To two very special ladies, Maggie and her mummy. Littlest is thrilled with his birthday gifts and lovely card. So much so, that he asked to put the shirt on right away and sat down to do the puzzle. But the highest complement was paid to his lovely sun hat…he asked to wear it to bed!

Thank you so much, you dear sweet pair. With much love from us, always x x


Dear Maggie and Mommy of Mommywrites,


The girls are over the moon! We received a special box today!!! Thank you so much! 

China Doll of course grabbed the pink flower band and put it in it’s proper place immediately. Rafael was overwhelmed at the Angry Bird bracelets and cut out. “I’ve never seen anything like this.” It is already put together and on her bedside table. The red bracelet has had its first Tae Kwon Do class. 

I appreciate the chocolate arriving on this particular day of the month. It didn’t stand a chance.

much love and many many thanks,