TEAM M MC 140525 - Reinyan wants everyone to confess to her
  • Reinyan: I really like kansai-ben! Hey! I want to change this MC a little bit! This is a topic that might only benefit me but I want the members to confess to me in kansai-ben!
  • Airi: Sounds great!
  • Reinyan: It'll benefit the audience as well! You all want to be confessed to by the members as well right?
  • *audience cheers*
  • Airi: Let's do it then!
  • Reinyan: Everyone confess to me! Momo-chan needs to confess too!
  • Momoka: ....... who do I have to confess to?
  • Reinyan: Me! ... and the audience
  • Momoka: Ahhh if it's to the audience then I'll do it
  • *Reinyan looks down in sadness*