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Parenting (Loki Laufeyson x Reader)

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The reader (a SHIELD agent) is pregnant with Loki’s child so she left Loki because of the fear of rejection. After a year, Tony invited the reader for his birthday property, and she brought her baby along (having no choice). So she and Loki meet again. Happy ending and fluff please :) ♡♡♡

  • Amount of Words: 2.312
  • Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Female Reader.
  • Warnings: Mentions of abortion, but really, just fluff ♥
  • Author Notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/E/C) is your eye color, (Y/L/N) is your last name.

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The two pink lines were bright enough for you to have no doubts about what they meant. Pregnancy. You were pregnant, you, an agent. You, agent (Y/N) (Y/L/N) were pregnant. This was definitely not the worst part of it, the fact that you were now carrying Loki Laufeyson’s child was the thing that scared you to death. He was a god, the trickster God, and also, he was frost giant; lots of questions wandered inside your head, what did that mean? What were you supposed to do about it? You had to carry on or you could abort? And if you did carry on, how were you going to raise a child on you own? What if the child developed powers? And so on, and so on.

The Avengers were very supportive with everything you did, but having a child was a totally different thing; not only it meant that you’d have to quit the agency (which sucked because you hadn’t had a proper job in years) but because you’d have to live on your own with a baby that required a lot of energy and time, and last but not least, the fact that you didn’t have a proper apartment made you crazy.

“Open the door or I’ll tear it down!!” Natasha threatened from outside the bathroom; she had bought for you the test and so she was waiting for you. “Come on, tell me what is it! (Y/N)! You know you can count on me right?”

Who to tell? Natasha was definitely the only one who had to know, but what about Loki? He was the father, after all, but was he even ready to have a child when you weren’t even a couple? Sure you went out on some dates together, and the avengers had just assumed that you were an item, but you were nothing official, and now, there were less chances of your being together. Babies do change everything in life.

Opening the door you saw Natasha sitting on the edge of the bed, she was waiting for you, and when she saw you about to burst in tears she immediately ran to catch you. She knew the answer and you knew that she was going to be there with you through everything.

“It’s ok, you won’t be alone” She repeated as she gently petted your hair.
“How can it be ok? I’m gonna have a child and the father is not going to be around, and I have to cope with everything by myself”
“What about me?” Natasha asked “I may not have a penis but I can help you with everything you need, even talking to Stark” She said jokingly “Why him?” You sobbed. “Because he’s going to make sure that you have all you need. Apartment, doctor’s appointments, everything. Do you want to leave now?”
“I think I’ll wait a couple days, just to get everything ready, can you tell Tony to keep quiet? Specially around Thor”
“Don’t worry baby momma, aunt Natie is going to take care of everything” she gave you an assuring smile.

And as Natasha promised, you and your unborn baby were given everything that Stark could get for you, from a comfy apartment with a Jarvis system, to the best doctors in the city. You were happy about keeping your bun in the oven, and 9 months later, you gave birth to the cutest baby girl you had seen. Little Natasha (Y/L/N). Tony offered to give her his last name, but you rather her having yours and Natasha couldn’t be happier to finally have a child named after her.

After a year of leaving the Stark tower your little Natasha was 3 months and had the same emerald green eyes as her father Loki. Today it was Tony’s birthday and you both were invited; you dressed her in a little red dress with golden flowers, and covered that almost hairless head with a knitted headband; in 9 months of pregnancy you learned how to knit, how to cook healthy food, parenting tips and some incredible facts about language in babies as you saw really reduced your training hours and intensity.

As your body was strong before pregnancy, you went back to your agent figure in no time and for that, you kept thanking your lucky stars. That sleeved little black dress you had still fitted you perfectly, and tonight you weren’t wearing any accessories as your daughter was enough. You were really nervous because you knew Tony had invited everyone, and everyone included Loki. Fortunately Natasha was with you that night in your place and she made sure you’d be calmed down.

“Hey, don’t worry” She said “he will be just another man at the party, keep that in mind”
“Yeah, I mean, how bad can it be?” You said ironically “It’s not like he’s the daddy”
“Wait, he’s no dad. In that case Tony would be much more of a dad than he is. Even I am more of a daddy to little Nat”
“It’s not like I don’t appreciate both your efforts, but let’s face it. If Thor comes to her he will recognize it, you just look at her! They are completely alike” You said holding your head with both of your hands.
“Ok, let’s do this, you and I are going to have fun at that party because Stark gives the greatest parties, ok? And you are going to bring that cute little thing to that party and you’re going to brag about it because isn’t it beautiful?” Natasha picked her up and your daughter smiled wide and laughed with her aunt.

A black car picked you up and you were ready to go to Tony’s birthday party, it was empty as you he wanted to spend time with his niece. Your baby smiled at him and softly patted his cheeks whenever he said something. That child was full of love and you couldn’t be more grateful for that, but still you thought she needed a father.

“Who’s the cutest girl in this world?” He asked in a high pitched voice “and when will you say Tony?”
“Tony don’t even try it, she won’t say a syllable until a few months more” You said very proud of what you learnt “and the syllables will be ‘ba’ ‘da’ and perhaps 'ma’”
“Booo, mommy is too boring, right?” He talked to the baby and she laughed. “Oh, now that we are here I hope you don’t mind I invited the Asgard boys”
“It’s ok, I’m sure I’ll be too busy to care about Loki anyway” you shrugged.

James Rhodes was the first one to arrive and he was very surprised to see you and with a baby and so were Clint, Steve, Bucky, Sam and Maria. She kept a little away from you as she didn’t like children; she had the idea of them being too noisy and unbearable, but when she saw how cute and giggly little Natasha was, she drooled about her. Bucky kept away from both of you as well but your daughter kept looking for him, maybe it was the metal arm that called her attention.

“Bucky, it’s ok, she trusts you, look how she reaching out for you” You assured him with a big smile “it’ll be just fine”

Bucky took her in his arms and she instantly giggled; and he won her heart when he threw kisses at the baby. Thor and Loki were the last ones to arrive, they had Midgardian outfits and you almost forgot hot beautiful Loki was. His long black hair was made into a man bun and he was wearing a black tux. They said hi to Tony with big hugs and Thor saw you and walked towards you immediately.

“Lady (Y/N)? Is this truly you?” He asked without believing his eyes; Natasha was still playing with Bucky, Steve and her auntie Natasha “It’s so good to see you after such a long time, you left the place without telling anyone, why was it?”
“I had to take care of a little thing” You said look it at your daughter “I am a mom now” You smiled widely.
“A what? How come you didn’t tell us?” He said holding you in his big arms and as you rested your head on his shoulder, you saw Loki and he looked right into your (YEC) eyes. He walked towards you when Thor let go of you, you asked Bucky for your daughter and you showed her to him “Oh, hello little lady!”
“This is Natasha (Y/L/N); Natie, this your uncle Thor”
“May I talk to you in another place, lady (Y/N)?” He whispered in your ear, you nodded and started walking with him before Loki got closer. You left your daughter again with his aunt. “May I ask who the father is?”
“He’s not around, he has never been”
“And her father is by any chance Loki?” Your jaw dropped.
“How did you know that?”
“It wasn’t really hard to tell; the girl looks exactly like him”
“You can’t tell him” You begged.
“I give you my word that I won’t tell him, but you’ll have to give me yours that you will, and you have to do it-”
“What will (Y/N) do?” Loki said interrupting his brother, his voice was silky and his emerald eyes pierced your soul.
“Perhaps I should leave you two alone, it was a pleasure talking to you lady (YN), thank you for coming back” He said kissing the back of your hand, you blushed a little and then he left.

As Thor brought you to the balcony, you took a few steps closer to the glass that allowed you to see the whole city of New York without getting cold. Loki walked towards you, and he caressed your arm very gently. You both looked at each other for a while, and your heart wanted to confess that he had a daughter but your brain fighted back; after an awkward silence that seemed to last forever, Loki spoke first.

“You look beautiful tonight, (Y/N); you were always gorgeous, but tonight, and after a year since the last time we met, you have something different, and it’s not in your body, it’s in your soul and it comes out through your skin”
“Thank you, Loki. You look really handsome too”
“Can you tell me who that little girl is? Nobody wanted to say a word”
“She… She is Natasha (Y/L/N), she is my daughter” Loki’s mouth opened but he was unable to make any word; you could tell he had a certain sadness in his eyes, he missed you a lot and now that you had a daughter he saw even more impossible to be with you.
“And who’s the father to that beautiful girl?” He finally muttered.
“Loki… Her father…” Your eyes filled up with tears but you but your lip to keep them from falling “it’s you…”

Loki broke the distance between you two as he held you closely in his arms; you could feel how his heart beat fast and his arms sweetly stroke your back. You didn’t care about your make up at all the minute you felt the tears finally coming out. A year ago you were so afraid of his reaction, and how he was holding you in his arms as if he said that everything was just fine, perhaps you should have said something.

“I want to meet her” he said kissing your hair “can I meet her?”
“Of course you can… But…” You hesitated one second before leaning forward to press your lips against his. He held your waist and the kiss made up for that whole year you weren’t together.

You both went inside, and when Natasha saw you she asked if everything was ok, but as she saw you and Loki holding hands, she figured everything was perfectly fine. She handed you your daughter and little Natasha looked at Loki as if they knew the other for years. Something inside Loki’s heart melted before that baby who looked at him the way a daughter should see her father.

“Hello little lady, how are you?” He said with a big smile on his lips, which your daughter responded happily “what’s her name?” He asked you.
“Natasha (Y/L/N)” you replied.
“Well, aren’t you gorgeous?” He asked in a high pitched voice. You little bundle of love had the amazing ability of being liked by everyone who met her, and you weren’t quite sure if it was a natural thing or because she was half a god. “Yes you are!” Loki held his hands up as the baby was up in the air, for some reason you weren’t afraid of her falling.
“Does he know, right?” Natasha whispered in your ear, you nodded and she gave you a big hug “I’m very proud of you momma, you are the strongest woman I’ve ever met”

The party went on, and of course, your little Natasha stole the show as Tony wanted to blow up the candles with her. She was unique, as most babies cry when there’s too much noise, Natasha seemed to enjoy being around people, very different from her father, Loki Laufeyson.

You finally made things up with Loki and he decided to take you to Asgard so your little daughter could meet the other side of the family. Odin, the Allfather was definitely the happiest around her; her bubbly 5 months old personality captivated him as no one else did. You still lived in your apartment, but now, the other side of your bed was filled by the man you adored the most in your life; and you couldn’t be happier for your daughter. She was going to grow up with her father and you we’re going to be with the love of your life.