(Translation of Momoka’s latest newspaper segment)

She has no sense of purity

Fujie Reina - First Photobook

The other day when I opened my locker at the theatre, there was a present which had been sent by my fans.

It was a photobook of Fujie Reina, who has recently been transferred from AKB48 to NMB48’s Team M. However, I have no need of this. I like thin, small girls with pale skin, but Fujie-san is 20 years old with no sense of purity about her.

Even though we have never talked before she was transferred, recently she has tried to engage with me and I’m feeling troubled by this. She probably thinks I’m unusual. Every time our eyes meet she says ‘Ahh~ ♡’ in a sweet voice and tries to get closer to me. Even if I say ‘You make me nervous, please stop’ and try and run away she doesn’t learn and keeps trying to engage with me.

Since there’s nothing else to be done about this, I am plotting to find the most embarrassing page in Fujie-san’s photobook and stick it in the entrance of NMB’s theatre. Since this was a present, this is a valid use of it.

(It’s nice to know that Momoka and Reinyan are getting along……….)

Fujie Reina's Blog 25/04/2014 - Shinkansen now now now

Since people seemed to have enjoyed the Momoka/Reinyan, here is another instalment.

Good evening!

I’m on the shinkansen now.

Sitting next to me is Team BII’s Ueda Mirei-chan, and next to her is Mirurun.

In front of me is…

a giraffe.

Joking, it’s Kinoshita Momoka ( ^∀^ )

She’s the person I’m most interested in within M. Both her appearance and her personality!

She’s really really really tsuntsun to me.
I wish she would be a bit more dere to me (._.)

When I asked her if I could upload the picture of her bag she said

‘I’m going to charge you?’

When I asked 'how much~’

She replied '500 Yen’

Since it was such a realistic price I wavered in actually paying her.

Momochan, lets become closer!

I wonder if a day will come when I’d actually be able to call her Momochan to her face? (._.)

And in the seat next to the seat next to me, Mirurun is practicing the RESET stage!

She really works hard.

Since she’s such a good girl, I like her more and more!

I’m looking forward to the shonichi!

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reinyan wants to be momoka’s friend so badly she’s like making a public campaign out of it

1. posting up how she wants to call momoka momochan irl on her blog

2. asking her fans on google+ how she should go about treating momoka

3. sending momoka cute messages on LINE and posting the sad results on google+


this is just so amazing their relationship is ridiculous

TEAM M RESET STAGE 140515- Reinyan on taking a 2shot with Momoka

Reinyan: So I really want a 2shot with Momo-chan, so before the stage today I tried to take a photo, but she wouldn’t stay still and they all came out blurry. I thought I’d put it on my blog anyway, but when I was about to do so she came up to me and said ‘Fujie-san did you know taking secret photographs of people is illegal’ and now I can’t upload them…

TEAM M RESET STAGE 140525 - Reinyan and Momoka
  • Reinyan: During stages I really treasure making eye contact with members while we sing, but Momo-chan never lets me!
  • Aapon: What do you mean? Does she avoid you?
  • Reinyan: Every time our eyes meet she just glares at me...
  • *everyone laughs*
  • Yuipon: I saw them two have a glaring match in the stage earlier today!
  • Reinyan: Yeah she glared at me so I felt really bad... I want her to look at me normally... So today I want to wear a cute smile and watch Momo-chan!

sayamiru  asked:

whispers momonyan because idk your ships

i don’t really have 48g otps i am good w everything!


Who’s the messiest one: i don’t see either of them being messy!

Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: funnily enough although momoka is all about the kissing she probably will be really dumb about pda and will yell at reinyan when she comes close and run away

Who’s the funniest drunk: momoka lol

Who texts the most: reinyan! sending momoka messages all day with cute emoji and momoka will reply with ‘k’ and occasionally send a picture of a snake eating other animals

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: reinyan. i bet reinyan would listen to like dumb english top 40 and momoka listens to really obscure shit, like a mix of overproduced pop and screamo and big band ska tracks.

Who reads the most: reinyan, she probably reads those mobile novels turned into real novels like koizora and akai ito which are super popular in japan w/ younger girls and cry over dumb things happening. momoka would  judge reinyan for her dumb taste in books.

Who’s better with kids: reinyan! she would be all cute and play with kids while momoka will be scowly in the background but then reinyan would coax her into it and then they’ all play together :3

Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: ………. reinyan bc she doesn’t trust momoka with a spanner/screwdriver

Who’s got the weirdest hobby: momoka enjoys everything weird, like ero-hon and reptile cafes and gory things so!

Who cooks and who cleans up: momoka cooks, and reinyan cleans. 

eripuns  asked:

momonyan is real i swear

momonyan is so happening they are so cute in the team m mcs that i just want to shriek a lot and then scream i mean

even team m ships them they’re all ‘we’re all looking forward to the day when reinyan gets along with momoka/the point to watch out for in team m’s stage is reinyan and momoka’s relationship!!’