I am school free for the next 9.5 days!!! I am going to enjoy this break more than any break I have had before. Talk about a tough term!

What better way to celebrate than with my first tri of the season tomorrow! Not only that, but I get to run it with one of my favorite Tumblrs, cheered on by my amazing wife and another tumblr that defines motivation and endurance.

It is going to be an amazing weekend! Let the good themes begin!

TBT- the day I met the people that would change my life for the better.

Positive reinforcement toward a common goal can produce the desired results we all aim to achieve. This medium allows for teamwork from people that you have never met but understand and accept you without question.

This was the day when I accepted that my body can do more than my mind believed was possible. These people will always have a warm and special place in my heart.

Jan-YOU-ary -Mommymiles

This month will be called Jan-YOU-ary and the purpose will to take stock of the wonderful people in my life. Each day I will take one person from tumblr and tell that person what they mean to me and how they motivate me.

Today will be my beautiful bride, Mommymiles. We have been together for over 9 years and even though there have been some rocky seas, you are definitely the only one I would share my life with.

You have given me the greatest gift any person could ever want, our beautiful daughter. Everyday she shows us the innocence only a child can have, and the excitement she shows as she discovers the world around her.

2012 was the year that we both started out weightless journey together. Running 5k’s next to you is the best races in my opinion. Seeing you tear down those miles and almost placing in your age group is amazing motivation that makes me want to push it even harder. Our journeys are going to provide so many wonderful experiences and sharing them with you are my greatest reward.