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Request: Jason Todd (in reference to Batman's engagement) "Wait, is Catwoman a MILF now?" (Hope this is SFW enough!)

jason please consider which of your brothers has mommy issues + murder training before you speak


You acted like the bad guy in front of her, but I know you’re hurt inside. I was aiming for that.


25 great films released in Brazil in 2014

25. The Congress, by Ari Folman 

24. Nightcrawler, by Dan Gilroy

23. La Jalousie, by Philippe Garrel

22. Ain’t Them Bodies Saint, by David Lowery

21. The Rover, by David Michôd

20. Quando Eu Era Vivo, by Marco Dutra

19. Ida, by Pawel Pawlikowski

18. The Immigrant, by James Gray

17. Enemy, by Dennis Villeneuve

16. Guardians of the Galaxy, by James Gunn

15. Begin Again, by John Carney

14. Nebraska, by Alexander Payne

13. Only Lovers Left Alive, by Jim Jarmusch

12. O Lobo Atrás da Porta, by Fernando Coimbra

11. Her, by Spike Jonze

10. Praia do Futuro, by Karim Ainouz

09. Gone Girl, by David Fincher

08. Inside Llewyn Davis, by Joel and Ethan Coen

07. A Most Wanted Man, by Anton Corbijn

06. Gloria, by Sebastián Lelio

05. Stories We Tell, by Sarah Polley

04. Happy Christmas, by Joe Swanberg

03. Mommy, by Xavier Dolan

02. Boyhood, by Richard Linklater

01. Under the Skin, by Jonathan Glazer

Baby 101

Summary: Lance changes your sons diaper.

Pairing: Lance x Reader (and son)

Warnings: just some daddy Lance :)

A/N: Tomorrow I’ll either upload a part of Tainted Love or BITL so be prepared for either one of those. Anyways this is just a lil Lance drabble, hope ya enjoy :)

You were exhausted. Actually, not even exhausted was the right fit for how you felt at the moment. You were drained; tired but you were still sitting in the rocking chair that was in the living room, holding your son who wouldn’t let you have a five-minute nap.

But maybe, just maybe he would this time. He was calm, eyes fluttering closed and you let out a sweet sigh, a lazy smile spread on your face. Your eyes began to close as well, hoping for even a minute of sleep but that dream was soon crushed  when your son began crying.

Your eyes snap open and land on your baby. “There’s no tears coming from your eyes you faker.”

This made your son wail even more and you groan. “I can’t get five minutes of sleep? Just five minutes?”

Your son continued to cry and you rocked him back and forth. “Where’s your dad at?” you sigh, looking at the front door before turning you gaze back to your baby.

Seeing as the rocking wasn’t helping, you sigh and pull down your shirt to breastfeed. “You hungry, handsome boy? Hmm?”

He wasn’t hungry.

You pull your shirt up and rub his back, trying to calm him down but nothing was helping. It was then that Lance came through the door, hair tousled like he had been running his fingers through it and he dropped his bag on the floor. He lets out a sigh and shuts the door, laying his head on the wood.

“Sorry I’m late. Cassie kept messing up her routine so we had to stay even later until she got it right.” He sighed, turning around to you. Cassie was one of his students. She was fourteen years old and super nice.

“It’s okay,” you hummed.

Lance’s eyebrows furrowed and he nodded over to his son. “What’s wrong with Caleb?”

It’s your turn to sigh. “He won’t stop crying and I don’t know what’s wrong. I tried everything and-” you pause and lift your son up, smelling him. “He needs his diaper changed. That’s why he’s crying.”

You rub your eyes and sigh once more before moving to get up. Lance – seeing how tired you were – placed his hand on your shoulder and guided you to sit back down. “I’ve got this, baby.”

“Are you sure? I just need to-”

“You’re tired. Go to the room and get some sleep. I’ll watch Caleb.” He cuts you off.

You smile and stand up. “Thank you so much Lance.”

He leans down and presses a kiss to your lips. “Anything for my wife.” He pulls away and takes your son in his hands. “C’mon my little cabbage, let’s get you changed.”

You smile as you walk to yours and Lance’s shared room. Lance calls Caleb “little cabbage” because the first thing you changed him into was a green onesie and it made him laugh because he looked like a little cabbage.

Upon entering the room, you stretch before climbing into bed and snuggling up. You were almost asleep when you heard Lance talking to your son.

“We gotta let mommy sleep because she’s tired and she needs her beauty sleep. Not that she’s not beautiful already. No, your mommy is the most gorgeous mommy alive and I’m a very lucky guy.” you hear him say and you smile. After his little speech you hear Lance pulling the adhesive tabs off and your eyes widen.

You jump out of bed and run over to Caleb’s nursery. “Lance, wait! You have to-”

You arrive in time to see Caleb peeing all over Lance. “Oh fuck,” he cursed, covering his sons privates with the diaper again. “He pissed all over me!”

You clasp your hand over your mouth, trying not to laugh but failing immensely. Lance glares at you and you watch the liquid drop off of his chin and onto his shirt.

“You think this is funny?”

You shut your mouth. “No..” but it doesn’t take long for you to burst into laughter once again.

Lance looks over at his son who was gurgling happily and he shakes his head. “Cabbage, what the hell man? You’re not supposed to pee all over daddy.”

Your son only smiles at his father and you grin. “Go change and wash your face, I’ll finish this.”

Lance sighs. “Okay but afterwards you’re taking a nap,” You nod and he smirked at you. “cause you need all the energy you can get now that your doctor cleared you for sex.”

You shake your head at his words, trying not to smile but failing. “Shut up and go change.”

“Will do.” The two of you meet halfway. “But first, kiss me.”

He leans in but you move away quickly. “Lance!”

“Okay, okay!” he chuckled. “I’m going.”

A/N: I have a friend named Caleb who I sometimes call cabbage (but I mostly call him Chelsea {Chelsea is the girl version of Caleb I guess you could say} he even signed my get-well card with Chelsea back in 8th grade lmao) so that’s where the inspiration for cabbage comes from lmao. Hope ya liked this lil drabble, tell me what ya think!


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So I saw TLJ for the second time yesterday, this time with my sisters.

They absolutely loved the movie: and this time around, with me thinking about and digesting everything, I actually really loved the movie this time around, since at first, I liked it, but I didn’t love it, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to worsen or get better after more viewings.

TLJ is divisive, which I expected, but I didn’t expect it to be *that* divisive. I do think it will be better received after IX comes out, though.

With this said, that movie is going to age very well. Sure, it’s far from perfect, but it’s going to become a textbook example of a Heroine’s Journey with all the big sexual awakening metaphors, while Finn and Rose’s plot has very universal themes about the Dog Eats Dog side of politics in the greater scheme of things that have always proven true throughout history, and that will sadly probably always stay around.

I did notice a few things this time around – there are some things I’m going to skip since I’m keeping them for the other parts of my very long TLJ review (one will be all about the Skywalker Drama with bonus Snoke and the other about Finn and Rose, and maybe I’ll squeeze the Resistance in as well), but I have other little details to add, notably about Reylo.

Also, there is no fucking way Ben won’t be redeemed and Reylo won’t be the endgame in some way or another. And if they make the stupid-ass decision of keeping it platonic (yes, it’s stupid-ass at this point, no one will convince me otherwise), it’s going to be one of the biggest wastes in the history of cinema. I’m not even exaggerating. But after TLJ and with all the overt sexual subtext going on, I’ll be mighty surprised if the Mouse House still has cold feet about Reylo. My prediction about it pre-TLJ was “Go big or go home”, and they definitely went big. With the second viewing, I’m pretty solid on that perspective.

I’m going to try and see it again next week, because that might be the last opportunity I get to see it before going back to class. 

  • Now that I know the plot to the movie, the editing feels a lot less choppy for me. It’s not so much how they’re placed, because I can understand why they’re placed the way they are, but the transition between scenes is not always smooth and sometimes, some scenes that should all be merged into a longer one get cut, which kind of breaks the overall feel. But I get that the reason is that TLJ is so multilayered and has so many things going on at once with a big cast that it’s hard to manage.
  • Hux’s facial expressions are absolutely hysterical. He’s become one of my favorite characters I love to hate. Also, Domhnall Gleeson is a phenomenal actor.
  • I wasn’t so sure after my first viewing, but now, I’m pretty certain Kylo thinks Leia died after the TIE Fighters bombing the Raddus’ bridge. It would make sense, considering she had a near death experience and was then comatose, so perhaps that made her unresponsive through the Force, which led Kylo to believe she was gone. Therefore, him wanting to burn the Resistance to the ground, while it’s not good at all, makes a lot of sense and becomes all the more heartbreaking: remember how Kylo was pissed at Finn in TFA? It’s partially because he views him as being responsible for bringing Han to him. That’s how Kylo is: he tends to lash out on the world and whoever he believes wronged him (and most of the time, it isn’t really justified), and TLJ pretty much showed why he’s the way he is. He hates the Resistance because, like the Rebellion and the New Republic, she chose to fight rather than to be present, and ultimately, that’s what caused her death. So him telling Rey to “let it burn” becomes all the more heartbreaking. What’s worse? When he picks up the golden dice in the Rebel base on Crait, I think it’s at that moment he realizes that woops, Mommy was alive all along and he fucked up. Big time.
  • Rose is still my favorite character in the entire movie. Fight me. 
  • Maz totally banged the Master Codebreaker. No one will convince me otherwise. 
  • Rey’s first time meditating with Luke? That was totally a metaphor for masturbation and her discovering her body. Sorry not sorry. It all ends with her seeing the hole on Ahch-To that’s supposedly the “Dark Side” and is basically a big metaphor for a vagina, and her gasp that sounds an awful lot like a gasp of pleasure while water comes out of the hole? IT’S FORCE MASTURBATION GUYS. DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT, BLAME RIAN. And of course, Luke is terrified because a) He’s a sixty-year-old virgin, and b) He’s the Father figure here, and he’s terrified not only of the Heroine becoming a woman by exploring her forbidden sexuality, but also of her Other Half who’s in the middle of a pretty ugly adolescent turmoil and can’t seem to truly go from boy to man.
  • And of course, straight after, we get some Force bond scenes with Kylo with off-the-charts UST/BST, where Kylo is peacocking around and looks every inch the Dangerous Dreamboat/Byronic Hero ready to seduce the Gothic Heroine, and Rey standing her own and matching his intensity is why the scenes don’t come out as predatory (same went with Han and Leia in ESB, though they went more for the old Hollywood screwball comedy approach).
  • Also, there should have been another Force bond scene between the third and the fourth. To refresh your memory, the third is when Kylo tells Rey what really happened between him and Luke at the Jedi Temple, and the fourth is the hand touching. The Mirror scene happens in between. Like, it works fine, but there was a little transition missing.
  • The fourth Force bond scene managed to be EVEN BETTER on second viewing? Like, Rey tells Kylo what happened in the Mirror scene, and you can feel her voice tearing up a bit. Meanwhile, not only Kylo is listening, but you can clearly see his eyes are glassy, and he looks like he’s about to cry as well. He sympathizes with her, and you just know he understands exactly how abandoned and lost she feels. “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too”, amirite?
  • First time, I didn’t notice Rey and Ben tearing up when they touch hands. I think I got all teary-eyed too, lol. I don’t think they only see each other’s future, but I think they also see each other as who they truly are. And that’s the moment where Rey falls in love with Ben.
  • I am… honestly not sure what exactly Rey saw, and what exactly Ben saw when they talk about each other’s future. At first, I thought they saw the two of them fighting against the Praetorian Guards, but I really don’t know at this point. I think it’s possible Rey saw that, but I think Ben saw something else. And if it’s the case… count me excited for IX. But Reylo is real, guys, and it’s endgame. 
  • Rey is at her prettiest whenever she’s around Kylo/Ben. Like, in the coffin/pod and in the elevator, her face is all lit up, and it makes her traits look very soft and sweet. Seriously, she totally spent hours in the shower and fussing around with her appearance before boarding the Supremacy, to the point it really feels like a teenage girl going on her first date, I’m not even kidding. Boy do I love couples who go and kill gross old humanoids and their guards on the first date.
  • I’m going to mention it in the Finnrose part of my review, but boy did they waste Gwendoline Christie.
  • The transition between “Rey gets her heart broken and leaves the Throne Room while Kylo’s unconscious” and “Rey shows up in the Millennium Falcon happily gunning at FO TIE fighters” is still kind of jarring, but not as much as the first time. I wonder at this point if she’s having pretty much the same “screw you” disposition Kylo’s having on the other side of the battle. But of course, for both of them, it fades away pretty quickly when they have to face reality again and realize that “Welp, we screwed up”. Kylo gets that realization when he sees Rey on the MF’s threshold via Force Bond while holding Han’s dice, and Rey at first is a mix of sadness, compassion/pity but also a fair amount of “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight”, but when she sees Finn caring for Rose later, I think it’s at that moment she’s starting to get inklings of “I may have made a mistake…”. I think she’s going to understand it fully only in IX, though. It won’t be as harsh of a realization as it’s going to be for Kylo, but still.
  • Hux is totally going to backstab Kylo at the first opportunity he gets. Just the smug look he gives Kylo just before he goes in the control room and finds Han’s dice, you can tell that Supreme Leader or not, he still considers himself far superior. So because of that, I really don’t think there’s going to be a big time jump between TLJ and IX.

I probably forgot a ton of little things, so next time I’m seeing the movie, I’m taking notes. 

deneebenton: Hey. Shout out to my mommy @jackiebenton8624 for keeping me alive and thriving in 2017. I became very ill to do stress related things, lost about 20 lbs and had to do some serious food restrictions during the busiest time of my life. Without me asking her, she began cooking boxes of food for me that i could digest every week and shipped them to me from Florida and Maryland for the entire 3 months of Tony Awards Season. I’m tearing up thinking about the love and commitment. She quite literally nourished me back to health. Thanks for being by my side at every turn Mommy. The victories of last year are shared between us 💕


Allison quickly pulls her son out of the room, away from the dead fish.

Allison: Let’s give Mr. Shark some alone time. He won’t wake up if you keep staring at him. He can’t hibernate if people stare at him.

Nico Jr sniffles: Mommy, I don’t think he’s hibernating. The room is warm and his tank has a little heater. Pretty sure he’s dead.

He begins crying again and Allison gently strokes his cheek.

Allison firm: He’s not dead. Mommy said he’s alive and he’s only hibernating. Don’t I know everything, my true love?

Nico Jr nods: Yes.

Allison: And Mommy always wants her baby boy to be happy. And a dead Mr. shark would make you very unhappy, so of course, Mommy won’t let him die. Okay? Do you trust me, Nicky?

Nico Jr nods again. 

Nico Jr: I trust you, Mommy.


Author’s Note. I´m actually really excited to be sharing this with you guys. It´s my first Losers Club imagine and with one of my favorite characters. Really hope you like it and request for more. 

Originally posted by dailylosersclub

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Devil May Care

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester/Ezekiel, Abaddon, Kevin, Crowley

Warnings: Angst, mention of fight, language.

Word Count: 3230

A/N: I’ve written this for the #Bailey’sBirthdayChallenge, by @jayankles / @buckysmetallicstump . The episode I chose is 9.02, Devil May Care.
I hope you like it!

“You did what!?” screams Y/n toward Dean. He approaches the girl, but she takes a few steps back, her back to him.
“I had to. Sam was dying.”
The girl runs a hand in her hair in frustration, thinking of exactly what to say to Dean. Maybe they could find another way to save Sam from death. Maybe.. maybe..
Maybe what? The girl knows perfectly well that there was no other way, at least they didn’t have time to find another way. Sam would have died.. without Ezekiel. That is how it is called the angel that ‘possesses’ the body of Sam, without his knowledge, to heal the hunter from the deep wounds.
But to know that in the body of Sam there is an angel.. even if he says to help him, Y/n doesn’t know if she can really trust an angel. Yes, Castiel is like a brother to her, and she would do anything for him because she trusts him; but Castiel is different. And then, after all that’s happening: before the arrival of Abaddon -Knight of Hell - and then the fall of the angels because of Metatron, the scribe of God..
“You don’t trust him, and I understand. But Sam is my brother, and you know that if something horrible happened to him, or to you, I would do anything. You are my family.”
“This I know Dean, but you lied! You lied to me for.. days, and Sam? He has the right to know.”
“No!” screams Dean as he approaches the girl again, which doesn’t turn back. He puts his hands on the girl’s shoulders, and looks into her eyes.
“Sam doesn’t have to know. Not now, at least. He’s still weak, and this.. his situation, would get worse. When he’ll be healed, Ezekiel will go away, and everything will return to normal.”
Y/n slightly pushes Dean away from her, and starts up to her room, to stay alone, to think.
“It’s not fair. And you know it.”
Although Dean has done so for the sake of Sam, he should at least talk about it with me, thinks Y/n. The girl knows that something will go wrong. As always.

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Mother, I'm asking

Mommy, am I beautiful?
I asked even when I know the words will always be
“Of course you are, honey”
She only said what a good mom would say

Mommy, I know I came from you
You shaped me for nine months
No wonder you’ll agree I’m beautiful
Because a good mother is what you are

But mommy, can’t you see
I’m eaten alive by insecurities
My flesh is torn, and so are my words
That never left my tongue, but were left unheard

I never liked the woman in the mirror
Staring at me with disgust
She reflected all that I didn’t want
Her glare so sharp it can cut

Mommy, how come I see prettiness in others
But why can’t I find it in me
Maybe if I grew into a garden of flowers
Then I might see my own beauty

Mommy, I just want to be lovely
But my face, my skin, and my mind are not
I don’t need lies for I’m not a fool
But I’ll be stupid enough to believe I’m beautiful


Submitted by: @chaos-and-the-calm67

A/N: ANGSTY, I every single one of you are going to hate me after you read this. 

“What’s wrong with Mommy?” Your daughter, Catherine asked as you entered your hospital room and she approached the side of your bed. 

You smiled at the sound of hearing your daughters voices. “Mommy is just not feeling well. Right Daddy?” Your oldest daughter, Charlotte who was nine years old, looked up to Dean. 

“That’s right, sweetheart.” Dean answered, swallowing hard. He didn’t have the heart to tell them you were saying goodbye for the last time. “Hi Mommy!” Your other daughter, Cassie who ran right up, but she couldn’t jump on the bed because she was afraid of hurting Mommy or causing her any kind of pain. 

“Hello girls.” You managed to say in a weak voice. “How are you, Mom?” Charlotte asked, chewing the inside of her mouth. “I’m better now that I am with you three.” You said reaching out for her hand. Charlotte gave you her hand and you squeezed it and kissed it. 

“Charlotte, Daddy has informed me that you have been keeping the girls hopes up and that you are acting just like he did when he was growing up towards Uncle Sammy. Never stop, okay?” Charlotte’s little eyes brimmed with tears, and she didn’t hear you say don’t cry, baby girl, because her sobs filled the room as she hugged you and held on tight. 

Charlotte didn’t want to let you go but she knew she had too. 

“Bring Cassie to me.” You whispered in Charlotte’s ear, when she pulled away from your hug. 

Charlotte plopped Cassie on the bed beside you and took a step back. 

“Cassie, I hear you are so much like Uncle Sammy. You always want to help. That’s very good. Never forget that.” You said running a hand through her golden brown hair. 

“Okay Mommy” She said, nodding her head understanding. She leaned in and kissed your cheeks. “I love you baby.” You said trying hard not to cry. “I love you too, Mommy.” She said, pressing her lips together. 

“Bring Catherine to me.” You directed Dean. Your last baby. She wouldn’t remember you off as well as the others but that would be up to Dean, Charlotte, Cassie and the others to keep your memory alive. 

“Mommy!” She cried out excitedly. 

Her smile almost allowing you to forget what was about to come. 

“Catherine, never stop smiling.” You said squishing her cheeks. 

“Okay.” She shrugged, not sure at that time what that meant. 

“Kiss Mommy.” Dean whispered in her ear. Catherine kissed you and Dean scooped Catherine up and set her back down on the ground. 

Dean and You already said goodbye without the girls and you looked at Dean and the girls for the last time laid up in the hospital bed. 

Dean kissed you on the top of your head and when he did you closed your eyes for the last time. 

Okay. It’s okay. Dean had to keep reminding himself. 

The End! 

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What would you do
What would you do
If your daddy knew

Would you still kiss him like you do
Would you still love him

What would you do
What would you do
If your mommy was alive

If she came in without knocking on your door
With you and your brother sprawled on the floor

What would you do
What would you do

—  If your parents knew