“ARE YOU SERIOUS? AH? What the hell you all want from me?” Rin said, crossing her arms and looking at the people in front of her. Today was not a good day, she would have had to blow off steam with something.

Somehow he had managed to get sick once again. A groan escaped his mouth as he placed a hand on his forehead. He was burning up. His fever had to be at least 100 or higher. Normally Kuroh would have been by his side, taking care of him but it was the opposite. Kuroh had gone out to do a few things so the only person who was there to take care of him was Neko.

… *sits there for a while because after I had screencapped these, Toni sent one, too* 

I just woke up, really… I have no idea how I suddenly woke up to 8 message in my box…

I’m also kind of worried whether I asked some crazy questions last night, too… And I’m just not sure.

*rubs the back of her head* Thanks, guys… And I want to send this message around, but it’d probably take some time with 220 blogs.

So, just let me take a moment to say this.

All of you are beautiful. Every last one of you. And you’re all just as special as the next person. If you think I’m just some person lying to make someone feel better about themselves, I’m not. It’s your choice whether you just deny it or not.

But I really think that each and every one of you is just amazing in your own way. I admire you all, I really do. 

I really wish that you’d give yourself more credit for things, really… Modesty is good, but please don’t downplay yourselves.

Also, just going to throw this here… If you guys ever need anything, I’m here, okay? Even if you’re not tagged, this message is for all of you… I love you all. 

A note from.....Kasuko?

“Hey guys. Mun was going to make a note, but she’s sobbing profusely in the corner…I? think she’ll be fine.”

[I’m not fine!! ;A;]

“Whatever. Anyway I’m declaring this account on a hiatus until further notice. You see Mun went to turn on her laptop yesterday and this clanking noise came from the fan and then it started smoking. So she freaked out and shut it off. Then a few hours later she took her can of compressed air, cleaned the fan and all that fun stuff and turned her laptop on again. Well it didn’t start smoking, you could hear the fan running smoothly, and the light said her computer was turned on–but her screen stayed blank. Now she just keeps turning on her laptop shutting it off again only to turn it on again a little while later–like that’ll fix it or something.”

[It might fix itself!! ;A;]

“I doubt that. Either day her laptop is botched. Needless to say she’s pretty upset.”

[Of course I’m upset! I lost everything! The last time I backed up my files was a few months after buying it! ;A;]

“Well maybe you’ll back things up more regularly now.”

[I was writing a novel Kasuko…a novel! And I was on my third draft! My third one! And now that’s all gone! And I lost all my digital art! And all my music that I got rid of the CDs for, and all my drawing reference photos, and–and–*sob* EVERYTHING! ;A: ]

“Yeaaahhh….anyway…her dad it letting her use his laptop, but it’s only a temporary thing. So we’re both going to be even slower when it comes to replying now….but we’ll do our best to get to stuff–just please have patience with her. You can bitch at me all you want–but she’s kind of not even here right now. She’s grieving.”

[MY BABY! ;A; ]

“Case and point. Anywho, I hope you guys can understand and extend some grace.”

momoiro-neko-kun found you

Tic, tac, tic, tac… Followed by the creak of the hinges of the door as it was opened.The roof deck wasn’t used that much so the stairs were a little bit too loud when someone comes up the stares and the hinges of the door creaks because of the build up rust.

Still, Shiro found this place quite peaceful, whenever he wants to get away from the crowd and simply enjoy the serene view from the top of the building. It was also where he ate lunch.

Then he heard bells ringing in his ear. Ah, the kitten was here…

“Hello there…” A small kitten came to settle by him as he ate his bento, which he had just charmed his friends into giving apart of their food to him.

momoiro-neko-kun  asked:

"Kasuko~! I brought fish from Shiro-chan's school!" The boy grinned widely and brightly, looking proud of himself, and, indeed, took out a real, raw fish out of his pocket. "Found it on the way back swimming down the late! Neko-kun got wet, though!" He shuddered at the memory. His smile was quick to return, however. "Let's share!"

Kasuko’s eyes widened as he watched the boy present to him the fish. 

“You— you what!?” The raven quickly grabbed the newspaper from on the table and grabbed the slimy creature with it, quickly wrapping the thing and placing it on the counter in the kitchen. How the heck was he supposed to cook this thing?

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Do never approach Misaki after she lost a fight, that might as well equal to suicide. Losing to an enemy makes the brunette extremely– even more than extremely grumpy, which is not a good thing for her surroundings.

She entered the bar, immediately throwing her skateboard against the wall to storm over to one of the chairs while muttering some curses under her breath. How could she have lost against those punks? They weren’t even all that strong, all they had was the advantage of being in group.

The crow had the taste of iron in her mouth, she figured her lip must be bleeding. Whatever, Misaki could care less right now, what she really cared about was revenge. Her trail of thoughts was interrupted when she felt a pair of eyes staring at her, the female quickly turned her head, snapping at the stranger.

“What the fuck are you looking at!? Mind your own business!”

momoiro-neko-kun  asked:

{...*sends you all the symbols. No, I don't care if it's cheating. Do iiiit >:D*}

[sjfhdksh! Di! Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ (It’s a good thing I love you…)

❂ - Zodiac sign?

Pisces turned Aquarius after the dates changed

✔/ ✘ - 3 pros and 3 cons about me?


  • I’m always willing to give a second (or 53rd) chance
  • If I consider you a friend I’ll do almost anything for you
  • I’m pretty laid back and don’t mind trying new things


  • I have trust issues and even though I may appear really open, I’m usually hiding something
  • When I get mad I’m passive aggressive….’There is a land called Passive agresseeva and I am their queen.’
  • I’m always afraid that people hate I might need you to tell me you like me more often that others….

★ - why did I choose to rp as this character?

Kasuko was originally just part of another character’s back story. He was simply a name…but then I though ‘well why the heck should I not make an account for him?’ and now he;s my most active RP account ^_^

  ♂/♀ - mun’s sex/gender?

I am female

✎ - hobbies?

I have a lot but I really like running, drawing, writing, reading, and painting

✿ - favorite animal?

The Fennec Fox…I love the Fennec fox! (Though foxes in general are pretty bad-ass)

8D - 1 crazy fact about me?

I’ll reandomly break out into song and/or dance….quite frequently….especially if I’m comfortable around you

ツ - favorite eye colours?

I love blue eyes, but I also have a thing for bright green eyes, and grey eyes are also bad-ass

✌ - my most watched animes and most read mangas?

Well I’m up to date on the Naruto manga and since it’s been going on for so long I guess I should include it….But I also own some Ouran so I read those, and I watch no.6 a lot…..but right now I’m watching D Gray man and Durarara

❤ - My dream career/job?

Well I’m working my way towards being a professional hairdresser and makeup artist. ^_^ Once I’m finished my training for hairdressing I’m hoping to work out of my home (in addition to working at a salon) and cut wigs for cosplayers at a discount price, because omg that would be so cool, and I would be able to help out cosplayers in my won way ^_^

✈ - Places I really wanna visit?\

I really want to go to Japan, and California, and Paris, and—well—I just want to travel a lot ^_^

♫ - favorite music/bands/ singers?

I listen to anything and everything….lately I’ve been kind of into dubstep….but some bands that I’ve loved for years are Red, TFK, and Three Days Grace