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whoops, no prompt again, they’s coming, peeps. this is just a little funny in all the dark I posted yesterday and later today, so hang in there. I am just in love with this one.

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It was the day Amelia suddenly realized why you don’t have adult conversations around children. And adult children, because they are just as bad, if not worse. Having promised Zola to pick her up from daycare – she’d come home the day before complaining how Callie promised to pick up Sofia and she wanted to have lunch at the cafeteria with her mommy like her – Meredith had surgery and delegated, so she’d volunteered to pick up her niece. Now, Zola was sitting on her lap trying to eat spaghetti and getting it mostly on her aunt’s scrubs, while Sofia was quietly munching on a sandwich on Callie’s lap.

Amelia loved her niece, she loved her to bits, but lunch like this was boring and unhygienic. She most likely would have to take a shower as soon as she was done. The corner of her lips tugged as she caught Owen’s eyes from across the room, in line to get lunch as well. Maybe she could kill two birds with a stone and get him in the shower with her, after all, she just needed to maneuver Zola on his lap for five minutes and he’d need one too. A soapy, wet Owen-filled post-lunch break was probably the best idea she’d ever had. All she had to do was make it through lunch and catch him as he was-

“You do know there are kids here, right?” came Callie’s voice, sounding like she was making a great effort not to laugh.

Amelia turned to her, confusion written all over her face as she wracked her brain to understand where Callie was getting, coming up empty. “Uh?”

Callie nodded where Amelia’s eyes had been previously planted. “Come on. You’ve been staring at Owen. He can’t possibly be that good.”

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Eye Of The Storm (Part2)

Here’s part two of the Shepherd-Hunt family’s trip to Carolyn’s. Things are about to heat up soon. Enjoy :)

 Part 1 

Waking up to the light shinning through the curtain, Amelia decided to stay in her bed as long as possible at the attempt to avoid her family. Luckily her kids sleeping schedules were so thrown off that all three were sound asleep. Of course Owen woke up at the crack of dawn in the hopes to go for a run in the nice fall weather of New York. She could feel a small body curled into hers, the soft red curls of her four year old the first thing she saw, assuming Olivia climbed into bed with her when Owen got up.

Laying there her fingers gently untangled Olivia’s wavy locks while the little girl slept soundly in her mothers embrace. She watched as her innocent four year old laid against her, her eyelids fluttering every so often. She looked down at her older two, Christopher sprawled out on his back while Lucy laid on her stomach, her arm thrown over her brother. She couldn’t help it as her lips curled upward revealing a soft smile, hoping that they would always stay like this. Trying not to disturb her peaceful children Amelia scooted out of bed making her way down to the kitchen.

Lizzie was sitting at the counter with a cup of coffee reading the paper while Nancy cooked up some eggs. She noticed Owen was in the family room with her brother in laws watching ESPN and assumed her nieces and nephews who had already arrived were most likely still sleeping. “When’s Kathleen getting in?” Amelia asked as she grabbed a cup of coffee and made small talk.

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batoolkhan  asked:

Hey, so I used to watched Greys Anatomy but stopped after Lexi and Mark's death in season 8's plane crash finale. Can you give me a quick rundown of what I've missed (which is probably a lot so sorry about that)?

This will be fun (and long, really more quick then reading the wikipedia, but still not super quick summary)!

Season 9 Rundown (Everything you need to know): The doctors (Callie (on Mark’s behalf because Mark ultimately goes into a coma and dies), Arizona, Meredith, Derek, and Cristina) sued the hospital over the plane crash. They won and the hospital had to pay 15 million dollars to each of them. Arizona lost her leg because of the plane crash (fun fact)! The hospital’s insurance wouldn’t pay so the hospital had to pay all the lawsuit money so it went bankrupt. Callie, Arizona, Meredith, Cristina, and Derek all pooled their money and bought the hospital so it wouldn’t be sold for scrap. They had to get help from the Harper Avery Foundation to buy it so Jackson became a board member also! Arizona blamed Callie for her losing her leg because Callie made the call to cut it off. This causes marital problems and Arizona ends up cheating on Callie. Cristina suffers massive PTSD has a freakout and goes to Mayo for a brief time then comes back. Her and Owen are off and on throughout the season. Meredith gets pregnant! She goes into labor during a superstorm and they have to do a c section in the dark (fun right!) because the power went out. She ends up having a healthy baby boy (who they name Derek Bailey Shepherd), but she almost dies during surgery because she fell the day before and her liver had been bleeding (or something like that). Richard gets shocked at the very end and is near death.

Season 10 Rundown (Everything you need to know): This is Cristina’s last season. They pick up with Richard almost dying, but Bailey and Cristina end up saving his life, but an intern who got shocked ends up dying ( :( ). Meredith is on maternity lead for a few episodes (and she forced Derek to be off on paternity leave to). Callie moves her and Sophia into Meredith and Derek’s place to get away from Arizona. When Meredith goes back to work she’s like half mommy half surgeon and her and Cristina fight over that for the first half of the season. April gets engaged to a paramedic named Matthew, but at the wedding Jackson stands up and says he loves her so she runs off with him and they get (secretly) hitched. Arizona and Callie try to make their marriage work by buying a new house (not the best idea). We learn that they tried to get pregnant, but Arizona had a miscarriage. Jackson and April get pregnant. Cristina does an amazing innovative surgery on a baby and gets nominated for a Harper Avery, but loses because the hospital is partly owned by the foundation. She gets upset and ends up taking over Burke’s (yep he comes back) hospital in Zurich  so she moves away and she says goodbye to Meredith by having a dance party. Derek gets an offer to do brain mapping in D.C and wants Meredith to move. She says no and they basically argue a lot. A girl named Maggie shows up and turns out she is Ellis and Richard’s daughter who Ellis put up for adoption and Richard never knew about.

Whats happened in season 11 thus far: Derek goes to D.C without Meredith then comes back because he regrets leaving her (but now he’s mysteriously gone missing). Callie and Arizona call it quits and are officially getting a divorce and moving on. Jackson and April’s baby had a rare disease so it wouldn’t survive birth so they induced labor and loved on their baby boy until he died in April’s arms (you should watch that, definitely bring tissues). Derek’s sister Amelia showed up at the end of season 10 and now lives in Seattle with Derek and Meredith and is having an on/off relationship with Owen. Alex is dating a girl named Jo since season 9 and they are being blatantly ignored in the background of other storylines. Maggie and Meredith go from hat in beach other to becoming besties. 

Thats the (still long) but brief summary of season 9-10 and part of 11!