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Support your daughter by overtly telling her that you support her, not that you would still love her “even if she is gay.” When you tell someone, “I still love you even if you are gay,” what you are really saying is this: “Obviously being gay is worse than being straight. It would be an obstacle in the way of my love for you, but I am willing to overlook it.” Say, rather, “I love you, and I’m so sorry that I’ve let you infer by my silence, that I would love you less if you were a lesbian.” […] If you want anything resembling a loving, honest relationship with your daughter, don’t perpetuate the silence and avoid speaking directly about sexual orientation. Be clear, be direct, and be affirming. Your daughter deserves it.
Cinderella (Part 1)

Summary: AU. After the tragic passing of reader’s father, reader is left with a cruel stepmother and two miserable step-sisters, who not only don’t care about her, but they use her for their own gain. Will a handsome stranger offer her the freedom she longs for?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,372

Warnings: mentions of death, angst, sadness, mentions of crime, mentions of murder

A/N: This is my entry for the @stories-from-stark-tower ‘s AU movie challenge. It’s based off of the 2015 Disney adaptation of Cinderella, only with a bit of my own spin on it.

Parts 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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Veneration (M)

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» sehun x reader
» 1.8k
» Hi, I love your stories and writing smut, can i request for a Sehun dry humping until he cums ? XD i need to be bathed in holy water I know
» warning: smut (sub!sehun & mommy kink & public sex) 

“You’re getting too close.”

Sehun doesn’t acknowledge. He keeps his feet firmly in place, just like his hands, making you squirm a little in his grasp. He holds you still nonetheless, using the fact he had muscles for days to suppress your movements.

Pressing his lips to your neck, you can’t help but sense the intoxication running around Sehun’s mind. You told him not to drink too much and what did he do? Exactly the opposite. “You love it when I get this close to you.”

He was right, in some sense.

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Sissy Bitch

They say Friday the thirteenth is unlucky for some and now I know it is true, but in my case unlucky doesn’t begin to describe what happened. It was the day when one of my worst nightmares became a reality.

It was 4:30pm and Mommy arrived home from work earlier than her normal time. I was suitably attired in the outfit she’d chosen for me before she left for work. Today I wore the pink satin maids dress with red thong panties, a tightly laced pink over-bust corset underneath holding up my black seamed stockings, and my feet squeezed into black court shoes with a 5” heels. A long, ash blonde wig on my head and the heavy makeup covering my face completed my transformation into Mommy’s maid. But this wasn’t the reason I was unlucky, for I have been her 24/7 sissy for two years now.

“Welcome home Mommy,” I said and curtsied to her. “I didn’t expect you home at this time so I haven’t started your evening meal.”

“I’ll get it after. First, I have a surprise for you. I told you yesterday I was pleased with your service to me and that you deserved a reward. Kind Mommy that I am, I’ve decided to give it to you tonight. Go to your room and I’ll be there in a minute.”

I obeyed immediately, wondering what my reward would be this time. Sometimes I would be allowed to use my mouth and tongue to worship her Temple of Femininity, sometimes it would be permission allowing me to make myself cum, and sometimes if I was really honored she would even permit me to rub my male clit over her moist temple-lips but never to enter her and never till I orgasmed. I sat on my bed and waited for Mommy. She entered my room a minute or so later.

“Come over here and turn around,” she ordered and I quickly did as she said.

I felt her unlock the small padlock, on the collar of the maid’s dress, that prevented it from being undone and the dress removed without her permission.

“Remove your dress.”

I eased it off, allowed it to drop to the floor, stepped out of it, then lifted it and put it on my bed.

“Now remove your thong then get down on the floor beside the bed, on your hands and knees.”

My thong joined the dress on the bed and I got down on all fours. Normally when I was required to be in this position it meant Mommy was going to use one of her strap-on dildos to screw my sissy-pussy. Mommy went to the wardrobe and began raking for something. She returned carrying several items in her hand.

“Hold perfectly still while I secure you Sissy”, she said and then I felt her strapping a leg spreader-bar to my ankles forcing them a meter apart. This was soon followed by another spreader bar forcing my knees apart. I thought nothing of this since it was the normal procedure for my session with her strap-ons, unable to close my legs to stop her from driving her rubber cock deep into my sissy-pussy.

Satisfied my legs were adequately secured, she left the room, leaving me on my hands and knees. Soon she returned and I quickly looked around to try and get a glimpse of which dildo she’d chosen for tonight’s ritual sissy-pussy pounding, fully expecting to see a large lifelike rubber strap-on jutting from the juncture of her thighs. What I saw made my stomach turn over and the color drain from my face. No sign of a strap-on, just Mommy leading an Irish Red Setter into the room. What did she want this dog for? Somehow, with a sense of foreboding, I immediately knew what it meant. “God no, not this please, Mommy,” I said to myself. “Don’t make me perform with a dog you know I hate even the thought of it.”

Mommy must have seen the shock register on my face and the pleading look in my eyes. “I take it your sissy brain has already worked out what I have in store for you,” she said and let out a laugh. “I’ll explain anyway. This is Max and he belongs to another Mommy, a friend of mine. She’s going away for the weekend and I volunteered you, sissy, to look after the dog for her. I told my friend you would take good care of it and also be certain to make sure the dog got plenty of exercise. You can start straight away, and what better way to exercise Max than to let him have sex. He’s going to screw your sissy-pussy and I’m going to sit here on the bed and watch. I know you don’t want to do this but you will because I am ordering you to, for my enjoyment and pleasure. You have no idea of how aroused it makes me knowing I have such control over you that you will submit to this because you must make your Mommy happy. You will submit to the canine in the same way you must always submit to me or anyone else I order you to.”

“Don’t move an inch unless I tell you to,” she said, as she led the dog over in front of me. “Say hello to your new Master, bitch, don’t be unsociable,” she said in a mocking tone. “Tell him how much you’re looking forward to the taste of him in your mouth and to feel his cock moving in and out of your sissy-pussy.”

I felt sick, humiliated and degraded. I was going to have to submit to being screwed by an animal, and worse Mommy was going to watch it happen.

“Speak to your lover tell him how much you want him, I won’t tell you again.”

I mumbled the words she told me to say and Mommy laughed again. This was cruel; she was mocking me and adding to my feelings of humiliation and disgust at myself. The dog began licking my face slobbering all over it and covering me with his saliva. I knew it was normal dog behavior but I didn’t want this. I pulled my face back.

“Why Mommy, what have I done to be treated this way?” I sobbed out.

“I told you this is a reward not a punishment sissy, and the reward is you are going to feel a real cock inside you tonight instead of my rubber strap-on. Anyway this has been a fantasy of mine for 6 months now, ever since another domme friend of mine told me how she had done the same thing with her sub. She told me how aroused it made her to know she could force her sub into accepting doggie sex simply because she demanded it. Since then I have been planning on how to do the same with you and I can tell you sissy that right now I’m horny as hell at the thought of what you and your dog Master are about to do. Enough talk, it’s time for action. I don’t know if Max has ever has sex with a human before so you will have to get his dog-cock hard and get him randy enough to want to screw you.”

She got the dog to lie on his back immediately in front of me, close enough so that I could reach him with my head. I looked down at his belly and my eyes were drawn to the sheath and testicles between his back legs. Nothing was showing from the end of the sheath.

“Start by gently rubbing his sheath, and make sure you are gentle, otherwise he may see it as a threat and bite you,” Mommy ordered. “If he starts to growl or get agitated stop, then try again in a minute or so. You are going to make this as pleasurable for him as you can.”

I tentatively raised a hand from the floor and gently put two fingers round the sheath. The dog didn’t seem to mind this so I gently began rubbing and squeezing just behind the head. In no time the head of the cock appeared out of the end of the sheath and I continued to rub up and down the sheath. When an inch of dog-cock was protruding from the sheath Mommy told me to stop. I noticed how red and veiny it was.

“Now take the head of his cock in your mouth, lick it, suck him, get him fully erect,” she said. “And make sure you don’t touch his shaft with your teeth. Be gentle with your new Master’s dick and get him really hard so he can fill you with his erection.”

I eased forward on my knees until my head was over his sheath and the head of the cock. But I couldn’t bring myself to lower my head. Knowing it was a dog I was being made to give a blow-job to was stopping me. This is too much; she knows I have very strong inhibitions about bestiality. She knows how I feel about sex between animals and humans.

I heard my Mommy repeat her demands. I knew I would suffer a severe thrashing if I disobeyed her and the fear of the pain it would cause made me overcome my shame and disgust and I lowered my head until my lips touched the head of the dog-cock. I opened my mouth and let the cock-head slide between my lips and into my mouth. As soon as it happened I got my first taste of dog pre-cum and felt like throwing up, but managed to control it. The dog’s fluid in my mouth was thin and watery and had an iron taste to it. I started sucking on the shaft, moving my mouth up and down, using my tongue to lick the entire length and around the head. Inch by inch the dog-cock lengthened and grew thicker filling my mouth. Soon the cock-head was touching the back of my throat and my gag reflexes kicked in making me feel like being sick again. I had to fight the feeling and concentrate on moving my mouth slowly up and down the dog’s erection, and all the while a constant supply of pre-cum dripped from the cock-head. As I licked and sucked, the cock continued to get harder and longer, more erect and soon I had 6 inches of dog cock, 2 inches wide, in my mouth. How big does a dog’s cock get I wondered to myself? Were they bigger than a man’s hard-on?

I’d been giving the dog head for about 5 minutes when suddenly Max started to thrust his hips from the floor, trying to drive his cock deeper into my mouth. I was unprepared for it and almost choked as the head of his hard shaft actually slid into my throat. I had to pull my head back very quickly to prevent throwing up. It was difficult to prevent it happening again when he started trying to hump my mouth. As soon as Mommy saw Max start trying to screw my mouth she reacted and smiled her devilish smile. A chill ran up my spine when I noticed it, this was not a good sign.

“Stop sucking and take his cock out of your mouth,” she orders. “If he’s trying to hump you it means he’s ready to mount you. Congratulations Sissy, you’ve got your dog lover ready to screw your sissy-pussy.” As I withdrew my head, she saw the size of Max’s erection as it slid from my mouth. “That’s quite a cock,” she said. “Aren’t you the lucky sissy bitch to have a lover with such an impressive erection? It puts many men to shame. Now keep on licking and sucking his cock and keep him hard while I get your pussy ready for him. Don’t you dare waste a drop of his precious fluids; make sure you swallow it all.”

I continued licking up and down the entire length and the cock swelled to about 7” in length and 2” thick. At least I had the comfort of knowing the cock was no bigger than Mommy’s largest strap-on so I would be able to take this erection without any damage being done. The thought did cross my mind that if I got the dog to cum now I wouldn’t have to let it f*** me, and I was tempted. But the thought went as quickly as it had appeared when I saw Mommy holding a syringe full of some liquid.

“This is natural oil and it’s better for the dog than KY. It will have to be really well spread around inside you, particularly inside the opening to your pussy,” Mommy said. “I’m not wasting any more time, Max needs his cock inside you so he can flood your pussy with his cum and I am going to enjoy the spectacle of seeing you being mated with him.”

She inserted the syringe and squeezed the plunger. The cool oil flowed into me and I felt her insert a latex covered finger and spread the oil as well as she could. Some of it oozed out of my opening and she used this to lubricate my pussy-hole. Mommy then told me to lower my head down onto the floor. “You’ll be able to take every inch of him inside you and he will enjoy it more, with you this way.”

My feelings of humiliation and submission intensified. Mommy was showing more concern for the dog than for me. She cared more about the dog enjoying screwing me than about the fact I didn’t like this. My humiliation grew even more when I felt the huge rubber dildo of my Mommy probing at my anal opening.

“I’m going to stretch your sissy-pussy with my dildo so his hard cock will easily slide into you, sissy bitch. You’re like a bitch in heat to him and he’s desperate to bury his cock in you and start screwing you. Come here Max, come here boy,” Mommy coaxed as she forced the huge dildo all the way in.

The dog rose and went behind me as Mommy began shafting my pussy with her dildo stretching and widening my opening. She kept this up for a minute then withdrew the rubber intruder from my bowels. Before my pussy could return to its normal size I felt Max’s cock probing at my opening and the head of his cock began to enter me. Immediately he started thrusting, burying his cock deeper and deeper inside me. He wasn’t taking things easy or taking his time and the first hard thrust buried him to the hilt. I felt a sudden sharp pain as the dog cock impaled me and slid deep into my bowels. He was soon pumping his hard cock in out like a piston and I felt as though my insides were on fire. I prayed he’d soon cum and this ordeal would end.

Max had been screwing me for 10 minutes or so, (it seemed a lot longer), and I felt every inch of his erection moving in and out with every thrust he made. Suddenly I felt the speed of his thrusting increase and I assumed he was about to cum. At the same time I felt something firm pushing up against my opening and assumed he was buried in me so deep that it was his nuts.

“Relax your sissy-pussy and let him get every last inch of his hard cock inside you,” Mommy ordered. “I know he’s about ready to cum and you are going to make sure he enjoys the sensation to the full. Do it!”

When Mommy spoke this time, I looked towards her, and what a sight I saw. She was sitting on the bed and had raised her skirt above her waist. She’d eased her panties to one side and was using her favorite vibrator to pleasure herself. The expression on her face told me that she was really aroused and I thought she may even already have had an orgasm at the spectacle of seeing her sissy maid being used by a dog. Why hadn’t I noticed the buzzing from her vibrator when she’d turned it on, I bizarrely wondered to myself?

I relaxed my anal muscles as much as possible and felt something like a small lump force its way inside me. Too late, it dawned on me what this was. I’d seen dogs tied together after sex and knew what a knot was. I knew Max had just pushed his knot inside me and I could already feel it swelling up. Very soon my sissy-pussy was being stretched and filled. The knot swelled and grew until it felt about the size of a human a fist and I was worried about just how big it would get and whether I would be able to accommodate it. It had grown to such an extent already that it was starting to feel uncomfortable inside me.

“Now you’re stuck to your canine lover until he’s filled you with his dog-cum and his cock shrinks enough to let him draw out of you,” Mommy said and sort of chuckled. “By the way I believe that can take anything up to 40 minutes after he’s shot his load. And, judging by the speed at which he’s humping you I don’t think it will be too long before he’s flooding your pussy with his seed.”

As she said this she rose from the bed and came and stood in front of me, holding her skirt around her waist.

“Lift your head and look at my pussy,” she ordered, and I complied.

My face was inches away from her pussy and I could see the moisture on its puffed lips. She inched herself forward until my mouth made contact with her pubic mound. I immediately smelt her most intimate scent, a scent I knew well.

“Now lick my pussy, sissy bitch,” she ordered. “Use your mouth and tongue worship my pussy as your dog lover screws you. Suck my clit and push your tongue as deeply into my wet pussy as you can. I’m honoring you by allowing you to taste my most intimate fluids so you can show your appreciation by making me cum.”

I was grateful to Mommy for allowing this. It helped take my mind off the dog cock throbbing in my back passage. I worked my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and then flicked my tongue over her erect clit, anxious to give her pleasure and make her cum. I licked, nibbled and sucked on her divine pussy for 5 minutes then suddenly she gripped my head with both her hands and pulled my face harder into her crotch.

“Oh God yes,” I heard her say, followed by a long ecstatic moaning. “I’m going to cum again, suck my clit, bitch.”

She was now grinding herself against my mouth and tongue, covering my mouth and face with her pussy juices. Her heavenly taste and smell were really starting to get to me and I felt my sissy clit start to harden. This caused me pain as the CB3000 chastity device locked onto my clit prevented erections. This was torture of the worst sort. I was being screwed by a dog, being allowed to service Mommy orally and yet, I was being denied any sexual relief for myself.

“I’m cumming, bitch, lick my pussy, enjoy your Mommy’s pussy juices and don’t spill a drop,” Mommy said and she continued holding my head tightly and forcing it into her pussy.

I felt the flood of her juices and worked hard to take it all into my mouth. Whether the dog sensed her orgasm or not I don’t know but almost as soon as Mommy’s orgasm ended I felt liquid fire spurting deep inside my bowels, [SPAM] after [SPAM]. I’d just had my pussy flooded with copious amounts of canine cum. Worse yet I was going to be stuck with the dogs cock and cum inside me for God knows how long. I felt shame, humiliation and sick.

The dog’s thrusting stopped. Mommy released my head and stepped back from me, allowing her skit to drop back down. I looked up at her again and it was obvious she’d got immense enjoyment from seeing me being mated like a bitch in heat. I wondered just how many times she’d cum while she enjoyed the spectacle, and the control she had over me that I would submit to this act purely for her pleasure.

“I’m going to take a shower and change while you and you doggie lover are stuck together. But first I’ll help him dismount.” I heard her say.

She helped Max off my back then swiveled one of his back legs over my back so the dog was on all fours again and we were facing in different directions. His cock and knot were still completely buried to the hilt in my sissy-pussy and there was nothing I could do about it.

“He will try and pull out of you but I wouldn’t advise letting him until his knot has shrunk sufficiently to allow it without doing damage to your pussy,” Mommy warned. “It might be best if you take hold of his back legs to stop him. Only you will know when it’s safe to let him pull out. Now enjoy the sensation of having your pussy filled and don’t go away I’ll be back soon.”

She removed my arm-binder so I could stop Max from tearing my pussy apart by pulling his knot out to soon, then walked out of the room leaving me and the dog.

Alone and stuck there with the canine knot preventing me from moving my emotions welled up in me. Shame; humiliation; disgust; and degradation, I felt dirty. The feelings were too much and tears filled my eyes.

It was twenty minutes before I felt the knot shrink sufficiently to allow the knot and the cock slip from my insides and as soon as the head was out a stream of dog-cum started dripping from my pussy. Max suddenly started licking me, lapping up the juices he’d shot deep into my bowels. At least I was grateful for that.

I was just about to rise from my kneeling position when Mommy returned from her shower. “Ah damn,” she said, “I was hoping to be back in time to see the dog and his sissy bitch separating. You’d better go and shower too sissy bitch and make sure you clean your dog lover’s cum from your pussy. I don’t want you dribbling all over the place,” she said and laughed aloud. “I’ll make you get down on your hands and knees and lick up any drops that spill from you’re pussy, if you do.”

It was around two hours later; I’d showered and given myself a cleansing enema, glad to have the remnants of dog-cum flushed from inside me. I had made my Mommy her evening meal, which she’d eaten, and now she was enjoying a cup of coffee in the Living room. I was standing beside her chair awaiting her next order.

“Well, how did you enjoy your first dog sex Sissy?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. I hadn’t enjoyed any of the ordeals other than being allowed access to Mommy’s divine pussy. But, it was Mommy’s wish that I be used by the dog so what should I say without displeasing her. Fortunately I didn’t have to say anything, as Mommy spoke again, first.

“It doesn’t matter whether you enjoyed it or not, what’s important is that I got really turned on seeing you being screwed by Max and, knowing you were only doing it because I’d ordered it. You know what that means don’t you?”

“Yes Mommy, I believe I do,” I replied knowing full well her intentions.

“Tomorrow we are going to get a dog and I’ll even let you pick your new K9 lover. Isn’t that kind of me? In fact, we might even get two. You know what it means to be spit-roasted don’t you Sissy?”

Any wonder then that I’ll always believe, now, that Friday the thirteenth is indeed a day that is unlucky for some.

Fantasy vs Reality - Part 3

Pairing: Tattooed!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,791

Warnings: Angst, language, insecure reader, angry Dean

AN: I’m so sorry it took so long to get this part out! With tags being an asshole and not working I still hate to post it when no one is going to really see it but I wanted to get this out. I’m sorry this chapter is so angsty but it’s the mood I’ve been in lately so…ta-da! Here’s their first fight!

Part 1   Part 2

Being with Dean has been great. He was everything you had ever wanted and more. You love him, you know you do. You’re just not quite ready to say it yet and a part of you wonders if you’re really good enough for him…what could he possibly see in you? You always thought of yourself as the invisible girl, the one that never would have stood out to the boy all of the girls wanted. He’s tried showing you how wrong he finds those thoughts to be with all of his actions since that fateful day in the grocery store.

He has kept up his promise of telling you stories behind several of his tattoos; the baseball bat for his dad’s softball team, the judgement scales with a snake twisted around the brass pole for his brother Sammy’s transition from law to medicine in college, and an amazingly detailed portrait of Baby, the Impala which was self explanatory. She was the first love of his life.

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Me and my two dogs are up for adoption!
We come as a package deal, here is a little bio on us 😊.

Me- I’m 22, fun and sexy. I enjoy intellectual conversation, music, narcotics, sex, writing, painting, drawing, art in general, nature, camping, sports, beer, wine, food, all food. I want to become a teacher and have a family one day, no kids yet. 5'2 32D 105lb. Brown eyes brown hair..

Caine - White with black spots. Male pitbull, 80lbs he’s neutered, 7 years old loves belly rubs and naps! Lazy old man, loud bark no bite.

Sampson- Black Male pitbull, not neutered, 105 lbs. Loveable puppy, he’s a mama’s boy, must have mommies attention at all times, protective of his family and home, obedient and playful.

.WE are in need of a new forever home,
Anyone who is interested, dm for details 😘

I swear whenever I see garnet say that she loves Steven, I literally melt. Like it’s too much for me, she sounds so sincere even though it’s just voice-acting. In m opinion I’ve always thought that Garnet cared the most about Steven for some reason. I literally rewound this part at least fifty times

Morning Routine

 I got the idea fot this fic from the fic Morning Madness from @maydayparade8123

This is a Percabeth future fic. It could be either canonverse or AU. It’s your pic.

      Charles Jackson was used to a morning routine. His mom would wake him up and get him ready to school so they could have breakfast with Daddy. Then, they would get to the parking lot together and his parents would kiss and part ways with an “I love you”. His dad would drive him to kindergarten before going to work.

       But one morning was a bit different.

       Mommy woke him up as he was used to. He got dressed and took his backpack to the kitchen. Daddy was cooking breakfast.

       “Good morning, Charlie.” His dad served him pancakes and ruffled his hair.

       “Good morning Daddy. Where’s Mommy?”

       “I’m here, honey” She kissed the boy’s cheek and then her husband’s.

       His parents took their places on the table. Mommy said something about an important building she would be designing and Daddy asked about Uncle Frank and Aunt Hazel’s next visit.

       After breakfast, the three of them took the elevator together, still chatting and smiling. Everything seemed normal, but that’s when something went wrong.

       When they reached the parking lot, his parents kissed and parted ways. Mommy went to her car and Daddy went to his. Charlie followed his dad to the car, like he always did, but couldn’t help feeling weird. He felt like something was missing.

       His dad was parking the car when it clicked. Mommy and Daddy hadn’t said they loved each other this morning. But they still did, didn’t they? The five-year-old decided to ask.

       “Daddy?” He called.

       “What’s up, kiddo?”

Charlie thought about the answer Uncle Leo had taught him: ‘the sky’. But this was a very serious matter and he decided it wasn’t time for jokes.

“Why didn’t you told Mommy you loved her this morning?”

“I didn’t?” Daddy scratched his head, puzzled.

The boy confirmed he hadn’t, shaking his head.

“Gods, this is not right! Do you think I should call her, just to make sure she knows?” Daddy asked worriedly.

Charlie nodded. He felt relieved with his dad’s reaction. His parents still loved each other, they had just forgotten to say it out loud. But now that he had notified Daddy, it would be an easy fix.

Daddy picked up his phone and called Mommy. Both his parents had different phones from most people. Uncle Leo had made them and Charlie thought they were really cool. Daddy put the call on speaker.

“Hey, Percy, is everything okay? I just arrived at my office.”

“Actually, Beth, it’s not. Charlie just told me I commited a terrible mistake this morning.” He explained.

“What happened?” Mommy sounded worried.

“Apparently, I didn’t tell you I love you this morning. Just wanted to make sure you know it.”

Mommy chuckled, she must have been really relieved with Daddy’s call. Charlie felt really proud of himself for remembering them.

“I know. I love you, too”

“Good.” Daddy smiled. “By the way, what do you want for dinner?”

“Whatever Charlie wants, I mean, he just fixed our terrible mistake.”

“I want pizza.” He declared without hesitation.

“Then pizza it is.” Mommy decided. “I have to go now, boys. Love you.”

The call ended. Daddy took a deep breath.

“I feel much better now, don’t you?” Charlie agreed. “Good, now let’s get you to Ms. Aldrin before your class start.”

Creepypasta #367: Summer Night

2:00 AM

The clock on the wall chimed 2:00 as the wind rustled the leaves outside of the two story suburban home. Inside, Kelly Mock awoke to the sound of her daughter’s scream splitting the darkness, rending it apart.

She rushed in, flipped on the light, and found her daughter hiding under the covers. Kelly walked over and sat on her daughter’s bed. She pulled the covers off of young Lillian’s head.

“No mommy, don’t!” the little girl exclaimed as she made to cover her face again. Lillian was whiter than snow, with beads of sweat running down her cheeks.

“What’s wrong baby? Did you have a bad dream again?” Kelly touched her daughter’s forehead. A little warm, but not indicative of a fever.

“There is nobody here sweetheart. See, nobody even in your closet,” she said as she got off the bed and opened the closet. “You probably just ima-” Kelly stopped mid-sentence, mid word, as a shiver ran down her spine. The breeze that had so quietly filled the neighborhood with a light summer air was now flirting with the edge of the curtains on Lillian’s window. Kelly approached the ledge and pulled back the thin, black fabric sheets. There was the window, and also a 2 inch gap, that had not been there before.

“Lillian, I locked your window before I went to bed. When did you open it?”

“I didn’t mommy, I promise! He must have opened it!” Kelly looked out towards the empty street, down as far as she could see. Surely her little girl was just having a nightmare, right? Could it be possible that someone had broken in to their home?

“Tell you what darling. Your father will be home later, and we will have him look at the window, ok? For tonight, you can come sleep in my room.” Kelly grabbed her little girl and the blanket that she kept with her, like most seven year olds have. The curtains on the window fluttered as a street light went out a few houses down, covering the corner in complete darkness.

10:37 AM

Kelly was making toast and eggs, while Lillian was coloring at the kitchen table, when the doorbell rang.

“Oh I wonder who that could be?” Kelly jokingly asked as she set the timer on the toaster and went to answer the door.

“Hello there gorgeous!” Roger Mock was a business man, specializing in sales and marketing for a large insurance company on the west coast. This didn’t bother Kelly, but it was lonely when he had to leave for a week or so to take business trips away from their South Carolina home.

“Hey daddy!” Lillian ran into his arms and he scooped her up.

“How are you darling?” Roger spun her around and set her down.

“I’m fine, just got scared last night.”

“What happened?” Roger looked at Kelly when he asked this.

“She had a nightmare about a man in her room, but she says she just dreamed him, right Lillian?”

“Right, it was all a dream. I’m okay and so is mommy, and so are you daddy!”

Roger chuckled as he went down the hall to unpack his suitcase.
Kelly entered in behind him and shut the bedroom door. “Hey Roger…this may sound odd…but the window in her room was open after she got scared and…well…do you think someone could have opened it?”

“Well, I suppose so,” he replied, eyeing his wife cautiously. “If you want, I’ll check the locks today, and see if I notice anything in the yard.”

Kelly leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, then went back out to tend to the breakfast.

11:30 PM

Roger climbed in to the bed he shared with Kelly, and took the book from her hands.

“Did you check to make sure everything was locked?”

“Yes I did. Nobody will be getting in this house, I guarantee.” Roger kissed his wife and they both soon drifted to sleep.

2:11 AM

The floorboards creaked inside of Lillian’s room as the wind blew hard against the tightly sealed window.

10:04 AM

It was Roger who was now awoken by screams. Screams from his wife, who had just walked in to her daughter’s room to find a pool of blood dripping from the bed to the floor, her daughter in the middle. A thin red line extended from one side of her neck to the other, and her mouth hung open at an odd angle. Roger had to take hold of his wife, who was now convulsing with despair. She was trying to hit the walls, to bang her head on them, and it was all he could do to drag her out of the room. Then they saw the message, written in the young girl’s blood on the door:


Kelly screamed violently, and Roger pulled her down the hallway, and into the living room.  He went back and took a picture of the scene, then shut the door.  He pressed three numbers on his phone. 

“Hello this is 911, what is your emergency?” 

3:55 PM

Roger and Kelly entered the police station to give their statement as the scene was documented and taped off in their house.

7:12 PM

Roger and Kelly came home to find a house covered in police tape on one side, and depressing memories on the other. They got ready for bed, and settled in, trying to make sense of why their lives were shattered.

“Baby, we can figure this out tomorrow. Let’s get some rest.” He shut off the light.

2:22 AM

Roger Mock got out of bed and went down the hall. He grabbed his coat from the closet, and came back to his bedroom. He entered the master bathroom and pulled his traveling bag from under the sink. He opened it and put in the essentials: his toothbrush, his floss, his straight edged razor. The razor he hadn’t cleaned. The razor still covered in the blood of his daughter. He zipped up the bag and turned off the light. He sat on the edge of the bed and filled his suitcase with his business clothes and a few things for travelling. He walked out of the room, taking care to step over the body of his dead wife, who had been smothered to death in her sleep, the silk covered pillow lying beside her lifeless corpse.

Roger got in his car and plugged his phone into the charger. He opened it and scrolled through the contacts, stopping at Amanda Gardner. He pressed CALL.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Rin- “Mmmff…hello?”

“Hey gorgeous, I’m leaving the meeting and I’ll be home soon. Can’t wait to tell you and the kids all about my trip!” He said, smiling in the rearview and looking at the 2 story house in the background, the summer wind whipping the branches in the trees.

Credits to: thomasatnip