moms birthday present

if vicchan’s own version of a katsudon™ as yuuri’s birthday present isn’t the purest thing ever then idk what else is

  • Text from Non Jewish Friend: "Did you start your shopping yet?"
  • Me: "For what?"
  • Non Jewish Friend: "Hannakuah" "I know I spelt it wrong"
  • Me: "Like... candles?"

my mom was like “hey, december starts this week so that means your birthday is coming up!!” and i was so surprised and then lowkey happy because then this gives me the opportunity to buy smth for myself from my amazon wishlist and use my birthday as an excuse muahahahahahahaha

My mom’s birthday presents so far: 2 big makeup bags from VS, one small makeup bag from VS, a few pairs of jeans, a few shirts, a Wizard of Oz thing from Hallmark ($109!!), a Ralph Lauren purse that I gave her early, a Lorac unzipped palette, makeup brushes, a lotion/perfume/body cream set, two Stephen King books, and a copy of Gone With the Wind. All I need now is a few more clothes, maybe a pair of nice dress shoes, nail polish, and more makeup for her bags. She’s finna be surprised AF.

My sister’s presents: A Michael Kors purse that she got early, a Mickey Mouse shirt she got early, two necklaces given early, a Jack Skellington shot glass, JS throw blanket, JS hat, and a Beauty and the Beast thing from Hallmark ($109 too!!) I’m done with her presents :p

art commisions!

2$ for a black and white drawing:

and 5$ for a small watercolor painting:

and 10$ for a full page watercolor painting:

i do fandom, game, and anything drawings. i do almost anything you can request of me, the only things i will not do are:

NSFW (full nudity and sex or sexually suggestive material), pedophilia(that includes young characters more than 4 years apart. i WILL check), and suicide suggestive material.

 request payment through PayPal only. i ask you to pm me directly if you are interested or boost this for me. i really want to get my mom a nice birthday present so i ask you even donate to my PayPal if you can. thank you!


The “Big Purse, Bigger Heart” Haul!  Everything in the last four pictures is being donated to various places.  I’m going to get some more hair goodies and pads and stuff, I think.  And when I donated the cat food earlier, the lady said they really need food specifically for kittens and senior cats, so that’s what I got!  The yarn is for my mom’s birthday present, I’m making her a matching set of dish towels and wash cloths.  And the NYX Lingerie was finally in stock! Yay!  I’m not going to bother with prices but it’s a lot.