moms can be insane

Lena after single handedly saving the entire alien population in National City and leading to the arrest of her evil step-mom, aka the leader of CADMUS.

Imagine Getting Kidnapped by Derek Because You’re an Argent Part 2

Requests are always open! And I was thinking about making this into like a little mini series? If anyone wants it? If not I’ll probs end it at this part. Let me know what you think.

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When you woke up, you were in your own bed. You quickly got up and went downstairs, and found Gerard, your father and mother, your sister and another boy in the living room. You clenched your teeth, and stared, waiting for an explanation.

“Sweetheart, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It was unnecessary and crude. And-” Gerard started, but you cut him off.

“What the fuck is a Kanima? Who the fuck kidnapped me? Why the fuck did he do that in the first place? And lastly, how the fuck did his eyes change color or am I going insane? And what was up with the growling?” You demanded angrily.

“We do not know what a Kanima is, but to answer your questions, have you ever believed in the supernatural? Like werewolves and vampires and many others? They’re real. All the myths that you’ve been told, most of them are real. Derek Hale is the werewolf that kidnapped you. Him and his pack. He wanted to get information and to get back at me. His eyes changed color because he is an alpha. And werewolves eye colors can change depending on what kind they are. Betas and Omegas have a yellowish eyes color, alphas have red, and an omega or beta that has killed an innocent, their eyes turn blue. They growled because they’re werewolves. Does that answer your questions sweetheart?” Gerard replied, and you shook your head in disbelief.

“Why have you kept this from me? And how did you know where I was being kept?” You ask once more.

“To try and keep you safe, same as Allison. We knew where you were because of your phone. We tracked you by GPS when we realized you were gone. And something else you should know, is that we, the Argents, are hunters. We hunt those who hunt us. That’s our code.” Gerard replied.

“Great, just great. This is just wonderful. Mmkay. I’m leaving. I’ll be back later. Don’t try to find me.” You said, before going out of the house before they could stop you. You didn’t look back and were just wandering around aimlessly, until it was darker out. You went back home, and walked in. Heads turned your way but you ignored it all and went back to your room. You shut your door, and locked it. You didn’t want anyone to come in. You heard the jiggling of the knob before it stopped and you heard footsteps going away from your room. You sighed and got on your laptop. You hooked up Netflix and began watching Jurassic Park, your all time favorite movie, only to fall asleep halfway through.

You woke up to knocking on the door.

“Y/n/n. Please get up. I want to talk to you. And breakfast is ready.” You heard your father, Chris, say. You got ready and went out and down to the kitchen. You made a plate without looking at him, until he began to talk.

“Listen, I know you’re probably still mad-” He started.

“Oh no dad, I am FURIOUS. I held back my rage yesterday when I went on that walk. And I am still furious. The supernatural world is real, and my parents and guardian have been lying to my face since the day I could walk and talk. ” You interjected, fuming. Once you finished, he spoke once more.

“Okay so you are still furious at us, and I get it. Allison was upset with us too. But she got over it and she has decided to become a hunter. I was wondering if you would like to do the same, and maybe come back and live with your mom and I, so you’re not trained by Gerard. He can be insane at times when it comes to hunting.” He said.

“Oh, now you want to take me back? You couldn’t handle it 17 years ago, why do you think you could handle it now?” You question, shaking your head.

He sighed before saying, “I’m sorry that we didn’t keep you with us to raise you with Allison, but we just couldn’t afford two of you, nor could we handle it at that time. We tried getting you back from Gerard, but he wouldn’t let us have you. Will you please let us make up for lost time and come back to live with us? Gerard would have no control over you, and he wouldn’t be able to train you as a hunter in his way. You would get to train with Allison and we would all be able to get to know each other.”

You hesitated before agreeing, “Yeah. Okay. I’ll stay. But I will need space and all of my things brought back here.” You could tell he was happy with your decision, and he let you go for the day, giving you one last day of freedom before starting our training.

Avengers Academy Starters || Part 6 || S

Star-Lord - Peter Quill

  1. “Aliens, am I right?”
  2. “Aliens tell me I’m an excellent dancer. I think. Sometimes I…don’t really know what they’re saying.”
  3. “Can’t I just go to one planet where somebody doesn’t try to kill me?”
  4. “I didn’t do it.”
  5. “I miss that Earth smell.”
  6. “It’s…hard work guarding a whole galaxy.”
  7. “Let’s go. Dance off. Right now.”
  8. “Nice.”
  9. “People call me Star-Lord! …I’m being serious. Some people call me that…”
  10. “That’s cool, man.”
  11. “That’s my jam. ”
  12. “Where’s my headphones? Oh! On my head.”
  13. “You can trust me—almost all of the time!”
  14. “You gotta feel the music.”


  1. “Don’t give up.”
  2. “Has anyone seen Thor?”
  3. “I fear no one.”
  4. “I refuse to lose.”
  5. “I’m proud to fight by your side.”
  6. “Keep fighting.”
  7. “Let’s fight!”
  8. “Midgard is strange.”
  9. “When’s the next battle?”
  10. “You’d be a fool to fight me.”

Spider-Gwen - Gwen Stacy

  1. “Cool.”
  2. “How come you don’t return my texts?”
  3. “I might be a zillion miles from home, but I’m still in charge.”
  4. “I try not to think about the whole ‘alt. universe’ thing.”
  5. “Let’s jam.”
  6. “Super-villains are lame.”
  7. “Ugh! Bluh, bluh, bluh.”
  8. “Wanna help me put up some flyers?”
  9. “We got this.”
  10. “Why is every universe filled with jerks?”
  11. “You’re no match for my tiger-style.”

Spider-Ham - Peter Porker

  1. “I can do anything a Spider-Ham can!”
  2. “I’m the Sporctacular Spider-Ham!”
  3. “It’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Ham!”
  4. “Let’s eat!”
  5. “Oink, oink, losers!”
  6. “One pig knuckle sandwich, coming up!”
  7. “What’s a BLT?”
  8. “You act like you’ve never seen a pig with spider powers!

Spider-Man - Peter Parker

  1. "Can I interest you in a rogue’s gallery?”
  2. “Don’t move! This is going to be a perfect shot.”
  3. “Great. Just more typical Parker luck.”
  4. “Have no fear, Spidey is here!”
  5. “I need to check on Aunt May.”
  6. “I though Manhattan was crazy.”
  7. “If we’re being honest, I can only do some of the things a spider can.”
  8. “It’s easy being good when things are going good.”
  9. “It’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!”
  10. “My spider-sense is tingling.”
  11. “Say radioactive cheese!”
  12. “This place needs more skyscrapers.
  13. "Who are you calling itsy-bitsy?”
  14. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Spider-Man - Miles Morales

  1. “Am I the only one with a curfew?”
  2. “Hmm, what would Peter Parker do?”
  3. “I thought my universe was weird…”
  4. “I wish my universe had a superhero school.”
  5. “I’m here to help!”
  6. “Just call me Spider-Man.”
  7. “Maybe I need more practice.”
  8. “Where do you go to get a burger around here?”
  9. “Where’s the phone? I have to check in with my mom.”
  10. “That’s insanely awesome!”
  11. “This is gonna be cool!”
  12. “You can call me 'Ultimate,’ I’m okay with that.”
  13. “You have to let me save you.
  14. "You look familiar… Do we know each other?”

Spider-Man 2009 - Miguel O'Hara

  1. “Don’t make me use my fangs.”
  2. “Far out!”
  3. “Let’s get it right this time?”
  4. “Let’s party like it’s 2099.”
  5. “Maybe he’s the Spider-Man of the past. Have you ever thought about that?”
  6. “Time is a flat circle.”
  7. “Time to glide.”
  8. [yawn] “Time travel really takes it out of you.”

Spider-Woman - Jessica Drew

  1. “Escaping from peril can be pretty tiring.”
  2. “Go ahead and doubt me…”
  3. “I fight, glide, climb walls, and speak eight languages. What do you do?”
  4. “I was climbing walls before it was cool.”
  5. “Let’s get moving.”
  6. “Pret-ty exciting, huh?”
  7. “Ticking me off can be…poisonous.”
  8. “Wait 'til you see what I do next!”
  9. “Who else can wall-crawl in heels?”
  10. “Who needs stairs?”
  11. “Who’s Spider-Man?”
  12. “Why does everyone still think I’m a double-agent!?”
  13. “You can trust me. Or can you? …I’m just kidding - you totally can.”
  14. “You don’t have to listen to me, but you should.”
  15. “You know you can’t resist me!”

Squirrel Girl - Doreen Green

  1. “I always win!”
  2. “I don’t like beating people up, but I’m good at it.”
  3. “I’m here to kick butts and eat nuts!”
  4. “I’m unbeatable!”
  5. “I see you lookin’ at my tail.”
  6. “Let’s go, Tippy-Toe!”
  7. “Squirrel Girl to the rescue!”
  8. “Squirrels are a girl’s best friend.”
  9. “Sure thing!”

2 more lady bird beefs now that i’m on the subject

the scene where her mom finds out she took out a loan to go college and she’s like “mom i know i’m bad!” was one of the worst written directed and acted scenes in an otherwise competent movie that i can remember seeing

honestly her mom was right it’s insane to take out a huge student loan when you have no discernible goals or interests. catch me in the right mood and i might even say it’s a form of abuse, no matter how Nice you are, to go behind the back of your wife (who supports the entire family herself) to make a move that will definitely financially cripple your 18 year old daughter as well as the entire family. i’m not playing the “characters have to be perfect or it’s a Problematic movie” game either, the script isn’t interested in interrogating the father’s character at all and is only superficially sympathetic to the mother character. myopic and sentimental.

next-door-writer  asked:

I totally understand the post about the mom thing, dude. My mom can be a total insane asshole sometimes. She insists my sexuality panromantic is fake, ace is a phase, and I'm too scared to even come near my gender identity with her. I mean, I love her, but sometimes I'm just in that Y O U D O N ' T U N D E R S T A N D M O M G E T O U T O F M Y R O O M mood.

That’s a fucking mood