mommy lorelai is my favorite lorelai

Friday Night Dinner


If you don’t, it means we’re gonna start Friday Night Dinners, a weekly discussion on the topic/question of my choosing!

It doesn’t have to stay limited to whatever I ask, it can spiral off into whatever (as it usually does!).

My starting question for this week is, what is your favorite moment between Lorelai and Emily, and why?

My favorite is when Emily came to help Lorelai when she hurt her back the night of Rory’s dance, and especially when Emily covered up Lorelai and Lorelai mumbled, “thank you, mommy.”

I love it because it’s so innocent! Emily didn’t help Lorelai with a secret agenda, like Lorelai always thinks there is. She just genuinely wanted to help Lorelai and didn’t think she should be alone. And then that little mumbled sentence was so cute! Of course, Lorelai probably doesn’t remember it, but Emily’s face was so happy when Lorelai said that.

What say you?