Thanks to Excel and the powers of randomness that be, we have 5 lucky winners!

If your mailing address is different than the address you donated with, shoot me an ask or an e-mail (brennaschwert[at]gmail[dot]com) letting me know where you’d like me to ship your prize.

  1. nowkathrynlive - iPod package
  2. itsjustfear - WWPD t-shirt package (I need your new Alabama address and t-shirt choice)
  3. hammerandforge - CamelBak package (let me know your preferred Nuun flavor!)
  4. breathelively - KT tape package (let me know your preferred KT tape color!)
  5. mommyslosingit - fuel package

To everyone who entered and reblogged, I cannot thank you enough! Through this raffle, we managed to raise $276.20 for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

@dsafitness and @mommyslosingit

I’m so glad that I’m following you as well!  You’re making me really interested in trying out Insanity one day.  I’m really afraid though for a multitude of reasons including lacking space and the time that I would have to put into workouts on top of wanting to focus on swimming and running.  But one day perhaps you’ll be reading about my adventures into Insanity as well….

I wish I had broken in my VFFs well enough to run my unofficial birthday ½ in them this weekend, but I’m glad I didn’t push it because the trail I’ll be on will definitely be better in hard sole shoes than worrying about avoiding rocks in my VFFs.  Speaking of–what type do you have?  I keep forgetting to ask…

And thanks for your support!  It means a lot! :)

I’m excited to read about how you get there!  You’re posts are so emotion-driven, it’s like you just write what you are thinking in that moment instead of hesitating and waiting for things to shift.  And that’s what I like, the pure, honest truth.  I’m super excited to see how your training goes!  

Yeah. I don’t know if you use or not, but if not, that’s what I used. It’s a great site. I’m not going to do that loop. I was just curious. I’ve found a small loop that I can do three times to make 13.5 miles. I think that’s what I’ll do. It’s safer streets. But yeah, it’s an eye opener. My dad did that loop a year or so ago and I thought he was insane. Now here I am planning to do the same distance. Wow. It’s amazing how much I’ve changed since then. I look forward to being able to do that distance, but just wonder if I can be ready for it by then lol.