momoko ryugasaki

Loyalty, friendship, obligation - These things mean nothing in the face of love. If you want something, take it - Who cares if it belongs to someone else? If you love something, do anything it takes to get it, dirty tricks included. Break the rules. All is fair in love and war. Forbearance is a maiden’s worst enemy. If you’re happy, that’s all that counts.
—  Momoko Ryugasaki

Hi my name is Momoko Ryugasaki and I have long light brown hair with bangs that matches my brown eyes and a lot of people say I remind them of Marie Antoinette (AN: If you don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!) I’m not related to Akinori Isobe, but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I live in Ibaraki prefecture but I take the train to Tokyo as often as I can to go shopping. I’m a lolita (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly sweet. I love Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and I get all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a pink OP with white lace and a matching rectangle headdress, white knee socks and rocking horse shoes. I was carrying my parasol too. I was walking down the road in Shimotsuma. A lot of people who shop at Jusco stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them.