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Continuing with the “Deborah adds ridiculous middle names to people” theme, this was the one image I’d had in my head for a while. It doesn’t work for very ­long, and you can be sure that once Jason realizes he’s been tricked he’s going to be furious, but it’s worth it if just to completely baffle Tommy. He’s fought Jason how many times and never once thought something like that would work at all.

Also my first time drawing Jason ever (and I picked part 6 because even if he isn’t the most powerful in the game, I just love using the version Tommy actually fought (and resurrected… and sank in the lake… and nearly got killed by…) And the design is kinda cool in my opinion. XD

Going Up

Word Count: 1033

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Daddy Jensen

A/N: Credit to @impala-dreamer for semi inspiring this. At least the bed break part with a story about how she broke a bed with her husband. I’ll say no more. Leave it to your imaginations. 

Constructive feedback always welcome and appreciated

“I’m back!” You made your way into your house, calling out for Jensen and your daughter. “Ellie! Jay!” No answer. You put the grocery bags in the kitchen and looked around, unable to find them anywhere. Thinking that maybe they fell asleep upstairs you ran up the staircase, making your way down the hall, when you heard your daughter’s giggles.

“Again, Daddy!” She giggled. “Again!”

“Ok, come on. Get back on.” You quietly cracked the door of your bedroom open, peeking inside. Jensen was on his knees on the bed, face down in the covers. Ellie was crawling over and climbing on his neck. As soon as she was on he raised up, grabbing her ankles in his hands. She grabbed his head for balance, a huge smile on her face. “Going up.” Jensen chuckled.

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film rec list pt. 2
  • the neon aesthetic: only god forgives, the neon demon, under the skin, drive, heaven knows what, blade runner, suspiria, christine, lost river, maniac, nerve, lost in translation
  • art house horror: babadook, the witch, goodnight mommy, alien, trance, green room, girl walks home alone at night, come and see, the invitation
  • LGBT movies with happy endings: carol, life partners, saving face, radiant sea, jongens (boys), four moons, xenia, the happy sad, the way he looks, kiss me, viva, when the night is falling, the incredibly true adventures of two girls in love, boy meets girl, la vie en rose
  • movies that made me terrified of small children: children of the corn, the shining, the exorcist, eden lake, the others, the uninvited, pet semetary
  • coming of age documentaries: Ömheten, all this panic, they call us monsters, beyond clueless, boyhood, 
  • parisian romance vibes: amelie, la vie en rose, frances ha, les amants du pont-neuf, midnight in paris, hotel chevalier, love, paris je t’aime
  • sex-positive female protagonist: diary of a teenage girl, trainwreck, starlet, easy a
  • movies generally considered The Worst: the room, resident evil, sharknado, rubber, troll 2, suicide squad, sausage party, minions
  • the wes anderson style: submarine, me earl and the dying girl, beginners, little miss sunshine,
  • the boring filmbro™ canon: fight club, pulp fiction, inglorious bastards, shawshank redemption, inception, big lebowski, heat, clockwork orange, 2001 space odyssey
  • sex! a lot of it!: keep the lights on, shame, the dreamers, ‘Få meg på, for faen’ (turn me on, goddammit), shortbus
  • animated movies that will make you cry: the little prince, up, the grave of fireflies, bambi, toy story 3
  • art documentaries: finding vivian maier, iris, the artist is present, eva hesse, man on wire, cutie and the boxer, how to draw and bunny, just like being there

message me for more recs / pt 1 

Ruby Theory

Episode 20 of season 4 is scheduled to air on march 10th. The tittle of this episode is “Room for ruby”. The synopsis is “Steven’s gem family begins to grow”. This raises the question, what exactly is this episode going to be about?

Well in the episode “Adventures through light distortion” the gems talk about going back to get the Rubies that where floating around in space right?

Well what if the gems retrieve the Rubies from space, and that leads to them joining the crystal gems?

It dose seem a bit far fetched until you see this picture that was recently posted of the recording studio

Here we see Steven, Peridot, Lapis, and Ruby. Notice though that there is no Sapphire. This probably means that its not our Ruby. And if its not our Ruby then it only makes sense that its the Rubies that are floating around in space.

What would motivate them to want to join the Crystal Gems, I’m not sure about yet. But since they love Jasper so much it could be possible that they would be on board with helping figure out how to uncorrupt gems.

And Eye Ball and Steven did have an (admittedly short) bonding moment in the episode “Bubbled”.

I guess we will just have to wait until March 10th 2017 to find out.

home (anidala week day 1: happy skywalker family au)

in which “darth vader” is no more than anakin’s playtime alter ego (2k, complete)

read on ao3 / ffnet / or below

When she opened the door, for a split second Padmé wondered if she was in the wrong apartment. One of the sofas was overturned, a vase was shattered on the floor with flowers and water in a sopping pile beside it, and there was a dusting of pillow feathers all over the scene.

But then she heard C-3PO’s distressed voice floating down the hall; yes, she was definitely home. “Oh, my! Mistress Padmé will be most displeased when she returns. Master Ani, would you like me to—?”

“Get out of the way, Threepio, we gotta stop the Sith Lord!”

“Oh! My apologies, Master Luke.”

A second later, Anakin came barreling into the living room with Luke and Leia sprinting behind him as fast as their little legs could carry them. All three were brandishing lightsabers (toy ones, thankfully)—Luke’s was green, Leia’s blue, and Anakin’s red. “You’ll never defeat me!” Anakin declared. “I’m more powerful than either of you!”

“But there are two of us and only one of you, Darth Vader!” Leia announced, and with that she and Luke both charged at the same time.

They whacked Anakin with their lightsabers, and he gave a theatrical gasp before falling to the ground. “Curse you, Jedi, you’ve vanquished me!” he cried, sounding rather like one of the painfully melodramatic holodramas he for some reason adored and had forced Padmé to watch more times than she cared to remember. Though watching how unironically (and adorably) invested in them Anakin got was worth the price of sitting through hours of corny overacting, in her opinion.

“What exactly is going on in here?” Padmé said.

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V and graft failure :^) aka his eye surgery (which im assuming to be corneal transplant) fails

Yep!! Here ya go!! *cries* also I did so much research on this. 

[V] [Jihyun Kim

     “Time for drops, again?” V sighed with slight disdain from the couch when he felt your hand slide against his shoulder from behind.

     “Once more, before we go meet with the doctor,” you chimed.

     It had been almost three months since the surgery. Three months since you got the call, they had found a suitable donor. Three months since you held your husbands nervously clammy hands before he entered that sterile room.

     His eyes were an ominous tint of red, and although V could not see them, he could certainly feel the pain accompanying it. It was not a good sign. Still, you both held your heads high, hoping for the best as you made your way back to the office.

     His eye sight hadn’t improved so you helped him through the halls and doors, keeping him close until you were secure in the room.

     There was an uncomfortable silence between the two of you, neither able to think of anything to say. V sat with his own thoughts as you gazed around the room staring at various charts and diagrams displayed on the walls. Even still, your fingers stay laced in his own, your free hand caressing the back of his palm in an effort to relax his mind.

     “Mr. Kim?” three gentle knocks preceded the opening of the door.

     The rest was much of a blur.

     In your heart, in both of your hearts, you knew this was coming. V’s vision hadn’t improved. In fact, it had only gotten worse. Day after day as you awoke in your bed you prayed for improvement. Maybe he will notice the kinks in my hair this morning…perhaps he will reach his glass at breakfast without hesitation? But…still it remained the same. The grasp on each others hands only tightened as the doctor spoke. You were not a doctor, but the redness and irritation in your husbands eyes said it all.

     “From my assessment, it seems to have failed.”

     The words were muffled at best. Like you were underwater. One of those rare moments where time stood still yet despite that, your mind raced at hyper speed trying to comprehend everything.

     When had your throat become so dry? All of the emotions welled up inside you, yet V remained calm as ever. He nodded. He smiled. He listened. It wasn’t until that exact moment that you realized how utterly helpless you were. You had never been in this situation. Never experienced what your husband must be experiencing. All you wanted was to be his rock, and yet, you felt you couldn’t even do that.

     “We can do it again,” the doctor spoke with an easy and dismissive tone. Almost a sigh.  Although he was the best in the area, it still upset you slightly how calmly he had been taking all of this. This was the love of your life in his hands…we can do it again?…

     Sensing your frustration, V’s hand gripped your own for a second, trying to calm you down.

     “It is rare that this happens, but 9 out of 10 patients who experience this and undergo a second graft surgery experience positive results. I predict nothing more than success for you and the recovery of your sight, Mr. Kim.”

     The odds were good…They were. And as much as you could see your husband try to hide it, behind his glasses, his persona and the facade, you could plainly see the tears welling in the corners of his eyes. It was subtle and quick, like a flinch or a twitch, but in that moment you could see his heart breaking in front of you. He had always tried to be a strong man. He felt his will would not bend easily.

     On the way home he barely spoke, you barely spoke. Did he speak at all? You can’t remember.  As the dim, pink light seeped into the windows of the car you sat in silence together, the only sound being the tires on the road and the low beat of the radio.

     “Have everything?” you grasped V’s hand and helped him from the vehicle.

     He gave a nod, a quick kiss to your forehead before his hands caressed your back in thanks for the help.

     “Would you like some tea when we get inside?” you asked. Your voice got caught in your throat, despite you trying to convey a sense of normalcy.

     “That would be wonderful, if it isn’t too much trouble of course,” he smiles, a self-deprecating smile at you as you entered the threshold together.

     It was only his eyes for a brief moment, yet he moved so slowly. It was as if his limbs had rusted. A true tin man if you had ever seen one. Had he finally broken? Had you?

     The door closed behind you both with an echo in the quiet room.

     “Mommy! Daddy!” your daughters demanding steps trailed up to meet V and she threw her arms around him.

     “How was she?” you asked Jumin who appeared from the living room.

     “The picture of perfection, of course,” he spoke without hesitation.

     Jumin eyed the thick cloth still covering V’s eyes, glancing at you apologetically. He knew the answer before you hung your head low. Both of you created this quiet silence, this solitude between each other in understanding. His eyes dropped, he knew just how to convey his feelings for his best friend without the use of words.

     “Daddy!” your daughter yelled from V’s lap on the couch.

     They seemed so happy together.

     “You still can’t see?” she asked, holding her small hand to his cheek.

     “That’s right,” V finally spoke gruffly.

     “That’s okay!” she smiled, “I like showing you things,” she reminded him, running his hands through her hair, “remember how dark my hair is?!”

     Jihyun nodded slowly at the feeling of his daughters own hair.

     “And my eyes. And cheeks, you like to poke them,” she tried to remind him, “remember?”

     “Your daddy remembers everything about you, dear,” you smiled and tried to remind her but V waved you off. As if he wanted her to keep going.

     “And my small arms,” she tried to hit him in the arm and he ended up laughing, pretending to be injured. She was a spirited child.

     “Ah! How could you! You have been practicing!” V slumped over on to the couch, our daughter on his lap laughing uncontrollably.

     “Get up you…you FAKER!” She giggled in his face.

     “Call me…if you…if you need anything at all,” Jumin placed a quick and friendly kiss on your forehead before making his way to the door, waiting for your nod back to him. After all, it was him that had connected you with the doctors.

     When the door closed quietly, you laughed at the sound of your husband and daughter laughing and wrestling.

     “So! Who’s hungry?!” you clapped your hands together to get their attention.

     “Me me me me !!!!” she jumped up finally.

     Jihyun pulled her up into his chest as you cooked.

     “The doctor says I can see again soon,” he said quietly in her ear. “Will you let me take your pictures on your birthday?” he asked.

     The sound of the kitchen was almost all they could hear from the living room, but your daughter nodded with a smile.


Klaus x Reader

Requested By Anon

“I’m home.” You called out and hurried to dump your bags in the bedroom, smiling hen the pattering of feet headed towards you and you found your son hurrying through the corridor towards you.

“Oh, I see, the affection of a mother is more important than Shakespeare.” Klaus called as you scooped him up and gently poked the boys nose, making him squeal.

“He’s just learning to eat with a spoon and walk without falling, he has years to learn Shakespeare.” You laughed and Klaus frowned at the two of you.

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The come home to see your child jumping on the bed (EXO)

Y/S/N: Your son’s name

Y/D/N: Your daughter’s name

Xiumin: -your son normally didn’t misbehave so seeing him bounce on the bed. Minseok took it as a good time got the two of them to bond- “Y/S/N want me to join you?”

Originally posted by exeauxs

Suho: -he would walk into your bedroom and see that your daughter was bouncing on the bed. He would call her name and that stopped her- “Y/D/N you gotta behave when I’m not here”

Originally posted by tinyjunmyeon

Lay: -your daughter would stop as soon as Yixing entered the room and sat down on the bed and he was pretty pleased with it- “you know you should behave with me in the room but you should behave all the time”

Originally posted by laygion

Baekhyun: -your son smiled when Baekhyun came into the room and Baekhyun thought it was very cute that he was bouncing- “do you want company?”

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

Chen: -he looked at your son and then grabbed him to stop him as he smiled and calmly talked to him- “daddy doesn’t think this is safe for you little man”

Originally posted by 5sosfam-phandom

Chanyeol: -when he came home he saw that you and your son were laying around in the bedroom and he was bouncing on the bed. He thought he might be able to join him as well- “am I too tall to bounce on the bed?”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

D.O: -your son would look shocked when his dad caught him bouncing on the bed. Kyungsoo looked at him and simply smiled- “do you want someone to join you?”

Originally posted by daenso

Kai: -when he saw it he warned your daughter she might hurt herself if she kept it up. So she stopped and he felt proud- “you actually listened? That’s great”

Originally posted by kai-tastrophe

Sehun: -he would be tired so he would go to the room to take a nap. When he caught your daughter bouncing on the bed he simply laid down- “either sleep with me or bounce on the couch. Daddy needs a nap”

Originally posted by r-velvets

Kris: -he would attempt to stop your son when he started bouncing too much. Since he was young he didn’t think he was going to bounce well- “how about we go get something yummy to eat? It’s safer than this”

Originally posted by captivatesme

Luhan: -he would pick up your daughter and take her off the bed- “lets not do that babygirl. You could hurt yourself”

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Tao: -he would look at your son who would look at him nervously when Zitao walked into his room- “mommy doesn’t like when you jump on the bed and neither do I. You could hurt yourself”

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“me and the boys will handle it.”
you knew shawn wanted a big family and so did you, so when you
found out you were pregnant for the fourth time you really weren’t surprised.

you had three boys right now, the oldest being 14, your middle was 10, and your youngest was 5. you loved your boys but both you and shawn really, really wanted a girl.

this time, it was finally the little girl the two of you were hoping for. when you found out at your 20 week ultrasound, you and shawn got emotional.

you know the boys wanted a sister too, they were getting tired of it being only boys in the house.

you were now 30 weeks pregnant, and there was still so much to be done in such little time.

shawn decided today was the day he was going to build the crib in the nursery. the two of you had been up in the room all day, and he still hadn’t figured it out.

“why did we have to buy such a complicated crib?” he cursed as the two pieces he was holding weren’t fitting together.

“shawn,” you giggled, picking up the instruction manual and handing it to him. “i think if you use this it’ll make it easier.”

the screams from two of the boys playing video games downstairs were heard from the nursery, followed by little footsteps running into the room.

“mommy!” your youngest son called as he ran into the room, “they won’t let me play!” he cried.

you picked him up, “what’s daddy doing?”

“daddy’s building little sisters bed.” you told him. “but just between you and i, he isn’t doing a very good job.”

your son let out a small giggle.

after holding him for about 5 minutes, you had to set him down much to his protests.

“sorry baby, but mommy’s tired.”

shawn stopped his attempt to put the pieces of the crib together and turned towards you. your son ran to him, shawn immediately engulfed him in a hug.

“babe, you’ve been standing all day. go rest, you know it isn’t good for your back to be standing all day.”

ever since you were pregnant with your first son, throughout the entire pregnancy you had horrible back pains. this continued with all your kids, and this one was definitely included.

before you could answer, your other two sons joined you in the pink room.

“shawn, it’s fine. seriously.”

“y/n.” he said sternly, “go take a nap or something. me and the boys will handle it.”

the two older boys gave their father a look.

“we’re still playing!”

shawn gave them a look to say, ‘no you’re not. don’t fight me.’

the boys sighed, before going over to help their dad. your five year old was eager to help too, which you found funny because he couldn’t do much.

“y/n?” shawn asked, noticing you were still standing there. “i love you, but why are you still here?”

he left the boys to keep working on the crib as he grabbed your hand, guiding you out of the room.

“you’re not allowed in there until later.”

he led you into your shared bedroom where you happily sat down on the bed. carrying extra weight than normal really takes a toll on you, and you didn’t notice how much your back hurt until just now.

you lied down, sighing in content as soon as your head hit the pillow. the last thing you heard was shawn’s chuckles before he closed the door and you drifted off to sleep.

No Regrets - The Dress

Not a request but a few of you ( @remybosslika @percywinchester27  @atc74 ) asked about their wedding so I have decided to make a few planning drabbles before actually writing the wedding drabble.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: nothing but fluff.

Word Count: 774

A/N: This is a drabble complication. All drabbles fit into the universe I created for my Jensen x Reader series Living with Regrets. Most can be read as stand alone, but will also very much be part of the series.

This takes place a few months after part 9 of Living with Regrets. Jensen has asked Y/N to marry him and she has accepted. Finding out how and where the wedding is gonna be will be the next step.

Still not over my writer’s block but for some reason this universe comes easy to me.



You stared into the mirror looking yourself up and down deciding that you looked like cotton candy, before letting out a deep sigh in annoyance.

“This is useless!” You grumbled making Gen instantly appear behind you, along with Sabrina, the woman who had been kind enough to bring all of these dresses turning yours and Jensen’s apartment into a small bridal shop.

In between filming and other wedding arrangement, you hadn’t had an entire day to set aside to shop for wedding dresses so Sabrina who owned a small store in Austin had offered to come to you. You had paid her handsomely for her efforts of course but you still felt like and ungrateful brat each time you turned one of her suggestions down.

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I joined mommy in the dressing room little did I know that she wanted to make me her pretty little girl so she strips me down and tell me to put on the dress then lifts it up to show my diapy 🙈 now everyone knows what a big sissy baby I am 😭😭😭!!!! Normal on the outside not so much underneath 💜❤🙈😍😭👶🏻🐻🍼 @violettefemme

Timmy Todd - Part Two

This one is actually really boring. It’s kinda a filler chapter, just a bunch of stuff leading up to the next chapter. I’m sick so I don’t know when the next one will be coming out! Sorry!


By the time you are nine months pregnant, your heart has begun to heal. It was difficult at first, you honestly didn’t know how you were going to survive without the love of your life, but a new love was starting to grow. The love for your son.

“Damian Wayne! What did I tell you about breaking into my apartment! “

“I believe you said to no to, but you were not here, and I did not wish to wait outside.”

Damian was young, only 10 years old when his mother dropped him off with Bruce. The two of you had grown close, you were like an older sister to him, someone who wouldn’t put up with his shit, and who would treat him like an adult. In turn he handles all of your mood swings, your bouts of depression and he went with you to every doctor’s appointment.

“Well, you could have called. I just got back from the doctors, they said that it was just Braxton-hick’s contractions. I hate going in there alone, they all think that since I’m alone and 17 that I’m a whore.”

tt idiots. They know nothing. You should sit down, according to my research you will be going into labor soon”

“Good! I can’t wait to see my feet again!”

In all honesty you’re terrified. What if you aren’t a good mother? What if you can’t protect your baby? What if someone hurts your baby?

“I can practically see you worrying, Y/N. Calm down”

“I’m just nervous, I’ve never done this before”

Damian scoffs and rolls his eyes, “I should hope not. There will be any firsts coming up, however you are prepared, I’m sure of it.”

Two days later you go into labor, and after 17 hours you finally get to hold your little boy for the first time.

“He looks just like his father” you whisper

Dick leans forward, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, “He really does. You did good, Y/N. What are you going to name him?”

“Timothy Jackson Todd. I want him to have Jason’s last name”

Timmy is almost three when the Red Hood is first sighted in Gotham. Damian is now 14, and you are only ever called in to help Gotham’s vigilantes when they are in desperate need. They have Oracle now, and she is the one who does what you used to.


You crouch down, catching your son as he barreled around the corner, “Timmy!”

“I missed you!”

“I was only gone for an hour, sweetheart. Didn’t you have fun with Uncle Duck and Uncle Dami”

“Uncle Duck took me up on the roof! And-and Uncle Dami let me throw his Baterang! It was so much fun, mommy!!”

Throwing a quick glance up at your two babysitters, “Did they now? You were up on the roof? Did you at least wear a coat?”

“Of course, mommy! I got to show them my batman coat!”

“It was indeed cool, but I will be getting Timothy a Robin coat to wear”

You chuckle and shake your head. Even though you refused to allow Tim to be trained by his uncles, they were constantly getting him different paraphernalia for their vigilante work. But your son loved it, so you allowed it.

“You do that, Dami, but it’s time for Timmy’s nap, so you to need to say goodnight”

Dick leaned down and pressed a kiss to Tim’s cheek, and Damian gave him a hug before you took Tim to his room. “Mommy?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Do you still love daddy?”

Sucking in a sharp breath you look down at your son, at Jason’s son, “Why do you ask?”

“Uncle Duck was telling me stories about you and Daddy”

“What kind of stories?”

“’bout how you and daddy met”

“Oh yeah? What did he tell you about that?”

“That you didn’t like daddy at first, that daddy was mean to you, but then you kicked his butt and daddy started to like you. He said that you wear your necklace because you and daddy were gonna get married”

“Well he was right, but I’m gonna tell you the part of the story that Uncle Duck doesn’t know.” Your son sits up straighter, leaning toward you, “I loved your daddy from the moment I saw him, just like I loved you before you were even born.”

“But he was mean”

“That’s what I liked about him. He didn’t treat me like I was just some girl, he challenged me, made me earn everything instead of just having it handed to me. And yes, I do still love your daddy, and I love you” leaning down you give him an eskimo kiss, “and your daddy would love you too”

Tim gave you a sleepy smile, “Love you too, mommy”

Once you are outside of Tim’s room you reach for your necklace. It is a simple silver chain, and attached to it are only two things. One item is your engagement ring, the ring that Jason had given you a week before his death, and the other is a locket. Inside of the locket is a picture of you and Jason, one of the few pictures of the two of you, and then a picture of you and Tim. The two most important men in your life and always around your neck.

“Are you alright?”

Glancing up you look at Dick, “I’m fine. He asked about Jason again, you told him stories?”

“He was asking for stories, so I told him some. Maybe you should go on a date, maybe it would help you move on”

“I don’t want to move on. Jason was my one and only, and now I have Timmy. I don’t want anyone else, Dick, you know that.”

He just sighed, you knew that Dick was getting frustrated. Since Jason’s death he had seen you as his responsibility, and sometimes you hated him for that.

“I’m just saying …”

“Enough, Dick. I said no. I just want to focus on Timmy and on this Red Hood. Now tell me everything you know about him”

Dick sighed and walked into your living room, “Well, he’s taken out several mob leaders, killed a bunch of drug peddlers who would sell to children, and he seems to have a real grudge against the Joker”

“Wow, he has quite a rap sheet already, and he’s only been in Gotham for like two weeks?”

“Two weeks and three days, he seems to be gunning for Black Mask now. He’s the only boss who isn’t under Red Hood’s control”

“What is B planning to do?”

“Father seems to be set on finding out who is behind the mask. He has recently gone to visit Mother and Grandfather at the League, I assume he has a lead but he has refused to share any of his findings with us. He has sealed away all tests that he has run, neither Richard or I have the hacking skills to get past his firewalls.”

“So you want me to sneak down to the Cave and hack into secret files?”

Damian smirked, “You have read my mind, Y/N”

“Fine, as long as you take Timmy and Bruce out of the house while I work. Something like this could take a while and I don’t want to be interrupted.”

“We were gonna do that anyway! Maybe we can convince B to take us all to the zoo”

“I’m sure if you tell Timmy to ask you can get Bruce to do anything” glancing back at your son’s room, you start to plan. It’s been awhile since you had to hack anything and you highly suspect that Bruce has updated everything. “So tomorrow I’ll come over to the Manor, you two will leave with Bruce and Tim, and I will hack secret files!”

“Yeah, pretty much!” Dick glances at your clock, “We have to head out, Dami and I are in charge of Patrol for tonight, rumor has it that the Joker was broken out of jail.”

“Aright, you go save the city, I’ll be here with Tim. If anything goes south send me a message and we are gone”

Hacking into the computers mainframe is surprisingly easy, and finding the tests are even easier. Deciphering the coded results is where you have a bit of trouble, but nothing that you can’t handle.

“Damn, B. You really didn’t want anyone to see these results” you mumble.

While the decoding program is running you check your phone. Dick had sent you a picture of Tim. He has perched on Bruce’s shoulder, wearing overalls and an elephant hat, he was feeding the giraffes, and it was absolutely adorable. You save the picture and make it your screensaver. A ding sounded when the program finished.

“Now, let’s see what you have been hiding”

Your eyes widen as you read through the results of the blood tests. You scan through the pictures f the empty grave, of the coffin that was in ruins. A trembling hand raises to cover your mouth. The Red Hood is actually Jason Todd.

Whatever You Say

Originally posted by provemeblasphemy

Request: if requests are still open a Tyler Joseph smut would be cool if you could make it a smut where they are parents and their kids are asleep like a room away and they can’t wake the kids? maybe? only if you wanna do it tho.

A/n: I don’t really like the way this came out, but I hope you enjoy regardless xx

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That's my mommy

Ashton and I had been dating for 3 and a half years and he finally asked me if I wanted to move in with him and his daughter, (H/D/N). She will be turning 3 this year as well.

Ashton was a single parent when I first met, his wife left him with a two month old baby, divorce papers, saying that “motherhood just wasn’t her thing”. After that he never heard from her again, leaving him to play both mom and dad. He had admitted that having to be a multi-parent was tough, but it did have his perks. But he was glad he had his family help him.

When we had our first date he was nervous when he brought up that he had a little girl. It didn’t change my interests in him, he was still the same Ashton I met at the carnival they held every year in fall. He was still the same Ashton Irwin who loved to write music, and play every now and again. Ashton was still Ashton. The only thing that changed about him happened after having (H/D/N). She changed him for the better. I didn’t think it was possible for him to get any better than he already was.

I was honored when Ashton asked me to meet his daughter. His eyes would sparkle when I’d ask how (H/D/N) is doing and as she got older and the more I would come over or stay the night, the more I got myself attached.

Ashton was having a meeting with management today so I told him I was fine watching her for the time being. (H/D/N) wasn’t hard to handle, she is the exact opposite. Plus I live here with them now, I want her to know I’m always going to be here when Daddy isn’t.

“(Y/N) I’m so sorry the meeting took longer than I thought” Ashton starts as I put a finger to my lips.

“She just fell asleep” I whisper, as he gives me a quick smile, the only sound being heard was her current movie obsession, Moana .

He slips off his shoes and jacket before picking her up, trying not to wake his sleeping angel and carried her off towards her room. I cleaned up her small bowl of leftover chips, before meeting Ashton back in the living room.

“Don’t be sorry about being late, we had a good day” I kiss his cheek before snuggling up next to him.

“I really don’t know what I would do without you”.

“I cou–” I start before a little girl came rushing out, flinging herself small figure around me.

“Ash did you turn on the nightlight?” I say rubbing her back as he nodded his head.

“What’s wrong princess?” Ashton said leaning closer to (H/D/N).

She looks up to me with sad puppy dog eyes that could make anyone melt “Mommy I had a bad dream”.

I gulp down a lump in my throat as my mind started replaying the sentence (H/D/N) had stated. I tried my hardest to come off as calm as possible. I take a quick look at Ashton who also had the same reaction. I smile at him before turning my attention back to her.

“Mommy and Daddy were just about to go to bed. Do you want to come lay with us?” I ask before she nods her head.

I pass her over to Ashton as I go to change into my pajamas. I couldn’t help but smile. She directed her statement at me, she called me Mommy. My heart was melting that, that little girl considered me her Mommy. I guess I had taken the role of the mother figure, she never met her birth mother and I had been around most of her life. But what about Ashton, was he okay with his daughter calling me Mommy?

The living room was complete darkness, a dim light flickering from our bedroom. As I walk in, I take a small step back, admiring the scene that lay ahead. These were the moments that I know Ashton would always hold dear to his heart. I didn’t want to ruin it.

(H/D/N) was resting her head, her body curled up into him, a slight humming coming from him. Both of them had their eyes closed, he was calm and soaking up this moment as much as possible. Ashton knew that these moments wouldn’t last forever so he was determined to make the most of it.

I silently crept towards Ashton. I run my hands through his hair before giving him a small kiss on his temple. His eyes fluttered open as a tired smile on crossed his face, he whispered “I love you”. I nodded my head “I love you too”.

The next day I woke up a little earlier than usual to make breakfast. Lauren was coming to pick (H/D/N) for a little auntie and niece day, giving me and Ashton the day to ourselves.

The next to wake up was Ashton, he lazily sat himself at the table with a yawn.

“Sleep well?” I ask as he nods his head. It was evident he wished he could go back to bed, truthfully I don’t blame him. (H/D/N), is a boxer in her sleep. We’d probably go back to bed after Lauren picks up her niece.

As I put the breakfast on the table I take a deep breath in, “Listen, about her callin–”, Ashton was quick to cut me off.

“I’m actually glad you brought that up” Ashton says as he grabs a few pancakes.

“If you’re uncomfortable with it I understand” I say as he laughs at my comment.

“Babe, why would I be mad? I should be asking you that. I know you aren’t her birth mother, and you don’t have to act like it. The fact that my daughter calls you mom makes me feel like being with you was one of the best decisions that I ever made. My daughter just approved of you without even knowing it, do you how amazing that is? I–” his speech getting cut off by a knock at the door.

“Hold on,” I chuckle as he walks to the door.

I furrow my eyebrows “Lauren is a little early”.

I stood up as I watched Ashton answer the door. His eyes widened and his muscles tensed up, “Hey Ash” a unfamiliar female voice half-heartedly chuckled. Ashton takes a quick look at me before turning his attention back to the girl who he hadn’t let in.

“Can I ask why you’re here?” he says as his hand tightens on the door. I was taken back by the sudden reaction.

My blood ran cold as her words struck me, finally realizing who she was.

“I’m here to see my daughter”.

Ashton shakes his head, “You have been gone for how long? Leaving me to play both parts of being a parent. You don’t know how many times I felt like alone and like a failure as a parent. If I didn’t have my Mom, my sister, and my brother to help me I’d be beyond lost. The boys put their lives on hold because of me!” his voice getting louder the more he filled in his ex-wife on what his life like.

“Ashton, please calm down, (H/D/N) is still sleeping” I intervene, taking a good look at the girl who left my boyfriend alone and broken. The girl who gave me the most amazing opportunity at having become that little girl’s mother.

“Who is this?” she said looking me up and down.

I force a smile onto my face, “Hi, I'm (Y/N), his girlfriend”.

“Mommy?” a tiny voice squeaks behind us. I turn around with my a smile on my face. I opened my mouth to answer her before getting pushed out of the way.

“Hi sweetheart, you remember me? It’s mommy”

Ashton and I look at each other before looking back to the two in front of us waiting to see what (H/D/N) and ex-wife will do. It's (H/D/N) right to know who her mother is, Ashton or I can’t stop her from not knowing.

(H/D/N) just shook her head and pointed her small index finger towards my and Ashton’s way.

“No, that’s my mommy over there”.

Hey guys sorry this is extremely lame but 3:30 in the morning so I tried. I had an idea went for it. I hope some of you guys enjoyed it! If you guys have any ideas or request let me know!