momo yuri

Say it with me:
Twice is not just Momo, Sana, and Tzuyu.
SNSD is not just Tiffany and Taeyeon.
Gugudan is not just Mina, Sejeong, and Nayoung.
WJSN is not just Yeonjung, Cheng Xiao, and Exy.
AoA is not just Jimin, Choa, and Seolhyun.
f(x) is not just Amber.
Gfriend is not just Eunha.
EXID is not just Hani.
Red Velvet is not just Irene and Seulgi.
BLACKPINK is not just Lisa.

If you want to like just one or two members, then fine. You do you.
But I am so tired of seeing “girl group stans” trash the other members that they don’t favor. Girl groups already get enough shit from people who won’t even listen to them, they don’t need it from people who supposedly love them. There is a reason that these girls were chosen for their groups and if you can’t see their talent, then cool, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but do not drag them through the dirt. Do not say that they aren’t even useful. Not only is it hurtful, but it’s disrespectful. The girls in these groups love each other and to blatantly scorn them is not only hurtful to that one idol, but to the rest of the group. Think before you speak.

  • Twice: *never forgets about unnies and female dongsaengs, fangirls about girl groups and female idols together and watch the majority of their vlives, always sings about guys and girls, absolutely love their female sunbaes, doesn't change the female pronouns when they cover songs by boy bands although the majority of female artists do*
  • Chaeyoung: *watched Carol (a lesbian movie) and wrote a defense for it, cut her hair short to be like Kristen Steward, wants to be reborn as a guy to be able to wear cool clothes and act suave, said she'll take care of all the unnies' and oppas' hearts, likes being called oppa, hyung, and boyfriend*
  • Nayeon: *wants to be reborn as a guy to know what it's like to have a girlfriend, asked Jeongyeon to teach her how to be a girl crush, wanted to use rainbow lights to set the mood in their dorm bedroom, got matching rainbow nails with Blackpink's Jennie and matching phone cases with Gfriend's Sowon*
  • Jeongyeon, Jihyo, and Momo: *watched Yuru Yuri, a yuri anime together and told fans about it, even recommended the series*
  • Jeongyeon: *said she's Gfriend's boyfriend*
  • Jihyo: *said The Handmaiden (a controversial but critically acclaimed explicit lesbian movie)was worth watching and should be watched, got matching phone cases with Gfriend's Yerin*
  • Momo: *accepted a female fan's wedding proposal at a fan meet, is Twice's mom and dad along with Jeongyeon aka Twice's married couple, likes Nayeon both ways, danced a couple dance with Mina for the theme This Love, called Mina her gf multiple times, bragged about the Mimo kiss for days*
  • Mina: *likes it when Nayeon rolls over to her bed, wants to be reborn as Beyonce to appeal to girls, said she really likes cool girls before Sana stopped her because they were on live radio, cooked just for Momo, was flushed over the Mimo kiss for days*
  • Sana: *flirts with female fans and the members 24/7 and proud of it, calls Eunha her gf, fangirls over how surreal Chengxiao looks in her sleep, kisses Dahyun 24/7, gets all the girls' numbers, was upset her chances for getting a gf weren't higher, bragged about kissing Jeongyeon, said she pays more attention to girls while watching tv, repeatedly confessed her love for female idols and girl groups on vlives and other shows, etc. etc. etc.*

And my favorite cosplay of the weekend, DRUNK YUURI KATSUKI.!!! This was so much fun to do and I was very happy with how this came out.! I met so many amazing YOI cosplayers and also my cosplay senpai, Ace (@askcosplaysenpai on instagram)!!! I’m also going to be completely honest with you, I don’t remember taking the top 3 pictures, or who took them, at all… I was totally wasted by that point in the night (so in a way, cosplaying as Yuuri was perfect for me), but they turned out absolutely amazing in my opinion. 😂

Sudden realization holy fuck

Okay so everyone knows that Yuuri’s free skate program is about himself, his love for skating and the people around him. It tells of his struggles and all that good shit

So i was wondering, why is it so important that he did a quadruple flip at the end and why did it surprise Victor so much to the point that he kissed Yuuri

And then i came to the realization

Yuuri’s free skate is about LOVE and he finished it with Victors SIGNATURE MOVE.


Yuuri, our sweet and spicy katsudon confessed his love a second time. But this time Victor understood because they both speak the language of skating