mommys world

I will rearrange the stars
Pull ‘em down to where you are
I promise, I’ll do better
With every heartbeat I have left
I’ll defend your every breath
I promise I’ll do better
I will soften every edge
Hold the world to its best
I promise I’ll do better
With every heartbeat I have left
I’ll defend your every breath
(I’ll do better)

A big red heart and fresh flowers for my little lady.
Happy international women’s day.

You are them, you came from them, you birthed them, you love them, you support them. Shine on all you crazy diamonds!

Everyone in my office sported red today and it made me so happy to be amongst wonderful progressive humans. Even the gentlemen wore red ties or socks. A very suave nod to the ladies in their world.

Call your mother, tell her you appreciate her. X

Inktober 2016 #22 - Thrasher T-Rex

The year 1997 was a big year for me as a kid. It was the year I ended up discovering Godzilla, and we all know how that turned out (for better or worse). But before that, I was at the height of my dinosaur phase. Naturally, anything Jurassic Park related - especially since THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK came out that year - would excite me to no end.

Anywho, the large Thrasher T-Rex was among my favorite dinosaur toys. The size alone was what won me over. When it comes to action figures, she is the paramount of the old saying, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to.”

BTS Reaction To Their Child Choosing Their Mom Over Them


“Ok, but are you 100% positive? On a scale from 1 to 10 how much is mommy better?”


*His world crushed*
“But… What do I do!? I love you! Why do you love your mom more!”


“What…? Unbelieveable, your great and handsome dad is on the second place?”


“Mommy works hard and shows lots of love, doesn’t she? That’s why daddy loves her too~”

Rap Monster

“But I am your father! I am funny! And amazing! I bought you an ice cream last Sunday!”


“Kid, what are you saying?”


“Yeh… Everyone loves mommy…”

I hope you liked it~

who’s willing to spend the next couple of hours talking about a little baby Montilyet with me

because. because babies. tiny little Montilyet babies.

Josephine catching dignitaries off guard by greeting them with a little girl sleeping in a sling across her chest.

Josephine reading long bedtime stories to her little girl about heroes and dragons and the Inquisitor (that’s your daddy/mommy) and calling her baby Topolina and Carissima and Passerotta in-passing (whereas her spouse refers to them as Da’len or Asala or friggin’ Pumpkin, darling why must you name our child after food)

Josephine twisting her daughter’s long, dark, wavy hair -just like Mommy’s- into delicate updos, only for them to come apart within the next hour.


but most importantly

Josephine and her Inquisitor having long, in-depth discussions about the potential of having children- and deciding that it’s not for them, or that it’s not the right time just yet, or that they can’t wait to become parents.

Josephine and her Inquisitor finding themselves in an unexpected pregnancy or with a child they weren’t prepared for and feeling lost, anxious, terrified, but somehow elated, or finally, after long and careful planning, finally finding themselves with a dream come true cradled in their arms.

Josephine and her Inquisitor dealing with all the changes in themselves and their relationship, Josephine and her Inquisitor looking for that intimacy they seem to have lost on the way, or on the contrary, Josephine and her Inquisitor being each other’s pillars of strength and the two of them being closer and more stupidly in love than ever before.

Josephine working long and hard hours to ensure her family’s safety and happiness while her spouse cares for their child, or Josephine so entranced by the little life in her arms that she almost forgets the Duke of Kellington for a second.


Josehine and her Inquisitor living their happy and completely average, long lives however the fuck they want in the post-Inquisition years.


Well I can finally knock mermaid bath off my Lush bucket list. 😍 it’s so pretty and I feel so soft. agreatgreenwizard also picked up a little something from our favorite smoke shop today. 😏happy Stoney Sunday guys! 💚

Big sis I love yu for always bein fierce and takin no shit from no1 my Newphew is gonna have the best mommy in the world 🌎 ofc his aunti is me 😊 lol so he mite love me more lol but fr big sis I wish u well Nd that my lil newphew comes in this world healthy or Ima go Vamp Crazy 😜 and suck all your Blood 😂

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My Rules

-No touching myself with out Mommy’s permission
-No swearing.
-Tell Mommy when I am in little space
-Mommy’s job is to look after me. I am Mommy’s world. Don’t worry about worrying her.
-Always be honest about my feelings with Mommy
-Take care of myself, my body, mind and everything else.
-Tell Mommy if I feel uncomfortable doing something.
-No Brattiness. If I want spankings, just ask.
-Tell Mommy if I feel self harm-y.
-Respect Mommy when she is talking and listen to her.
-No telling mommy what to do
-No downing myself, that is not allowed because mommy says I am too amazing for it
-I must eat at least three meals a day, each containing three food groups except breakfast

anonymous asked:

What is the sweetest gift Callie gave her mothers? On a birthday, special occasion or an anniversary?

I mean, you know what moms are like. It’s often those early handmade gifts that end up meaning the most to them. So I can see Quinn and Rachel cherishing the handmade Mother’s Day cards with the ‘bestest mommies in the world’ scrawled in crayon. Or the ‘family portraits’ she painted with her fingerpaints. Or the lopsided ceramic cup that Callie made in art class, painted to look like Oliver, and gave to them on their anniversary. Or the mildly off-key performance of “Your Mother and Mine” (from Peter Pan) that she sang for them just because. 


                             “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood,
                                         but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”

My mommy

You make my world better. My heart skips a beat when I talk to you. You make me happy and excited about everything. I can’t explain how much you mean to me. I love you for you and that will never change. I never have thought that I would find someone like you who cares about me. I care about you. I love you mommy.