(Translation of Momoka’s latest newspaper segment)

She has no sense of purity

Fujie Reina - First Photobook

The other day when I opened my locker at the theatre, there was a present which had been sent by my fans.

It was a photobook of Fujie Reina, who has recently been transferred from AKB48 to NMB48’s Team M. However, I have no need of this. I like thin, small girls with pale skin, but Fujie-san is 20 years old with no sense of purity about her.

Even though we have never talked before she was transferred, recently she has tried to engage with me and I’m feeling troubled by this. She probably thinks I’m unusual. Every time our eyes meet she says ‘Ahh~ ♡’ in a sweet voice and tries to get closer to me. Even if I say ‘You make me nervous, please stop’ and try and run away she doesn’t learn and keeps trying to engage with me.

Since there’s nothing else to be done about this, I am plotting to find the most embarrassing page in Fujie-san’s photobook and stick it in the entrance of NMB’s theatre. Since this was a present, this is a valid use of it.

(It’s nice to know that Momoka and Reinyan are getting along……….)