MomoBuns Review

Hello~ MomoBuns review post! I haven’t made review blog posts in a while cus I’ve been more focused on fixing my video editing technique. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen pictures of my homework, pens, pencil case, notebooks, etc. I’ve gotten a few questions regarding my stationary, but I always buy it in Asia. Well, MomoBuns has all this cutesy goodness online and accessible!

MomoBuns is the first shop-integrated shop that I’ve seen. Most shops have a separate Storenvy or Etsy, but this one is all on Tumblr! MomoBuns is fairly new, but they are expanding their inventory. Right now, their stock consists mostly of stationary and accessories.

Look at all the cute things I got!

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@ jocunditea

for fanfiction author appreciation day: jocunditea 

ok i have to start of w/ you bc man dO I HAVE A LOT OF SHIT ON U,, (jkjk)

where do i even start with you tho. i guess i can cut right to the chase and say you’re one of my biggest inspirations! you’re a wonderful writer, and your writing is so so sO GOOD. and it has improved DRASTICALLY since we first met, you should be v proud of yourself!! & EVERY TIME I HEAR “WAKE ME UP” I STILL THINK OF YOUR FIC UP ALL NIGHT AND NGL IM STILL SAD IT’S DISCONTINUED BUT IT WAS GOOD.

also i remember watching kingsman and reading fics like immediately & i wanna say that i really appreciate your characterization of eggsy??? likE HE WAS GREAT. also btws clarity was beautifully written like i distinctly remember the passage you sent me w/ the scars and all and idk it was BEAUTIFUL