momo makes a text post

TWICE as high school students
  • Nayeon: the popular girl everyone likes,nice to everyone,always smiling,knows boys have a crush on her and loves it
  • Jeongyeon: captain of the girl's soccer team,has a lot of guy friends who secretly wanna bang her,is disgusted by relationships,gets aggressive before every game
  • Momo: cheerleader,gets rid of stress by drowning in food,her cheer squad always messes up the routine and shes the one saving the day but never gets enough credit for it,hates math
  • Sana: the fashion icon,loves being in the spotlight but is really clumsy,the type to fight with the boy she secretly likes,does a lot of hair flicking and one time almost set the chem lab on fire during class
  • Jihyo: the class president,is always tired and sleepy,never gets the deserved recognition from the teachers but never complains,can't rely on her class so she just does the thing by herself
  • Mina: the mysterious girl that almost never speaks,lots of boys have a crush on her but she doesn't even know,isn't really mysterious just really awkward
  • Dahyun: the president of the drama club,considers everyone her best friend,teaches yoga to pregnant people part-time,the teachers love her
  • Chaeyoung: the art hoe,her drawings are always hung over the school walls,can't live without her earphones,has an instagram with a theme,aesthetic above everything else
  • Tzuyu: the freshman that looks like a senior,was popular before she even entered highschool,is the kid throwing smartass comments under her breath during class