited until she was out of sight to ask you, “Huh, was that …Swedish just now?” He squinted his eyes as he took his best guess at what language you were just speaking. “Yes, it was. I’m half-Swedish, half-Japanese.” Gazing at you curiously, all he could say was “Oh.” He was a little embarrassed that he didn’t know this such an important thing about you, but you told him not to worry about it. “It’s not like I ever mentioned it before, right?” He nodded his head, beginning to ask you a little more about Swedish culture and if you could teach him the basics of your language one day.

While Oikawa was walking over to pay you a surprise visit, he saw you standing outside talking to another guy. It was only when he got a little closer that he realized you were speaking Italian. “Ciao Sweetie!” he came up behind you, greeting you in your second language and surprising you with a hug. “Tooru!” you frowned at him. “You’re going to give me a heart attack one of these days, I swear.” Rolling your eyes, you watched at him smirk at you before getting a little more serious and asking how you knew another language. “Oh! I never mentioned that I’m half-Italian, did I?” His eyes widened slightly, but after asking a few follow-up questions, he recovered from the shock quickly enough. “Could you say something like Oikawa Tooru is the handsomest, best boyfriend ever’ will do just fine.‘” You giggled and told him you could say he was average, earning a fake, hurt expression from him.

It’s hard to realize but I need to start remembering that not everyone thinks and loves the same way that I do. I think, why must I change for you to know I love you? I’m unconditional, of course I love you, how do you not know that? But that’s so ignorant of me to think… so short thought. Life is all about give and take. We’re either brought up thinking we’re perfect or the opposite, so there are so many extremes out there. Teaching people to love themselves but also not love themselves too much. Love yourself always but realize that everything you say and think should be considered a first draft. Your way isn’t the right way, neither are their ways. I’ve just come to realize how important communication is. Maybe that’s something I learned growing up, you don’t need to say things for people to know them. My mom taught me empathy so well that I can just read people and the way they act. I know why you’re looking at me with those eyes and I know exactly what you’re saying to me. The way your arms move or how your body reacts to stimulation it’s just a language some people know. I don’t feel like I need to tell people when I’m upset or when I love them because, in my head, I’m putting the messages out around me. I’m telling someone I love them and I forget they might not speak the same language as I do, and I wonder why things are so confused? Never say “that’s just the way I am” because I’ve learned that that too is in a another language and it translates to “I’m stubborn, lazy, and don’t have the capacity to understand that I can change myself if I wanted to”. Change is inevitable. I am different every time I look in the mirror. Who am I don’t know. I still don’t know. I’m starting to think it’s really not about learning who you are, it’s about reaching and teaching. It’s about being who you can be. Fuck habits. I am not a creature of habit. I am a creature of growth.