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Who are your main art inspirations? :o

In by who do you mean… which character? Definitely Io. I’ve drawn her the most and she’s just downright fun to draw.

If by artist inspirations, then ho’ boy… there’s a lot. Here’s just some to name a few…

@thebrownhatter @morlipie @ffxivfisticuffs @mightier @kapreisun @britishmuffin @paissa-brat @dravanian @sunnyarts @aciidwire @zeiyth @momo-deary @frikkyfrickfrack @iamtheepilogue @savothesewercat @ranirus @ishgardianmuffins @ferai-caolann @the-were-ferret @celesiel

Seeing these guys draw and post their art pieces is like art crack. The more you get a taste, the MORE YOU WANT! Everyone I listed above, I have some appreciation for their style and think to myself, “How can I do what they do?” I’ll sit for hours, staring at their art, trying to break it all down in hopes I can recreate something even similar but in the end, they’re all just so unique. If you haven’t followed any of these artists, I highly suggest you do. You will not be disappoint.


So, I like Fallout. And I like Pokemans. And I decided to mush the two together in a what-if that may or may not have been totes inspired by @momo-deary along with conversations with @youreusingcoconuts in the wee hours.

I bet Deacon came back and found a very angry Desdemona along with a very upset ditto that had been yelled at until it cried.

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31. Your muse catches mine naked. ((I'm sure you've seen that picture Momo-Deary did after all...))

Roka was pretty sure no one -ever- went to her quiet little spot. It was secreted away by rocks and you either had to brave more sand than any sane person would, or trek five malms along the river before stumbling there. Imagine her surprise when she slid down a large boulder and fell splashing and warbling into the water, only to come face-to-chest with someone.

A naked someone.

The warbled of mirth turned into alarmed chirps as she paddled to safety, unsure if she should avert her gaze and flee, or continue to awkwardly stare. He -was- attractive after all…

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OK so I said I was gonna do one of these when i reached 666 followers and I’ve never done one before so please bear [*disgusted noise*] with me.


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If I missed you I’m sorry! I was scrolling though my following list on my mobile app so I’m pretty sure not all the names had loaded up. For whatever reason the web version doesn’t have who you’re following in ABC order??? but the mobile app does so… yeah.

Anyways thank you for having amazing blogs!! <3 

Only a few hours until 2016 finally dies, yay! How else would I celebrate if not with an appreciation post for people made this year bearable on tumblr dot hell? You’re all amazing, with great content whether it’s edits/gifs/art/writing/oc stuff and I hope 2017 is full of good things for you and everyone who sees this post! Love, Bee  💕

@50shadesofthanekrios ❄️ @aceshepard ❄️ @adhdrhys ❄️ @alistairtheiren ❄️ @andrasted ❄️ @andrastte ❄️ @antivans ❄️ @arthmis ❄️ @ataashii ❄️ @aubagine ❄️ @automatron ❄️ @bethesdas ❄️ @black-rose4 ❄️ @bpdgenos ❄️ @bookerduhwitt ❄️ @butchstoothpick ❄️ @chloedrakes ❄️ @chordati ❄️ @condvit ❄️ @couriersixs ❄️ @darkspawned ❄️ @drellspectre ❄️ @elenafisher ❄️ @elsinore ❄️ @emilycaldwin ❄️ @emryss ❄️ @enclave ❄️ @energyweapons ❄️ @esteljune ❄️ @fenhrl ❄️ @forevervobla ❄️ @garrusscars ❄️ @gladiatrixathena ❄️ @goodsprings ❄️ @gristol ❄️ @grrowlithe ❄️ @highchaosemily ❄️ @holonets @houndpitspub ❄️ @huntressmaria

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