momo’s hero costume has always bothered me so i thought id offer my take on a re-design.

  • the book is cute, but not practical. if she needs to figure out how to make something it would be easier to have a hands free option, like the visor.
  • mesh sections of the costume allow momo to have full range of her quirk without a tiddy window. i’m taking some liberties with canon here, but if hori can bullshit mirio’s costume like that, it should apply to yaomomo too.
  • armor, because she’s a hero? probably doing sick somersaults and shit, can’t risk scraping her knees. flexible, won’t inhibit movement and won’t obstruct quirk.
  • pants. for a lot of reasons, including she’s 15 and a hero.
  • pockets for snacks to fuel her quirk

Class 1-A Animal Crossing style!

A project far too ambitious to start a week out from Inktober, but I managed to finish just in time :’)


Bnha season 3 + 1 sketch per episode.


soccer dad aizawa cheering on his son


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Other people: My favorite bnha theory is the Dabi Todoroki theory and the *insert name* traitor theory

Me: My favorite theory is the Kirishima is a secret rich kid theory


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