momo is perfect


They ALL have a better fashion sense than I do and I’m a living human being…gdi


the new Twice theme aka THE BOP OF THE YEAR!

update: have CC on for Eng subs

Sorry for the delay~ Rest of the chapter is under the cut as usual!! ^^ 
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also I swear I am never going to know if it’s ‘Days’ or 'Daze’ I’m so sorry

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Momo Update: This dork has suddenly found ENERGY. And a VOICE. And she woke me up early. 😡

She has learned to bark for attention. I don’t like this at all, especially not at night.

Time to call in the trainer again.

Until then, a tired dog is a good dog, so…maybe I’ll chase her around the back yard for a while? She doesn’t know how to fetch yet, that would be perfect.