March 17, 2013: A Cambodian Wedding

This is what I wore:

Traditional Khmer (Cambodian) dark olive and gold elephant embroidered silk wrap skirt with a heavily embroidered peach satin and lace shirt and matching periodot necklace, bracelet and earrings in traditional Khmer settings (and 92.5% silver!) with incredibly bedazzled heels, which I will wear again…

Also, I had to get up and get dressed like this by 6h30 to make it to the bride’s house by 7h00 for the Fruit Song, in which all of the groom’s relatives wait in a queue and bring fruit to the bride’s house and family. 

Otres Beach with a view of the islands, Sihanoukville, Cambodia (2013).

Last Saturday (Feb. 9th), otherwise known as the day after my previous text post, we woke up early and made it over to the more secluded and less touristy Otres Beach by 10h00.  We posted up at the first beach club, Ibiza Beach Club, which also happened to be the best spot.  Good food and awesome 90s house grooves played all day as we laid out in the sun, played in the waves or relaxed in the shade.  Clear, warm aquamarine water, very few merchants and none of the lazier tourist-backpackers that get stuck at Serendipity.  Basically, it was par-a-dise