momoko ryugasaki

Loyalty, friendship, obligation - These things mean nothing in the face of love. If you want something, take it - Who cares if it belongs to someone else? If you love something, do anything it takes to get it, dirty tricks included. Break the rules. All is fair in love and war. Forbearance is a maiden’s worst enemy. If you’re happy, that’s all that counts.
—  Momoko Ryugasaki

day 8 ~ things i “8” today (SEE WUT I DUN THERE)

  • two crumpets with LASHINGS of butter on them
  • a tunnocks tea cake
  • a toastie
  • another tunnocks tea cake
  • half a pineapple pizza and some garlic bread with faith

wow i hardly ate anything today

i’m gonna go and get some crumpets and tea now tho

also i forgot to do work oops