momo you cant just go around sticking your hands in other peoples mouths like that

BTS Gang related Jimin X Reader


The cold air hit against your skin causing you to shiver as you continued to walk down the dark damp street that was unlit from moonlight. The rain sprinkling in the air and covered your black coat. Your mind wondered to the events of today so far it was 8:30pm and you have had a dreadful day. To start of your bus was late making you very late to your first lesson which you teacher hates you anyway. YOU mentally sigh thinking of how much trouble you got in, and the rest of the day didn’t get better for example your friend Laura didn’t show up today making you alone for English and Physics class your only companion was the school’s playboy Jackson that kept making winky faces at you and passing you notes throughout the whole lesson. You groan snapping out of your thoughts you continued to walk down the street thinking of the cake and diet coke you had in your fridge that had you name on it its been a bad day you definitely need  it today.

Morning came about quicker then your thought after dragging yourself to bed last night and snuggling in the sheets of your bad. The sunrise hit your face there for causing you to wake up. Today was Saturday you were thankful for the weekend as you have not had a fantastic week so far. You dragged yourself out of bed and made your way to the kitchen. You lived alone with a black and white cat called Bella .

“Morning bella” you said in a happy tone only for your cat to look up from the floor and meow in response

You made breakfast which is banana pancakes and then plan your day. After breakfast you go to your room and get ready for your day after satisfied with your choice of outfit which consist of a black mini skirt and crop top and black high heels you went along with your day. After lunch with your mother which all she did was complain that you don’t have a boyfriend and complained about how she didn’t like your choice of clothes saying it was to slutty and compare you to your older sister who was engaged . you feel annoyed with your mother you to never got on as all she did was take about your sister and how you needed to be like her. You were the youngest and there for your sister had the spot light which you could never claim your own. After many hours of your mother picking you apart you finally were free you were on your way home when your phone dinged only to see a text from your friends Laura and Katie asking you to go to a party tonight. You thought for a few seconds before replying yes you needed a break you thought and wanted to unwind with a girl’s night with your closest friends. You decided to go shopping and pick out a new outfit for tonight after many shops and after buying many things you didn’t need you found the perfect dress. It was black and strapless which hugged your body perfectly and showed of your breasts. You looked at the time which was 2:30 and made your way back to your apartment to get ready.

It was now 8:30 and you were stood outside the darkest looking club you have ever seen waiting for your friends. This isn’t the type of place you would go to with the club filled with drunk men and loud music blasting out of the broken windows. The place looked trouble but you waited for your friends anyway trying not to look nervous .

“HI Y/N” your friend Laura shouted over the loud music

She was wearing a green dress and blue high heels you mental laughed at her fashion sense she was always wild when I came to outfits and more braver then you. You preferred black and white clothes never really going for bright colours.

“HI Y/N YOU LOOK NICE” she screamed again with your friend Katie nodding along she was wearing a pink dress and dragged your hand in to the club.

After being in the club for 5 minutes you were surprised it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was clean and very modern. After finding a table your friends start taking about life and college. After half an hour and 3 to 4 drinks later your friends were getting drunk after flirting with many guys your friends came back to the table. Only for two tall guys to come up to your friends their hair dark and dressed in leather your friends basically drooling over them and drabbing the chance to dance with them leaving you all alone at the table. You notice a man looking at you his hair bright red and his body muscly. With a cigarette  in his mouth You see him smirking at you and eyeing you up and down. He looks hot in his leather pants and his black t-shirt you notice a few tattoos on his arm. You find yourself attracted to this man he stare at him only for you to see him to come over to your table.

“Hi babe what are you doing here all alone?” he says while taking a sip of his beer.


“my friends are dancing with those guys” you guester to the dance floor and mental groan for doing so after seeing your friends making out and grinding against the boys.

“Looks like they are having fun” he says with a laugh “you should have fun babe” he says eyeing your low-cut dress.

“hi I’m jimin” he says with a smile

“Hi I’m y/n” you said back kind of nervous to be talking to this sexy man

You to firt back and forth for a few hours until he leaves after a nice and pleasant conversation you say goodbye and making his leave and walking away. After a few more drinks you notice the time 12:45 you look for your friends only to find they have gone. After making your way to the front of the club you see two men fighting with people stood around watching and cheering on of the guys on. You make your way to the front of the club and look for a taxi to come and pick you up , to tired to walk back and just wanting to get home and eat something nice which you hope you have at home.

“Jimin stop oh my god stop”you hear a girl say

Jimin the hot red head from the club you think no it cant be you thought but you turn around anyway only to see a group of guys watching as the red haired man beats up the boys underneath him.

“GO ON KILL HIM “ you hear one man say kind of small with black hair and a drink in his mouth.

“jimin come on man stop lets go home” you hear someone else say you glance at the man his dark hair covering his face with a hoody also covering most of this face as well. The only see his bunny teeth sticking out as he brings the glass of beer up to his lips to take a slip.

The red haired man finally gets of the boy and you see his face it is jimin his face is bruised and cut but not as bad as the other guy as his friends and his girlfriend have to help him walk away.

“DON’T START A FIGHT WITH ME AGAIN IF SO I PROMIES YOU WONT LIVE TO KISS THAT WHORE AGAIN” Says jimin his voice loud and scary the boy nods and his friends drag him away all of them chanting sorry jimin over and over again.Everyone must fear this guy to think as watch the other men run away.

Jimin makes his way back to the group of 6 guys that are stood drinking and smoking they all seem not shocked from the fight meaning this has happened many time. They hand jimin a beer and smoking to smoke you don’t question what.

“All right we got to talk about the shipment “you here one man say

“its coming tomorrow and everything needs to go okay you guys understand “you here a dark voice say talking to the rest of the boys.

You want to see more so you walk forward a bit only to knock over a beer bottle causing all 7 boys to quickly turn around and stare at you.

“You shouldn’t be here love” a tall man says who you assume is the leader or something.

“this doesn’t have anything to do with you okay? You need to leave love now” his voice dark and pissed probably annoyed you interrupted the sketchy conversation.

The other guys look at you with wide eyes waiting for you to say something your nerves get the best of you and you can’t say a word.

“Leave her alone namjoon” you here someone say only to find its jimin looking at you with a small smile.

“babe what are you doing here? You should go home “jimin says with a smirk

You look back to see the other guys looking at you waiting for an answer you spin around on your heels and walk away. you turn around to see jimin looking at you and smiling. once you walk away and get in a cab all you can think about is jimin.

As morning hits your face you groan as you drag you body from the bed and in to the shower after washing away yesterday you hop you and start to get ready for work you work at a café in town not to far away from where you live. you check your phone to see its 7:45 you don’t have to leave till 8:30 meaning you have lots of time to get ready and have breakfast. You notice your mother has messaged you again asking if you have a boyfriend yet and telling you that your sisters wedding is soon and to make sure you look perfect.

After getting ready and having breakfast you jump in your car and drive to work.

“Morning y/n how was your weekend” your co worker momo said

“It was good thanks momo” you say as you put on your apron and begin to wipe down the tables.

As the day went on you cleaned more tables and talk to the custmors

“Hi babe didn’t think I would see you again” you hear a raspy voice say

You turn around to find jimin is stood behind the counter looking in your eyes he’s wearing grey sweatpants that hang of his hips and a white t-shirt that shows he’s arm muscles of perfectly he’s also wearing glasses and a black snapback that shows of his forehead.

“Hi jimin what can I get you? Its nice to see you again” you say in a shy quite voice.

After you take his order which is a cup of coffee and a piece of coconut and strawberry cake you go up to him and say.

“are you okay the last time I saw you  you were hurt ?” you say instantly regretting the choice of words you knew he was trouble but for some reason he found yourself drawn to him.You saw his face his guys went dark and he put his fork down.

“Babe you don’t need to know some things babe okay” he says as he begins to pick up his fork and continue eating the cake.

“you sure you’re okay you looked hurt? don’t get in to anymore fights “you giggle a little.

“listen baby I’m not the best guy and I’m trouble I get in to loads of fights sleep with loads of woman and smoke and do drugs. I’m not a good guy I’m a bad guy which you should stay away from, I don’t want a pretty girl like you to get hurt from hanging around with a guy like me.”He says as he put £20 on the table.

“I like you I do but I’m no good you should stay away from me baby “he says after he walks away leaving you wanting more.

You find yourself wanting the bad boy which is jimin.