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To the girls with...

To the girl with the pregnancy test in the grocery store bathroom, waiting impatiently to see her results, you will survive.
To the girl with the packed backpack full of clothes and photos, getting kicked out by her parents because she is pregnant, you will survive.
To the girl with the boy who left her because he won’t own up to his responsibilities of being a father, you will survive.
To the girl going into labor who is scared of the change her life will have when she gives birth, you will survive.
To the girl with the life plan who can not bring a child into the world yet, you will survive.
To the girl with the pain in the hospital room alone without an infant to take home, you will survive.
To the girl with the crying infant who has not slept in weeks, you will survive.
To the girl with the scrutiny of society because she became pregnant as a teenager, you will survive.
I will not lie and say you will be ok, because life is a roller coaster and no one knows if life will get better or worse, but I do know you will survive through this journey.
You will come out stronger and wiser than before.
You are not defined by the words and judgments of others.
You are defined by your perception of who you are, not anyone else’s.


Happy Mother’s Day to my first best friend, Mommy Hardy! You are the reason I go so hard. Your beauty, style and achievements are all bonuses to your awesome personality. Thanks for letting me keep your dress from the pictures from when I was younger! I love it. I said, “When I was younger,” because you haven’t age a bit. I pray I age as well as you did! Okay..I’ll stop talking about you now because I could go on and on about my favorite person in the world. 

I love you to the moon and back mommy!


Meet my heart and soul 💕

Welcome to my new life!!! The life of a mommy where slobber is indeed my new Chanel (you were correct Bambs) and walks arounds the block in the loud chaotic city of New York seem to calm them down more than about anything… but I’ve loved every second! I mean I’m not partial to the constant crying chorus they like to do at 3 am but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 💗 That’s my girl Emmy on the left (my twin) and Little Leo on the right (LITERALLY A MINI SPENCE) and I’m sure they’d say hi to all of mama’s friends here if they could!!!☺️